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This might sound like an over analysis (I’m in the Bellarke fandom, so of course it is <3), but I feel like this was kind of a foreshadowing for how their relationship will be next season. 

Throughout the series so far we’ve seen more of Bellamy being concerned about Clarke and trying to make sure she’s okay. Though we’ve seen lots of Clarke being worried about him it’s been canonically pointed out that its mostly Bellamy through Raven/Allie’s comment in 3x11 when she says “Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina. The good little knight by his queen’s side.” I feel like someone finally pointing that out will bring everything to a head and we might get to see the roles reversed in S4.

In 3B it was pretty clear that Clarke was trying to show Bellamy that he was still important to her. In mostly non-subtle ways, but also bigger gestures like going to check on him after his fight with Octavia and ensuring him that he isn’t the monster he thinks he is (which was a great parallel to S1 btw) as well as the “I trust you.” scene. With Octavia “gone” or out of the picture right now I feel like the writers are going to take the opportunity to have Clarke take care of Bellamy. We can tell she feels guilty about the pain that he went through while she was gone and now on he just lost Octavia, so I feel like they’ll get much closer next season and we’ll get to see just how much Clarke cares about him.

This may sound like wishful thinking, but I still think they might go even just a little in this direction.

If anyone would like to add on onto this please feel free! I’d love to discuss more! :)