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a concept: after rosa’s attempt to come out to her parents with jake’s help goes wrong, she engages the help of gina, who makes out with her in front of her parents, grabs a wine bottle, and leaves. her dad nearly gets a heart attack, but rosa can’t stay mad at gina because they managed to get the message across in mere minutes with minimal conversation- which is the best rosa could ever ask for

Get to know me tag

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Nicknames: Poulet (thats chicken in french for you), paupau

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 160cm (google told me it’s 5'2" so yep im a smol bean)

Time: 11:02PM i know im awful

Birthday: 13th December

Favorite Bands: EXO, super junior, SNSD, shinee, red velvet, f(x), block b, b.a.p, big bang, Twenty one pilots, Panic! At the disco, Fall out boys, Maroon 5, DNCE

Favorite Solo Artists: Dean, Heize, Ed Sheeran, San.E, Jess, Cheetah, Pink, Miley Cyrus

Song Stuck in My Head: One and Only - EXO

Last Movie I Watched: i honestly have no idea lmao it apparently didn’t blow my mind

Last Show I Watched: The Unit and Riverdale

When did I create my blog: oh god like 6 years ago im an embarrassment

What do I post:  EXO, super junior, shinee, red velvet, f(x), random stuff that i relate too or make me laugh or cry or all of the above

Last thing googled: “how to know when you created your tumblr” pLEASE SAVE MY SOUL

Do you have other blogs?: Nope!

Do you get asks: not really

Why did you choose your URL: in case i didnt look like a dino enough, it all started with Kris’ “roll like a buffalo” in Two Moons

Following: 774 lmfao (6 years worth of tumblrs ppl dont forget)

Followers: 72

Favorite colors: forest green, baby pink, burgundy

Average Hours of Sleep: i want to say 7 but i’m definitely more 6 these days

Lucky number(s): i dont really have one

Instruments: i used to play piano decently but that’s all in the past

What am I wearing: black pants and a jean shirt, 11PM and still not in my pjs what is wrong with me

How many blankets I sleep with: one comfy duvet

Dream Job: teacher, and i’m working on it!

Dream Trip: Canada, Japan, New Zealand

Ethnicity: French

Favorite Song Right Now: Peekaboo (but honestly the whole Perfect Velvet album)

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Ayeeee does anyone have pictures of my girlfriend and I in our Tohru and Kanna cosplays from Colossalcon last weekend? We were Tohru and Kanna on Friday and Saturday. We did the bathing suit versions on Saturday and were at the outdoor waterpark almost all day. I was the Tohru on Friday and Saturday carrying my tail around. If you find pictures of our cosplays, please tag me in a post or send them to me via my inbox. Thank you!!! ♡♡♡

Stage Door (Daveed x Reader)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The whole “you see color when you touch your soulmate” deal. It’s fluff (and smut. There’s some in there).

A/N: Thank you thank you thank you for reading. You’re all too cool for me.

At least it was Friday. You just had to get through a day of work, then you could come home and binge-watch Netflix.  The entry level job you had been given was not challenging, and you spent a majority of your time reading or listening to music.  Though it was tedious it paid well, and you couldn’t complain about being able to make rent for once.  

“Your shirt and pants don’t match.”

You sighed.  Your cubicle-mate had recently met her soulmate, and every day for the past week she had criticized your choice of outfit.  

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pancakes? pancakes. (insp.)

u know what would be a cool episode of b99: 

gina accidentally gets hooked on something she’d usually describe as nerdy/tease amy for liking. she tries all means and methods to destroy her interest in this nerdy thing, only to fail and be caught by amy.

“fine, ya got me. i like *insert nerdy thing*, okay? and i tried to stop myself but i can’t stay away. go on, laugh at me”

obviously amy is not going to laugh at gina and she instead helps gina through her new unlikely obsession by talking to her about it because whoop dee doo its something amy likes too!! and they end up majorly bonding over this new shared interest and they even sneak away from work to participate in activities involving this, maybe a convention, and they have a lot of fun. 

Andre Burakovsky - Chocolate Milk

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Anon: Can you do an Andre burakovsky imagine where you’re good friends with the carlsons and they invite you over for dinner and you meet Andre. You two are low key flirting and by the end of the night Andre gets your number and the next day you go on a date.

A/N: i have a million burky requests coming up so burky fans stay tuned ;) i’m gonna try and get as many of the reqs in my queue done as i can this week

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Discourse: Why everyone should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Amy and Rosa aren’t presented as the stereotypes of what a “Latina” woman is supposed to be like and they aren’t sexualized by their male co-workers.

- All three of the women in the main cast are allowed to unapologetically be themselves:

  • Amy is presented as being a nerd because she’s very meticulous about her work and being organized. Her co-workers might sometimes give her a hard time about how nerdy she can be, but it’s never done in a malicious way and it’s always traced with affection.
  • Rosa Diaz is one of the only female characters that I can think of who is allowed to have a rough exterior without having some tragic backstory. She doesn’t like people and she doesn’t always express her feelings easily. Her co-workers never demonize her for it and they get that it takes a while to get Rosa to open up.
  • Gina. Freaking. Linetti. Never have I seen a female character that is allowed to be as cocky and self-absorbed as her. She’s confident in who she is and she knows she’s fabulous. You love her for it. You aspire to have her level of confidence.

- Charles Boyle is such an innocent and kind-hearted person who is a great friend. They easily could’ve presented him as the weird guy who thinks he’s Jake’s best friend and just can’t take a hint. But, Jake embraces his quirkiness and they truly are best friends who would do anything for each other.

- Terry Jeffords and Ray Holt are two black men who run the precinct as sergeant and captain. They are respected by the detectives who work below them and they are shown to be very caring of the people they work with.

- There’s also the fact that Holt is gay and it’s never presented as a huge plot point. It’s just a normal thing that everyone at the precinct is cool with. Also, his relationship with his husband Kevin is adorable. <3

- Jake. Motherfucking. Peralta. The man who has ruined my standards that I look for in a future boyfriend/husband. He is so far from being the typical White GuyTM and he has such a big heart made of gold. He has nothing but the upmost respect for his female co-workers and he always treats them as equals, even praising them for the times when they are better than him at solving a case. At the start of the show he was a bit selfish, but his development over the seasons has been amazing.

- Female friendships between Rosa, Gina, and Amy!!!!!! Women helping and supporting each other!!!!!!

- Friendships between male and female co-workers!!!!!! That don’t turn romantic!!!!!

- The fact that the show addresses the corruption in the law enforcement system. They show cops that are bad and don’t deserve to wear the uniform or hold a badge, and show that the main characters hate them and think they’re the worst. The show also addresses serious issues such as racial profiling.

- The show relies heavily on the comedic aspect and it’s so funny, and the writers never use crude or offensive humor.

- Jake and Amy’s relationship is one of the best that I’ve seen on television. It’s slow burn, but it’s totally worth the wait. This is one of the best examples of a healthy relationship presented in fiction and they are so pure and sweet.

Just please watch this show. It’s available for streaming on Hulu, and I know of a Tumblr blog (@hd-source) that has all of the episodes available.

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Who would work as a sister or cousin to Gina Rodriguez? Thank you!

gina rodriguez is puerto rican & here are some people that could work!

  • melanie martinez (puerto rican / dominican) (21)
  • camille guaty (cuban, puerto rican, spanish) (40)
  • adria arjona (puerto rican / guatemalan) (24)
  • jennifer lopez (puerto rican) (47)
  • justina machado (puerto rican, cuban) (44)
  • alexis jordan (puerto rican / black) (25)
  • aj lee (puerto rican) (30)
  • naya rivera (african american, puerto rican, german) (30)
  • victoria justice (puerto rican / irish, english, german, french) (24)
  • joan smalls (african, irish / puerto rican) (28)
  • aubrey plaza (puerto rican / irish, english) (32)
  • jenna ortega (puerto rican / mexican) (14)
  • michelle rodriguez (puerto rican / dominican) (38)
  • arzaylea rodriguez (puerto rican) (22)  
  • evelyn lozada (puerto rican) (41)
Waking Up in Vegas

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: About 2k

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I sat in my living room in shook. The only noise came from the TV, which I could barely hear as the turn of events started to sink in. There was no way I could be married, especially to someone I knew for all of two days. Hell he wasn’t even that interested in me which was a good thing. If this was true all I have to do is find a way to contact him and get a divorce. As I pulled out my laptop, my phone buzzed.

Gina 9:56 pm

Did you make it home?

Me 9:57 pm

Yeah. I really need to talk to you and Ava about Vegas.

Gina 9:59 pm

You sound serious. We’ll be over in 10. That alright?

Me 10:02 pm


After throwing my phone back on the couch, I googled his name and the first thing I saw were multiple pictures of him to the right of my screen. He had his own Wikipedia page. As I got lost in scrolling through it, someone started knocking on my door.

I pulled the door open as Ava and Gina greeted me with worried expressions on their faces.

“What happened (Y/N/N)?”, Ava asked as she sat next to me on the couch, while Gina occupied the other side

“Is that who I think it is?”, Gina nearly yelled as she grabbed my laptop, “You slept with an actor!? That’s what you’re all worked up about?”

My eyes never left the document that sat on the coffee table. Ava leaned over and grabbed the paper that was causing all my trouble.

“Holy shit”, Ava looked over to me, panicked, “She’s married to Daveed”

“You’re what?”, she nearly yelled again, “How is that possible? We really shouldn’t have gone to that third bar”

I sighed as I leaned back on the couch. It grew quiet in my apartment again with the exception of my TV.

“What are you going to do?”, Ava questioned

“I don’t have his number, but I can try to message him through social media. If he even responds. I can’t believe I was this irresponsible”

“You can message him and in the meantime we’ll keep you company”, Ava reassured me, “It’s the least we can do after the day you’ve had”

“I love you guys”, I said as I took my laptop back from Gina, opening Daveed’s twitter

Me 10:40 pm

Hey Daveed. It’s (Y/N). We met in Vegas last week. Something happened the night we were together and it’s pretty urgent. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

I hit send and hoped he would respond quickly.

“Now we play the waiting game”, Gina sighed, “If I’m being honest, who the hell does he think he is?”

Ava and I both snapped out head in her direction.

“Gina”, she gasped

“No seriously. The night you two met, it seemed to me that he wanted to be with you. What did he not see in you? He can’t just lead you on like that then leave you hangin’ in the wind. You deserve so much better than that”, she groaned, “It’s his lose anyways”

“Very true”, Ava smiled, “He doesn’t even know what he’s missing”

We spent the rest of the night watching TV, eating, and talking about the latest office gossip. It felt good to have just the night with my best friends again. They always made me feel like everything was going to be alright, even when it most likely wouldn’t be.

When morning came, I pushed myself off the recliner and grabbed a blanket for Ava and Gina, who were knocked out together on the sofa. After taking a shower, I went to make breakfast for them. Almost halfway through, I could hear Ava trying to wake up Gina for the third time.

Eventually she muttered a, “Fine stay asleep then” and her footsteps grew closer to the kitchen.

“How’s it going Mrs. Diggs?”

I groaned and pretty soon we were both laughing as she grabbed some plates.

“Please don’t call me that. Ever

“I see he hasn’t responded”, Ava said with much edge in her voice

“I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s only been a few hours since I sent it. Maybe he was working or he had a night out with Rafael and Adrienne”

“So you think he’s out with his friends again? Maybe this time he won’t wake up married to his second wife”

As soon as she said it, I averted my eyes. I know it was supposed to be a one night stand, but there was a part of me that really wished he would have called. The way he looked at me made me feel a way I hadn’t in a pretty long time.

“(Y/N)? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so harsh. I just…”

When I turned to Ava, she was sitting at the table with her face in her hands, mumbling something I couldn’t understand.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked as I kneeled down in front of her

She slowly moved her hands, her eyes were glassy and full of sorrow, “I feel like this is my fault! You could have come home and just moved on, but now you have to go through all of this to–”

“It’s not your fault or Rafael’s. None of us were in the right state of mind that night. Daveed and I are grown ups. We decided to get drunk and now we have to deal with the consequences. Please don’t blame yourself. I will never blame you for this”

Her eyes widened as she stared down at me, “Are you sure?”

“Positive. I know you look after me like a big sister, but this one is on me”

We both smiled before we began to laughing. Silently we finished cooking and setting up the table. When it was all said and done, Gina finally made her way to the dining room.

“Morning y’all”, she grinned

“It’s about damn time”, I muttered, “I thought you planned on sleeping the day away”

Gina glared at the both of us as she started making her plate, “After the week we had, we all should’ve slept in. Greg has been making our lives a living hell”

We spent the rest of the morning and majority of the afternoon relaxing in my living room. I was glad they decided to stay for the weekend. It helped keep my mind off of the fact that I was married and Daveed still had not responded in spite of him being active on social media.

Wednesday rolled around and still no response. By then I started looking into lawyers to help handle this case as well as message Daveed a few more times.

As I walked out of the conference room with Gina, we couldn’t help but giggle with excitement. They loved our presentation and we were getting promoted. The best part was watching Greg’s face contort with embarrassment when they realized he was planning on us failing the entire time.

“It’s time to celebrate!”, Gina tried not to yell as she pulled me into a hug

“I can’t wait! We finally did it!”

Gina pulled away and straightened her clothes when someone cleared their throat from behind us. I quickly turned around and released a breath I didn’t even realize I was hiding.

“Hey Jeremy”, I said softly

Jeremy and I worked together on multiple projects together and became really good friends over my time here. He was always sweet to me, especially when he realized how much of dick our boss was when it came to Gina and I.

He smiled softly again, his dimples beginning to show, “Hey, (Y/N). Hi, Gina”

“Hey, Jeremy”, she eyed the both of us before a sly grin spread across her face, “We’re going out to celebrate tonight. Want to join us?”

“I was just coming over here to congratulate you two”, he stepped closer with his arm brushing against mine, “I would love to go out with you guys. If that’s alright with you darlin’”

I tried not a blush at the nickname he have me years ago. Hearing that in his southern drawl drove me crazy. I made a rule quite some time ago that I would never date my coworkers, but Jeremy could definitely be the exception.

A soft, “of course”, was all I could manage to get out

“Great”, he said as he began to grin, “Text me the details when you get the chance. I’ll see you around darlin”

He waved to Gina and walked back to his office. I stopped holding my breath and leaned against the wall.

“What the hell was that? I thought you didn’t have a thing for any of the people we worked with”, Gina shrieked

“I said I wouldn’t date them. I never said none of them were appealing to me”

She gave me a knowing smirk and shook her head, “Go for it (Y/N). He’s into you. You’re into him. What’s the worse that could happen?”

“She’s married”, Ava said as she walked out the conference room

“Shit”, we both muttered as we walked back to our office

We all sat in the booth trying to catch our breath after Jeremy finished telling his story.

“I can’t believe you actually said that”, Gina cried out

“It wasn’t supposed to come out that way, but he had it coming”

When we all calmed down, Jeremy leaned back into his seat and smiled at me. I returned it as he took my hand under the table.

“I’m glad you invited me out tonight”

“That was all Gina, not me”, I clarified

“So you didn’t want me to come out?”, he said pretending to be offended

“No”, I giggled, “I wanted you to come. I like spending time with you”

“I like spending time with you too”, he said as he gave my hand a soft squeeze

In my head, everything was planned out. I would meet with a lawyer sometime this week to get divorced whether Daveed wanted to respond or not. A part of me was extremely irritated that he never responded, but I was trying to remain calm about the entire situation. At some point, I would have to tell Jeremy if we continue on like this. Would he even understand? The women he likes accidentally got married and can’t find her husband. Yeah, that should blow over easy. Either way, pretty soon I’ll be a free woman and I won’t have to worry about this ordeal or have  to face Daveed again hopefully.

The sooner I got it over with, the sooner I could put it behind me.

As Jeremy walked me up the steps, my stomach was still full of butterflies. We laughed the entire way to my house and he had yet to let go of my hand.

“Did you have a good time?”, he asked shyly

“Of course. I always have fun when you’re around”

Between the butterflies and blushing, I wasn’t thinking straight. I wanted to kiss him more than anything. I shouldn’t have waited so long to go out with Jeremy. Maybe if we started dating before the trip, I would never be in this position in the first place.

“We should try this again with just the two of us”, he smiled as we reached the top to the staircase

“It’s a date”, I giggled

He grinned at me and looked at my lips for only a second. The mood began to change as we inched closer to each other. Before our lips could touch, someone cleared their throat. We jumped back and Jeremy wrapped his arm around my waist before I lost my balance.

We both looked in the direction of the noise and my eyes widened. If it wasn’t for the shock, I would have screamed at him until my face turned blue.

“Umm, hey (Y/N)”, Daveed said nervously

This can’t be happening.