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Clexa shippers talk about and love Costia. We write stories and headcanons about Costia and Lexa and what they meant to each other. Blarke shippers basically pretend Gina never existed. They never really talk about how important Gina was to Bellamy after Mount Weather and how she brought him peace and comfort. How she knew about how his mom read him stories from the Iliad and gave him the book. How with her dying breath she helped save Raven and Sinclair.

Furthermore, most Clexa shippers don’t hate on Niylah even though she slept with Clarke. Most of us actually love Niylah! We love her because she was caring and kind to Clarke and she is just an amazing character. We see the importance Niylah played in Clarke’s life over those 3 months and being a friend to her and provided her comfort. She was person that reminded Clarke of her humanity. All I see coming from Blarkers is that both Niylah and Lexa were manipulative people that were basically just ‘bed warmers’ for Bellamy and Blarke.

Bellamy, Gina, Clarke, Lexa, etc. deserve better than Blarkers.

i saw this gorgeous post a couple days ago and it was so beautiful that it inspired me to draw Rosa and Amy as Nancy Drew style detectives solving a case

look at them, the nerds

Nice picture of Katie’s friend Gina on her way back from an afternoon shopping in Old Town. She used to insist that Katie was a real bitch because of the slutty way she dressed. Katie just looked at her one afternoon over a cocktail and said, “your just jealous because I get so much of the attention when we go out. Why don’t you try something provocative and see what happens?”

Well, of course it wasn’t long before Gina turned the tables on her. While wearing a ladies diaper was no big deal, it took a while before she peed in it. As you can see by the wetness indicator, her tight jeans really aren’t hiding much. Her ass and pussy received a nice soaking a bit earlier.

Have another photo of Gina, helping clean up Janice’s back yard. She’s wearing a diaper while vacuuming the pool. Clearly, she’s one of us now.

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Summary: “It’s like that nursery rhyme or whatever,” says Gina, lounging in her chair and blowing on the sparkly coat of polish she’s just applied to her pinky. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t arrest Doug Judy again!”

“Not helping, Gina,” says Jake in a muffled voice, his face smushed uncomfortably against his desk with no intention of being lifted in the near future.

“Don’t worry,” says Amy consolingly, chewing on a cherry tomato from her salad and patting his hand. “I’m sure you’ll catch him someday.”

OKAY SO LIKE. this fic is completely dedicated to @elsaclack, who pretty much collaborated with me to write it. Half the best ideas are hers, okay, she should be lauded for loving Doug Judy as much as she does. This fic was basically as a result of that – me and Em’s deep and abiding love for Douglas Judy, the best arch nemesis to ever exist on TV. And … this fic was born. I swear, it wasn’t supposed to be this long when I started it two months ago. :))))). Anyways, thanks to @weaslayyy for proofreading!! xoxo

When he’s eight, Jake’s Nana tells him that bad habits are never things that happen on their own, but something that you – however unconsciously – cultivate yourself. You need to nip them at the bud, Nana says, nodding wisely, so that you don’t end up being that fool who picks his nose in a job interview or can’t stand in line for pizza without wiggling his behind to the invisible tune of If I Were A Rich Man without even noticing you’re doing it.

Of course, Jake is, in fact, eight years old, and doesn’t quite know what cultivate mean. But he does think that it would be pretty cool if he could wiggle out all of If I Were A Rich Man with his butt, which is something that he then proceeds to do.

Nana laughs for a whole ten minutes and then tells him to sit down and do his math homework or she’ll cancel cable television. An empty threat, to be sure, but at the time Jake is very offended.

(In retrospect, Jake might say that the fact that he got a B-minus on his math quiz the next day was not because he was concentrating on the movements of his afore-mentioned behind in his seat instead of adding two-digit numbers – but because somehow, somewhere, Doug Judy was plotting his demise.

“Unbelievable,” says Rosa when he tells her this, which Jake translates as That’s a pretty good theory, Jake, so he grins at her and goes back to trying to throw paperclips across the room and into Scully’s wide-open snoring mouth.)


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The Little Religion

We called it the Little Religion because they were only four members: Gina, the baker’s wife; homeless Owen; Pally, the chestnut farmer; and my brother Curt.

They held services in the town square at noon each day. They were quiet with their worship. The four of them would sit in a circle on the grass, talking in whispers and holding hands. It became a common sight to see them there. Other than that they spent their time doing ordinary things. Gina would help her husband in the bakery. Owen would wander the town looking for odd jobs. Pally would be on his farm. Just typical, regular things. Curt was the only one who seemed to disappear for long stretches of time.

The only other odd part of the Little Religion was that they never slept inside. Whether it was warm or pouring rain all four of them could be found sleeping under the stars.

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Gina and Amy !!!!!!

so I was just gonna put this in the tags of my last post but I discovered I had enough to say that it deserved it’s own post

I love, love, loved the Amy/Gina dynamic in this ep. I feel like so much of Gina/Amy’s relationship is Gina making fun of Amy, and we so rarely see anything but that.

but then there’s episodes like Beach House and ACDC where we see Gina’s softer side and realize for a second that she actually likes Amy. This was one of those episodes. I kept bracing myself for an insult or snide comment, and while there were a few, Gina genuinely liked Amy’s idea and wanted to help her!!! Not only that, she defended Amy’s idea when it got rejected, and helped Amy to feel better about it!!! 

Not to mention the fact that Amy Santiago, who is so competitive and once thought herself to be better than Gina, actually reached out to Gina for help because she knew Gina had strengths she lacked!!

Their friendship is just great when we get to see it and I hope now that Jake and Amy are dating we’ll get to see it a little more.

Wanna Dance? (Steve Rogers)

“I don’t know, Buck.” You told him. “C'mon! You’ll like him. He’s a great artist and a real nice guy.” He smiled. “Okay! Okay!” You agreed with a laugh. “Yes! Trust me, he’s a great guy.” He promised you.

“Alright, well I gotta go. I’ll see you tonight.” You said, and kissed his cheek as a goodbye. “We’ll pick you up at 6:30.” He smiled and you nodded.


Gina helped you get ready and was more than happy to. As the clock hit 6:30, you heard a knock a door. Gina quickly ran to open it and smiled as she saw Bucky. “James.” She said with a giggle.

“Is Y/N home?” He asked. “Yeah.” She smiled and you walked at the door. “James.” You greeted and he smiled. “Well you crazy kids have fun!” Gina said. Bucky laughed and you walked out.

“I’ll see you later.” You told Gina and she nodded. “So, where’s the infamous Steve Rogers?” You asked with a smile. “He’s at the bar, and hopefully not starting another fight.” He joked, not really.


When you and Bucky got there, he went to greet a few of his friends from the docks. “He’s over there.” Bucky told you and dragged you at some table. You giggled and finally reached the table.

He wasn’t what you suspected.

“You must be Steve.” You smiled, and he returned one back. “See, you kids are already hitting it off. I’ll be back!” Bucky shouted and then ran off.

You laughed and sat down in front of Steve. “I’m guessing this wasn’t just for us to meet.” You told him. “He set us up.” Steve said and you smiled. “Well, Bucky’s told me a lot about you.” You told him.

“All good, I hope.” He said with a nervous smile. “Depends on what you define ‘good’.” You told him with air quotes.

It was going well, really well. You actually treated him like he was a human being, not like other woman who wouldn’t give him a second glance. He actually felt…happy.

“So, tell me, how did you meet Bucky?” Steve asked you. You laughed, “I don’t even remember. It just involved a lot of coffee and books.” You told him and he smiled.

“Would you like to dance?” You asked him. “Oh, uh, I-I don’t know how to dance.” He stuttered. You smiled, “It’s fine. I’ll help you.” You said and stood up, extended your arm and waited for him to take it.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” He shook his head. “C'mon, Rogers! I’ll teach you.” You said and he gave him.

You danced, and he stepped on your toes only five times, but other than that, it was a great dance. His smile could light up this ugly and cruel world.