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Ayeeee does anyone have pictures of my girlfriend and I in our Tohru and Kanna cosplays from Colossalcon last weekend? We were Tohru and Kanna on Friday and Saturday. We did the bathing suit versions on Saturday and were at the outdoor waterpark almost all day. I was the Tohru on Friday and Saturday carrying my tail around. If you find pictures of our cosplays, please tag me in a post or send them to me via my inbox. Thank you!!! ♡♡♡

Stage Door (Daveed x Reader)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The whole “you see color when you touch your soulmate” deal. It’s fluff (and smut. There’s some in there).

A/N: Thank you thank you thank you for reading. You’re all too cool for me.

At least it was Friday. You just had to get through a day of work, then you could come home and binge-watch Netflix.  The entry level job you had been given was not challenging, and you spent a majority of your time reading or listening to music.  Though it was tedious it paid well, and you couldn’t complain about being able to make rent for once.  

“Your shirt and pants don’t match.”

You sighed.  Your cubicle-mate had recently met her soulmate, and every day for the past week she had criticized your choice of outfit.  

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u know what would be a cool episode of b99: 

gina accidentally gets hooked on something she’d usually describe as nerdy/tease amy for liking. she tries all means and methods to destroy her interest in this nerdy thing, only to fail and be caught by amy.

“fine, ya got me. i like *insert nerdy thing*, okay? and i tried to stop myself but i can’t stay away. go on, laugh at me”

obviously amy is not going to laugh at gina and she instead helps gina through her new unlikely obsession by talking to her about it because whoop dee doo its something amy likes too!! and they end up majorly bonding over this new shared interest and they even sneak away from work to participate in activities involving this, maybe a convention, and they have a lot of fun. 


pancakes? pancakes. (insp.)

Discourse: Why everyone should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Amy and Rosa aren’t presented as the stereotypes of what a “Latina” woman is supposed to be like and they aren’t sexualized by their male co-workers.

- All three of the women in the main cast are allowed to unapologetically be themselves:

  • Amy is presented as being a nerd because she’s very meticulous about her work and being organized. Her co-workers might sometimes give her a hard time about how nerdy she can be, but it’s never done in a malicious way and it’s always traced with affection.
  • Rosa Diaz is one of the only female characters that I can think of who is allowed to have a rough exterior without having some tragic backstory. She doesn’t like people and she doesn’t always express her feelings easily. Her co-workers never demonize her for it and they get that it takes a while to get Rosa to open up.
  • Gina. Freaking. Linetti. Never have I seen a female character that is allowed to be as cocky and self-absorbed as her. She’s confident in who she is and she knows she’s fabulous. You love her for it. You aspire to have her level of confidence.

- Charles Boyle is such an innocent and kind-hearted person who is a great friend. They easily could’ve presented him as the weird guy who thinks he’s Jake’s best friend and just can’t take a hint. But, Jake embraces his quirkiness and they truly are best friends who would do anything for each other.

- Terry Jeffords and Ray Holt are two black men who run the precinct as sergeant and captain. They are respected by the detectives who work below them and they are shown to be very caring of the people they work with.

- There’s also the fact that Holt is gay and it’s never presented as a huge plot point. It’s just a normal thing that everyone at the precinct is cool with. Also, his relationship with his husband Kevin is adorable. <3

- Jake. Motherfucking. Peralta. The man who has ruined my standards that I look for in a future boyfriend/husband. He is so far from being the typical White GuyTM and he has such a big heart made of gold. He has nothing but the upmost respect for his female co-workers and he always treats them as equals, even praising them for the times when they are better than him at solving a case. At the start of the show he was a bit selfish, but his development over the seasons has been amazing.

- Female friendships between Rosa, Gina, and Amy!!!!!! Women helping and supporting each other!!!!!!

- Friendships between male and female co-workers!!!!!! That don’t turn romantic!!!!!

- The fact that the show addresses the corruption in the law enforcement system. They show cops that are bad and don’t deserve to wear the uniform or hold a badge, and show that the main characters hate them and think they’re the worst. The show also addresses serious issues such as racial profiling.

- The show relies heavily on the comedic aspect and it’s so funny, and the writers never use crude or offensive humor.

- Jake and Amy’s relationship is one of the best that I’ve seen on television. It’s slow burn, but it’s totally worth the wait. This is one of the best examples of a healthy relationship presented in fiction and they are so pure and sweet.

Just please watch this show. It’s available for streaming on Hulu, and I know of a Tumblr blog (@hd-source) that has all of the episodes available.

among the reeds, among the rushes

Summary: “I’m just saying,” says Gina, camped on Amy’s couch and painting her nails for the tenth time that week. “Jimmy-boy doesn’t know who he’s up against. Your nerd-smarts, my dazzling good looks, Rosa’s crowbar collection, and also my not-nerd smarts? Dumb-dumb won’t know what hits him.” She sniffs. 

Amy copes, and waits, and holds the hands of her friends.

i dug bits and pieces of this out of an ancient fic that i started writing far before season four aired, a fic which would now be supremely non canon, but when chopped to bits with a carving knife and reassembled with duct tape actually works. it’s still a bit non-canon, bc in canon it’s implied that amy just stays in her own apartment, and, also, that jake’s stuff stays in his apartment, but oh, well. its previous title was “untitled girl gang fic” and honestly …. that’s what it’s mostly about. lady friendships. i know i haven’t written for b99 in AGES so im a bit rusty but hopefully u will enjoy!! finally, dedicated to @elsaclack bc she is too good to me and i lov her

About a week after Jimmy Figgis calls Jake in the bar, Rosa and Gina help Amy move all of her things out of her apartment and into a new one; just a little bit bigger, just a little roomier, a place to start afresh and to put the label of theirs onto – as well as she can, with the other half of that plural being miles and miles away.

It’s not part of the plan, initially. Which is a bit of a ridiculous thing to say, because that makes it sound as though any of this is according to some plan, some list, some organized trajectory that Amy can refer to in times of doubt.

Everything, quite frankly, is in chaos. So Amy moves.

She’s never been particularly good at dealing with the cold. The warm May sun is beating down on the steaming pavement outside, right after an early-morning rain shower, and it’s terribly unfair that she’s stuck in this building, fingertips and toes tingling from the blast of the over-compensating air conditioning. This is one of the many things she’s come to blame on Jimmy Figgis in the past seven days. She has a list; everything from missing boyfriend to burnt toast.

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in the two minutes you legally died

When Gina Linetti gets run over by a New York City bus, news of her accident travels far and fast- thanks to Charles’s efficient mass texting, of which its irony was noted solemnly.

Not fast enough for Rosa, however. Upon hearing the news, she wants to run straight to where Gina is to make sure she’s okay.

Except she knows that Gina is most definitely not okay- most people that get run over by buses tend not to be.

This very knowledge keeps her rooted on the spot for a second as she freaks out- tears come to her eyes and compromise her vision, her knees feel shaky and she has to grab on to the corner of her desk.

Seeing Gina’s unoccupied one across from her isn’t helping matters.

Thinking about how Gina may never fill that desk again really isn’t helping matters.

But Rosa pushes all her fears and worries deep down together with where she keeps all her other secret feelings that she refuses to let see the light of day- and she forces herself to move, to get to Gina.

Once she starts walking her momentum pushes Rosa into a sprint and soon she’s out of the precinct, darting through the streets straight to where Charles said Gina was hurt.

Rosa finds Gina all right- because the site of the accident isn’t far away from the precinct- in fact it’s much too close and Rosa didn’t have enough time to prepare herself for this.

(Although, if she were being honest not even a lifetime could prepare Rosa for this.)

“Gina?!” Rosa calls out desperately, because she is indeed desperate, and nearly lunges forth to examine Gina’s broken state only to get held back by the likes of Charles and Amy.

“Rosa, you need to stay back!” One of them tells her, but she can’t tell which because she can barely feel anything at the moment, let alone distinguish between voices.

She wants to ignore them and go to Gina anyway, but then a “you’ll make her worse if you don’t stay still!” keeps her rooted to the ground.

The paramedics arrive and Rosa’s committed to standing back and letting them help Gina; even in her frankly deranged state Rosa knows that the paramedics are of more use to Gina than she is now.

Rosa tries to compose herself and stares blankly at Amy who’s apparently noticed her on the verge of a panic attack and is trying to ease her into a regular breathing pace by leading her in some breathing exercises.

It works, until Rosa hears someone say “I can’t get a pulse” and then Amy’s efforts go to waste as Rosa feels a hoarse cry tear through the base of her throat.


Rosa’s vision is once again compromised, but more so this time as she falls to her knees and buries her head into her hands. She knows she looks very pathetic right now, crying helplessly in the street as Gina’s life hangs in the balance and- there’s nothing she can do. Rosa cries and cries, although to her credit she tries to muffle her sobs but it’s still clear as day that she’s breaking down, piece by piece.

Rosa hears Amy and Charles try to console her, offering awkward pats on the shoulder and comforting half hugs but- it’s all so very muted because Rosa can’t hear anything, can’t feel anything other than her pure, unadulterated agony.

They say that when you die, your life flashes past before your eyes. Sure, Rosa isn’t lying bruised and broken in the streets of Brooklyn, but watching Gina completely motionless on the ground as Amy and Charles restrain her, Rosa sees her life- or more accurately her life with Gina; what was, what is, and what they could be.

Rosa sees countless laughs and jokes and smiles exchanged between herself and Gina, and as she stares at Gina’s still unmoving body she feels a jolt of intense pain run straight through her heart because already, she misses Gina’s smile.

She feels the warm caress of Gina’s soft hands on the sides of her face as they had slid down to her cheeks- the heat she remembers rising up to her cheeks and staying there for an uncomfortably long time. Rosa had felt so uptight the whole day but now she’s just a broken shell of a woman.

Worst of all, Rosa’s mind conjures an image of Gina and Rosa under the covers, her hands running through Gina’s soft and perfect hair, her eyes bright and beautiful, reflecting the love Rosa has for her. Meanwhile Gina’s eyes stare into the sky and are completely still.

Rosa can’t feel herself breathe, in fact she’s downright hyperventilating at the moment, but she’s pretty sure that when that speeding bus came crashing into Gina it took a piece of Rosa with it, too.

Until Rosa hears something one of the EMTs declare that sends a rush of relief through her, makes her ears perk up and her eyes go dry with clarity.

“She’s alive.”

The EMTs begin to load Gina onto the gurney and into the back of the ambulance, sending her to the hospital for further treatment. Suddenly hope seems to fill the air and Rosa can feel the tension slowly leave all of their bodies- especially in Charles and Amy. They had been worried too, and that thought calms Rosa- she is not alone in her love for Gina, although she is alone in the very intense love she’s feeling for Gina.

The ambulance drives away and Rosa mumbles something about getting to the hospital quickly before she mounts her conveniently nearby motorbike and speeds down the streets of Brooklyn after the ambulance carrying her beloved Gina.

Somehow, as she determinedly follows the sirens all the way to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Rosa feels like she’s getting a second chance.

And this time, she’s definitely taking it.

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

/Because thinking about Jake in prison hurts so I added some Taylor Swift to lighten the mood/

It took Detective Amy Santiago just under ten minutes on her first day at the 99th Precinct to learn three things about her new partner, Detective Jake Peralta. One, he was devastatingly disorganised, two, he was sure he was Brooklyn’s best detective (it took her two weeks to begrudgingly begin to agree) and three, he adored Taylor Swift. Yes, adored. Not tolerated, not enjoyed, not secretly sang in the shower, but adored. Like most things with Jake, she rolled her eyes and assumed he would eventually grow out of it.

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Que Pasa Culata de Azucar?

Summary: Jake learns Spanish and does not immediately tell Amy. “Congratulations. It only took you 10 years to learn the language your partner speaks.”

Thank you @cats-sarcasm-and-fandoms for the translations!

Amy is the kind of girl who went to college despite knowing she would be pursuing a career in law enforcement. She loved to learn; so, not only did she graduate summa cum laude but she double majored in Art History and Classics. On top of English, Spanish and a smattering of textbook-perfect french, Amy could read and write in greek, latin and hebrew.

It was sort of embarrassing.

Yesterday, he couldn’t figure how to fix the remote for his television so he ended up watching the Young and the Restless for four hours on his day off.

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why “cop con” is the best episode ever
  • we learn that jake had a fucking ponytail
  • eight drink amy is an EQUESTRIAN
  • “terry starfishing on a california king”
  • gina and amy extreme brotp content !!!!
  • jake and charles not wanting to admit they’re over 35 and using 90s slang to blend in with The Kids
  • the tasing challenge. we tase each other. then drink. 
  • “so like a sexy librarian.” “no. a REGULAR ONE. 😍
  • charles getting jealous of jake’s new robot partner
  • hungover jake serving LOOKS
  • “whyth my thongue tho big?” 
  • terry setting jake on FIRE causing him to scream “IM A HUMAN TORCH” then JUMPING IN TO A PUBLIC POOL
  • charles drunkenly telling the robot “you think you’re better than me….you’re right.”
  • “looking good diaz.” “…..bite me.”
  • “oh. detective diaz filling an iron with tequila.” “?? so i can make tequila steam.”
  • holt confessing that he wants in on their fun !!!
  • jake taking holt and the squad to the thermometer museum :’)

Racebent The Parent Trap 

Starring: Gina Torres as Elizabeth, Idris Elba as Nick, Yara Shahidi as Hallie & Annie, and Meghan Markle as Meredith. 

Annie: The truth is, you know, if we switch…

Hallie: Sooner or later they’ll have to un-switch us.

Annie: And when they do, they’ll have to meet again…

Hallie: Face to face.

Annie: After all these years.