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The studio merchandising is complete. I need to redo the white wall. It was to put it mildly, a hot mess. I went with “seal gray”, stained some 2x6s with the lightest stain I could find and found some great industrial and simple brackets. Now I have a much better wall to present my artwork. The gray makes the colors pop much more than white. And I can do product shots directly in my studio rather than schlepping the work home. It was nice to work on a different project for awhile and made me excited to complete the re-branding/re-merchandising project I began this year. Next step, a new website is on the way and a Design Sponge Ad!!!! Let the marketing madness begin.



During the Screw Factory Artists’ Spring Open Studio - May 5th from noon-7pm

Here is the deal…I have a lot of older work. Some of it is seconds or pieces with minor flaws and defects that do not affect the function of the piece but merely annoy me. Others are class demonstrations or glaze experiments. These pieces do not represent my current direction and I need to make space for new work. I’m offering a super sale during the Open Studio event on May 5th.

Everything on the sale table is priced for individual sale however I will have 2 sizes of bags available and newspaper for packing. One size bag will be $50 for cash ($52 for credit cards), the other $100 for cash sales ($103 for credit cards). Sales tax is included in this listed price.

Here are the (non-negotiable) rules:
1. You can fill the bags with as much sale stuff as you can fit in the bag but you get to pack it.
2. No negotiations on price. You are getting an awesome deal, I promise.
3. Sales tax is included in the listed price for this sale. The non-sale items do not have sales tax included into the price. Why are credit cards more? Because they cost me money to run. Small businesses appreciate your cash or check sales.
3. All sales are final.
4. When the bags on the table run out, the sale is over. First come, first serve.
5. There is a limit of 2 bags per customer.
6. All of the other work in the studio is priced as marked because its brand spanking new and reflects my current direction. The sale only applies to the sale table!!!!!
7. There are no exceptions to these rules. Really. Don’t even try.

Basically this is an awesome deal because you get lots of pottery for a low price but this sale is a one time thing. I won’t have the inventory for it again anytime soon. Its the kind of thing I can pull off once every 3 years…maybe. It basically breaks down to a half off sale on older work.

If you want to shop the sale early I’ll probably be set up the Thursday night before or be around the studio Friday afternoon. You can email me at if you want to shop early.

Classes for Fall and Etsy Sales!

Many things going on this month…100s of pieces in the studio awaiting glaze. In the meantime you can shop at my Etsy Shop and receive 10% off your purchase by entering the code 10ten when you check out.

I have two classes left this fall. One is an ornament making workshop at my studio. Sign up by emailing me at Enroll soon! This workshop filled up last year.

Ornament Making Workshop for Teens and Adults (All Levels):

Dates and Times: Saturday, November 12th & Sunday, November 13th from 10am-noon.

Cost: $60
Students will use slabs of clay to cut and form original stoneware ornaments. Using free form design and cookie cutters you will make 12-30 ornaments! The second day will be spent refining the forms and glazing. Work will be available for pick up around 2 weeks after class due to drying and firing requirements. (Students as young at 11 yrs old may take this class however I ask that they are accompanied both in and out of the studio building by an adult. Its a factory building and I ask this as a safety precaution!)

All classes are held at 13000 Athens Ave, Lakewood, Ohio. Studio 328 (3rd Floor). Email Gina at to register. Cash, check or credit is accepted at the time of registration.

Refund policy: I need to maintain a certain number of students to run a class. You must cancel no less then one week before the start date of the class or workshop. A $10 processing fee will be deducted if you cancel. Cancellations will less then one week’s notice will not receive a refund with the exception of a medical emergency.

I also have my last wheel throwing class until 2012 at Art House. My schedule is so busy with shows I find it impossible to teach during December.

Clay on the Wheel
Instructor: Gina DeSantis
Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm,
Oct. 3—Nov. 14, 6 weeks

Registration deadline: Sept. 27
Cost: $150, 5 student minimum
Includes clay, glazes and firings.
Sooth your mind by throwing bowls and cups on the pottery wheel. If you are more advanced, try plates, lidded vessels or teapots. Classes are small to allow for individual instruction and to provide every student the opportunity to delve into their creative side. All clay and glazes are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Call 216.398.8556 to register for the Wheel Class.