The Special Operations Squad was an elite squad hand-picked by Levi. They were considered the most elite squadron, having a total kill record exceeding 200 and were capable of killing nigh any Titans in their way. They had the ability to sync with each other to coordinate their attacks without talking. All original members of the Special Operations Squad, except for Eren and Levi, were killed by Annie Leonhart.

SNK Alphabet:
↳ E for Elite

White Demon.

I’ve been too impatient for the slow-ass One Piece updates so I’ve started watching Gintama and it is the bomb.

I especially feel Gin cause I also have naturally permed hair. It’s the main reason why I don’t have patience to draw long stuff, so I crapped out this 3 hour drawing of Joui War Gintoki. 

Also, I uploaded a bigass resolution for you guys. Click in, it looks great.