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Bungou Stray Dogs: Port Mafia + namesakes

     [Armed Detective Agency ver.]


Some days are normal.

In stark contrast, some days your place of employment gets in trouble with a major television network for copyright infringement and someone takes a shit in the urinal and threatens one of your favorite coworkers and gets arrested for three hit-and-runs. Some days, for the second night in a row you find yourself staying up until well past the dawn of the next day to watch movies and discuss everything ever with a new friend.

Some days you don a rooster mask, still sweaty and smelling of dishwater and not yet quite finished closing the kitchen to go up on stage, strip down to fishnets and do a sexy ravey dance to Trust, as part of the quarterly variety show Which is Definitely Not the Gong Show (stage name: Coq Au Vin, act name: Coq Au Vin a Go-Go). You get not-gonged off about 2 minutes in (last time, you won best in show by singing a song about taking too many drugs, puking on things and exposing yourself to children while spanking your half-mannequin for percussion. No idea why my rooster dance was less popular, but I guess it’s a tough act to follow…) and you can’t see so you almost lose your balance and destroy the stage, you have fun. Some days, you run back to the kitchen to close and then celebrate by having an exuberant dance-off with your coworker, awkwardly shoving your comics at your new chimeric vulpine friend (now on day three of pretty much hanging out whenever you can) and raiding the costume box you left in the back (the rejects from a care package you made to help dress your boss lady for the Burn.)…culminating in further dancing with other cute people and good talks and just kind of a lovely night.

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left: cruelbaroness’ new haircut, tax season be damned.

right: the lovely Twrntg face covered to protect identity lol (not pictured, the epic kilt he was wearing)

Also today was like, Official Housemate Hair Day. 2/2/13 shall live in infamy as the day I trimmed love’s sides and bleached everything to get ready for green and black, assisted him in putting his epic ‘hawk up, henna’d my housie’s long luxurious locks, and cut my own hair with her assistance…all on zero sleep.

I’ll probably take pretty pictures of it being all deathhawky and me being all gothy tomorrow.

I also went to the farmer’s market and if all goes well tonight (mostly if I get my butt off tumblr) I will be making fresh spring rolls, lemon curd and cinnamon meringues. And maybe something involving jalapenos, limes and avocados tomorrow. Yuss.

So, my adventure got off to kind of a bad start (basically, someone managed to sow the seeds of doubt and fear in my mind and they wouldn’t allow me to leave excited or happy, of course) but it yielded good things because I decided to stay a night in Mountain View with a long-lost friend instead of pushing on to Oakland right away.

We had disconnected originally because I was working on his game project but I was busy and distracted and couldn’t keep up with the volume of illustration he needed (my fault, god I wish I had known about the ADD sitch then) and he hired someone else without telling me so I showed up to a playtest party with a folder of brand-new, finished work only to find (on my own, he didn’t even want to admit it– his fault) that I was off the project.

It’s not often that a friend you haven’t seen in over a year climbs into your car, hands you a thick roll of cash and tells you that it’s your share. Or that you find your work has been used and you have been credited in a published book you thought you no longer had anything to do with. Especially when you are expecting to simply drop off his Evangelion DVD set you borrowed over a million years ago and be on your way.

We had really excellent ramen and watched really excellent anime (watch for the incoming Kyoso Giga spam), and caught up, and I’m very glad to still have him as a friend.

I started off the next day by visiting the Japanese market across the street for a deliciously disgusting breakfast of puddi puddi flavored KitKats, grape Calpico and spam musubi. Embarrassingly enough, I went to a mall in SJ after that, because I got a tip that o-ring bondage belts of acceptable if not amazing quality were available at Hot Topic for $11 (considering the cheapest one I could find previously was $18+ shipping for the same type of vegan leather, I was stoked.). Wearing my loot, I stopped to talk to the ladies in a tea shop and ended up walking away with some vanilla strawberry Pu-Erh to perpetuate my tea kick. And then Sephora just happened to have Kat Von D’s Vampira matte lip color (it’s been out of stock everywhere else I’ve looked) so I got some (plus Urban Decay black velvet eyeliner and some utilitarian stuff like legit makeup remover for once) and IT’S AMAZING. I’m not a red/brown lipstick person usually, but this is liquid sexy. I’m glad I bought the things I did, but I suspect I’m feeling hurtful things that were said in place of the loving, supportive goodbye I had needed more deeply than I can access…it felt like a binge since I want to travel as light as I can (which is not actually very light because I have a ton of stuff to return to my former housemate when I go to visit her, lul) and my tax season riches need to be carefully budgeted until I’ve figured out where I want to live post-travels. Grr.

I was a little worn down by the time I met my next host in SF, but he’s a good listener and a great caretaker, ohmygoodness. I was apprehensive but once we were safely home in Oakland he fed me some shroom caramel (soapy!) and I subsequently had my first good trip on psychadelics. Last time I tried shrooms, I was in a not particularly secluded section of Golden Gate park with the same friend (then-boyfriend) and his then-housemate, completely immobilized, peeing myself, crying uncontrollably and orgasming continually for like 6 hours straight while joggers and tourists tried not to look at me. It was somehow a good experience though to this day I couldn’t tell you what about it was good. This time, there was dancing and MIND GAME and rainbow lights and a lot of Trust videos and later, early naughts alternative of the Gorillaz and Alien Ant Farm variety. Perf. Since I’m experiencing some toxicity in my feels, I honestly expected to be crying the whole time again, but it was actually what I needed and aside from a few morbid thoughts I would classify it as an *extremely* good trip.

Today is not an adventurous day. I caught up on sleep while my host went to work, halfheartedly attempted to tie up more Santa Cruz-related loose ends only to find that the server I needed to log into was down for maintenance, had awkward but friendly interactions with my host’s adorable artist roommate, drank a lot of tea (aforementioned Pu-Erh and a green tea flavored with thai coconut and lemongrass), planned my outfits for the next couple of days and spent some millennial-style me-time on facebook. But we’re going for Afghani cuisine soon and tomorrow I’m getting tattooed, so things will be better.


Helping my mom move has yielded all kinds of treasures.

Like all of the larger than life-sized self-portraits I had to do in my first year of art school. They’re creepy as fuck and my housemates want to hang one on the hallway ceiling. I think this one should just lounge on the couch forever.

And the bumper sticker I bought at Carlsbad Caverns when I was like 8 FOR MY FUTURE CAR and then packed away and forgot about. Until I went through all of my art/report cards/vacation scrap books. YUSSSSSSS. 

I’m not saying this is fair or right, but there are certain people whose every post on facebook I want to reply with: “Ew, you have no idea what you’re talking about." 

It doesn’t even matter what the subject or content is, just as far as my brain works everything they say is grossly misinformed.

Since it gives me a certain amount of visceral discomfort, I should probably just block the content (as Heather suggests to me almost every day). But it’s hard to get around my curiosity at the same time.