gin tonic sorbet

Cut dialog, Sorbet (S1E03) [source]

It feels like this Origins of Hannibal preview was produced before they decided to rejigger S1 after Bryan got a look at what David Slade did with Apéritif and elevating the material and all that. 

Hence the bigger focus on the procedural nature, and seeing so much of Sorbet. Although it was aired as episode 7, Sorbet was the 3rd episode produced, so the question is when was the decision made to push it back to be episode 7, and what cuts were made, etc. The clips in this little overview were pre-color correction, I can tell you that. Plus the So Not Hannibal Music. 

Once this episode got moved to mid-season, I think cutting some of sass of Team Sassy Science we see in the script made sense because it was already established in the show.

I would have loved to have it anyway, because Team Sassy Science. 

But it’s not like Sorbet lacked in awesome as it came together in the end.  

Honestly, the more I learn/understand about S1 the more of a miracle it seems.