gin drunk

So, you’re my soulmate?

A/N: I know this one is short but I didnt really know much to write with the ‘so you’re my soulmate’ plot. So it turned out to be a cute fluffy blurb. I still hope you all enjoy it!.

In which Harry goes to the pub and meets a girl who he really bonds with.

Warning: none.

‘So, you’re my soulmate.’ She claims. It makes me feel weird for a second. I’ve only met this girl 45 minutes ago, but I’ve got to be honest there is a spark. I felt bored at home so I went to my favourite pub. And there she was, sitting on a barstool, sipping her gin and tonic.

‘It seems like it.’ I answer, still a bit uncomfortable. I normally don’t let people in this easily. I look at her glass, it’s almost empty. ‘Let me get you something to drink.’ I raise up my hand for the bartender to come.

‘Can I have another Jack and whatever this lovely lady wants?’ I ask him and he looks over to Y/N. ‘I’d like another one of those, thank you.’ She says and holds up her gin tonic.

One hour and a few more sips later and I’m starting to feel tipsy. Only slightly, it’s no big deal. I hold out my hand to her. ‘Come with me to my place?’ I ask her. I feel so different with this girl. I wasn’t really looking for someone to be with. I am not looking for any kind of relationship. But I feel the need to be with this girl.

She nods in agreement as she takes my hand. I walk toward the door, getting our coats and walking outside. ‘It’s only a 20-minute walk home, so if you’d like we can walk. Or I’ll hail a taxi.’ I say. ‘A walk sounds nice.’ She responds. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and walk with her to my place. Almost the entire walk was quiet. A comfortable silence.

I reach for my keys and open the door. ‘Come in.’ I gesture and so she does. I help her get out of her coat as the gentleman I am and put them on a hanger. I make my way to the living room but she stops me by grabbing my wrist. She pulls me back to face her and places her lips on mine in one smooth movement.

I immediately kiss back. I part my lips slightly and go with my tongue over her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She willingly opens her mouth and our tongues meet. The sweet taste of gin still in her mouth.

She pulls back and looks me straight in my eyes. I smile at her. ‘Would you like to stay over?’ I ask her. She happily agrees, claiming she is tired. And honestly, so am I. I look at the clock, 2am. ‘We can watch a movie in my bedroom if you’d want to?’ I ask her, I don’t want to sleep yet and I don’t feel the urge to have sex with this girl. ‘That sounds lovely.’

I take her upstairs and lead her to my bedroom. ‘Make yourself feel at home.’ I say. She takes off her shoes right away and start to prepare herself to get into bed while I set up everything to watch a movie. I turn of the lights and roll down the projector screen. Her eyes widened. ‘Bedroom cinema.’ She whispers.

15 minutes into the movie and I hear soft sleeping noises coming from my left. ‘Typical lady-like.’ I think to myself. I turn off the projector and put the remote on my night stand. I get comfy in my bed and cuddle up to Y/N. This might be the best (unplanned) date I’ve ever been on.

My Dearest,

Tell me it’s okay to kill something that wants to die and I’ll teach you the art of trepanning, pry my skull open to reveal the disease, spot the defect, watch with weary eyes the red roses that hop out, how they’re growing tiny fins &
roiling away, like blood in the air, like the moon stains across your cheeks. now tell me what the after-life looks like. is it all dreamy satyrs & angels with sad faces fiddling with harps?
or is it an apocalyptic wasteland where
every person we’ve ever kissed returns to
haunt us? tell me, why do you always
have your breath held & your legs so neatly
folded? paper swan, shy animal, what are you hiding in between there?
do you fancy flaunting the color blue?
is there a name for this late-summer withering?
do we dare repeat it? do the letters all blur together & turn to
mush against the wisdom teeth you should’ve had removed by now?
i want candied apples and ballroom dancing
under stars shaped like our ancestors, i want
to be your exception, your calamity, the april
we made honeyed mildew of our bodies, the
wildfire in your bones.
someday saying these things out loud will get easier or we will get older and more bored
and the secrets will splash out like gin and
get us drunk on wet-hearted regrets, black sludge fountains, our own bad habits, lighting
cigarettes beneath burnt bridges, biting our fingers to remains mangled raw, chasing
streetlight shadows into the sordid realms of the nobodies, turning the sun against the sky,
watching it mingle hideously with the
bent, grotesque spines of lightning strikes,
rain peppering our rose-tinted visions,
leaving us cold prunes,
leaving us unfixable.

let me talk about early gintoki and otose headcanons

  • after otose took him in gintoki was sleeping a lot because he was just tired because of all what happened. one day gin falls asleep in a corner and otose doesn’t say anything and just brings a blanket and wraps it around him
  • gin’s hair in the war got pretty long and otose was the first one to cut his hair after he was done with the war 
  • gintoki having vivid nightmares and sometimes even screaming in his sleep but otose staying by his side every night. when gin asks her if she was there beside his bed all night she denies it though
  • otose never asking gin too many questions about him and what happened in his past and instead just listening and being there when he needs her
  • one night after gin had drunk way too much he started to remember things from the war (also what happened with shouyou) and he just started to cry quietly without saying anything and otose just put her hand on his hand and told him that it’s okay
  • gin slowly opening up and getting better each day and eventually both of them starting to bicker like they do now
  • otose just being the mom gin never had and gin like the son she never had

just so everyone knows, snoop dogg’s new thing is that he commentates the new weekly ufc event with a retired hall of fame ufc fighter while they smoke weed and get drunk off gin and juice. the ufc dude explains what’s happening while snoop makes jokes. it’s called snoopcast and it’s good.