Isn’t it ironic? かな means ‘Wonder’, while しぐれ or 時雨 could be a Drizzle, Shower, or Sprinkle. Yet かなかなしぐれ translates to ’Rain of Ringing Ripples’. The pain you feel in your heart from the chords? Those are the ripples caused by the rain, the serene surface of water of peace and happiness between the two… Distorted and washed away by the rain. It’s a wonder…


Inspired from a mission to make the perfect cocktail gin, Vigilant Gin is a great looking new kid on the block in the gin industry. This London style dry gin employs hand-foraged Oregon juniper berries, citrus, and an herbal blend that helps balance it out nicely. Distilled in Washington, DC, it’s worthy of a spot at your bar for the packaging alone, but makes a gin cocktail you can be proud of as well.


And in the end
I’ll do it all again.
I think you’re my best friend.
And don’t you know that the kids aren’t alright?