gimp is fun



highlight of chapter 1128 for me tbh


Sophie Devereaux: I’m a grifter. For better or worse


“You’re getting far better at it.  Controlling it before it controls you.”

“You really think I’d let myself be at a disadvantage to you for long?”

In which Loki helps Natasha learn the latent abilities given to her by the serum the Red Room used, ones not even the scientists could predict, but then they’d never had the tesseract to help with the process, either.  Loki wasn’t anticipating her being so strong, however.  

90 minutes with those green gimps is more fun than any Superman movie after the ‘80s.

4 Behind-the-Scenes Moments That Will Brighten Your Day

#4. Shampoo Commercials and Superman

The fact that Brandon Routh maintained a straight face while two fucking green men were puppet-mastering in the background is the only argument I need to demand an Academy Award for him. Those guys were on set all day in some giant green void waving their hands around like assholes while a nearby director was yelling “Flappier! Flappier goddammit!

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