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silverfae16  asked:

For the pixel scribbles, could you draw Christina Kuroda? Thanks in advance! ^^

The stripes, the skirt, the bowtie? Clearly this lady is a mafia queen pin. BC Sol is a front for heinous criminal activity! There is no other explanation for such impeccable fashion sense!

Really though, does Christina’s outfit somehow remind anyone else of 1920s gangster fashion, or at least the Halloween costume version of it? Or am I just seeing things.


huge shout out to my dear friend @effymaysims for her lovely tattoos! go download them asap <3

you can find them here: XXX

Does anybody have a screenshot of the moment when Nevra said something like “I want to see you smiling again” (preferably in French but English is of course ok too)? I was screenshotting the whole conversation but then my GIMP crashed. ;–; That was the cutest part and I’d really like to save at least it. I lost all my screenshots I took after getting the illustration and I’m so annoyed D:

Please click for full size omg

Gonna be perfectly honest here, this pic was gonna be way better than it is, but then GIMP crashed, I didn’t was all that was left and I lost my motivation, but I didn’t want to scrap it entirely, so here. AU where Sombra is a singer.

Symmetra is her biggest, secret fan. 

(And yes, the dress is that sweet Pixel dress from Eros and Apollo)


Sophie Devereaux: I’m a grifter. For better or worse



Why should anyone be placed into one box? It’s been said that Harry, Ron, and Hermione represent the other three houses, despite being sorted into Gryffindor. In Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s exactly the opposite. The three protagonists each display traits from a separate house, but it is a snake that unites them, not a lion.  

Will / Elizabeth