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For those unaware, Gimp is a free editing program that’s a great alternative to Photoshop for those who don’t have the money to purchase it, or for those who can’t or don’t want to download it illegally. Though it doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as its counterpart, it can still be used to create awesome stuff! As a Gimp user myself, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my favorite resources. Nothing here is mine, so be sure to like the original posts if you find them helpful!

Downloading Gimp

Downloading Extra Stuff


Coloring Tutorials

Editing Tutorials

GIF Tutorials

Graphic Tutorials

Text Tutorials

XCFs (Basically Gimp’s Version of  PSDs)




Taylor in Italy

Taylor most likely won’t make it to Italy (again) so I decided to let her visit the major landmarks this way.

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Software FAQ(kinda lol)

So after that software post I reblogged on my personal blog. I guess I want to talk more about what I actually use to paint and work with.

When I first started drawing on at tablet at the age of 13..I used…and you guessed it.. oc 1.1. I worked my way throughout the years with oc 3.02 then went back and forth from ps cs 2 and up. When I first heard about sai…. I was pretty happy to finally find a program that I felt 100% comfortable with.

Thing is about sai… it was hard to adapt my traditional way of working and my digital way all in one. An I know you could never do that 100%..Still I wanted some form of common ground were most of the detail in the original wasn’t lost and completely muddied over with color. After using Sai for 3 years I got very bored with the repetitiveness and lack of update on the software in general. I also realized that no matter the software my style, way of coloring, and technique is what it is..it would translate regardless. So I went straight for opensource.

A lot of people will tell you that you can’t do anything with gimp, krita, or my paint and honestly that’s just not true. I was hesitant at first..but what really dragged me in was how the software community for these programs are. They are always up to date and they keep trying to fix bugs and improve. I love that. 

So here is how I feel about each individual program all together.

Gimp- I use for sketching and painting and most of my editing. This is not Photoshop..and honestly you can not compare it to photoshop. If you approach it like Photoshop..you will be sadly disappointed. While it shares a lot of common tools and can even work ps brushes. I cant say it’s the same.

What I love about gimp is actually its update for painters, which is (gimp paint studios) commonly known as GPS.  While gimp2.8 without this update can be used for painting too, I personally feel from experience the gps update has made it easier for me.

Also check out how you can manipulate the softwares looks. I can legit make it look like any other programs I’m used to.. or just switch it around. For my GPS skin I use a black emulation version of ps cs 6 with some minor changes.

MyPaint(and 1.1)- I’ve had this when it first came out and I have to say. My paint team.. you rock! The level of dedication to this painting software is just beyond words. I do love all the experimental brushes and how the community is so active. So there is always something being updated. Did I mention unlimited canvas space? This can get a bit hectic but don’t worry I’ve done some digging that can help you estimate space (here)

My paint is legit good to kick back relax and really explore your ideas..

here are some things I’ve done in mypaint

Krita- Now I remember hearing about this years back in the day in krita’s early development. I don’t think it was out for windows at the time and it was geared more for linux… I could be wrong and just didn’t know how to install it at the time. 

 Krita has to be the most amazing painting program yet.  I can honestly say this  software made me leave sai completely and run straight to open source. I started doing most of my icons with this software. An I notice I lost none of my original detail even if I scanned an image in to paint it. That is always a plus for me. I’m a stickler when it comes to my drawings and original detail..and if I lose most of the detail due to a software..I just lose interest.

Krita definitely takes the cake for me in terms of art software.
SO here is some stuff I’ve done in krita.

Oh did I mention that all these programs can open each others original software file ora and save as other files.Not to mention..completely free!!!!

There is definitely more to be said about each but this is more of a personal opinion/ experience post. 

Remember it’s not the software that makes the artist, don’t be afraid to explore software, but also feel comfortable with what you use. Thanks for reading all this.

Good luck guys!