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it's okay to rb friend <3 gimmie 18 and 31 with chanyeol -yxi

➸ 18. “You’re cute, can I keep you?” & 31.”Lets cuddle so I can steal your body heat”

➸ word count: 391

➸ a/n: you my friend, are the real one, hope you enjoy this, ,,sorry if ain’t that great lmao.

She had underestimated the weather, she hadn’t thought it would be that cold. However, it was extremely chilly, and her thin jacket wasn’t doing a great job at keeping her warm. Not to mention, underneath it she wore a thin camisole, accompanied by some black and white polka dotted pajama bottoms. 

Thankfully though, she quickly made it back to warm safety of the apartment. 

“Where were you?” Chanyeol calls out groggily once she toes off her shoes and tiptoes back to his room. 

“I was trying to be nice and cute, so I went out to get coffee and some pastries” she tells him pulling up the covers. “I regret all my life choices, it’s so cold out there, let’s cuddle so I can steal your body heat” she sighs slipping under said sheets and making grabby hands at Chanyeol. 

“You’re cute, can I keep you?” Chanyeol yawns in the middle of smiling down at her. He pulls her body flush against his and kisses her forehead. 

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” she sings jokingly as she snuggles impossibly closer to him. 

“Why do you always ruin the moment?” Chanyeol groans in an exaggerated manner. 

“Excuse me, but Wannabe is a classic and iconic bop” she looks up from where her face is smooshed against his neck and makes a face at him. 

“You’re a weirdo” Chanyeol sighs. 

“A cute weirdo you wanna keep” she retorts waggling her brows at him. 


“Speaking of "getting with my friends”, remember how you once did” ________ giggles. Chanyeol chokes on air and scrambles to cover her mouth with his very huge one. 

“We agreed we would never speak of that!” he whines, “plus, I didn’t even know you then, and I also didn’t know we’d be here…like this. Also, does it even count, she thought I was Sehun” he reminds her. 

Slowly, he removes his hand from her face. 

“You still got with my friend” ________ laughs poking his stomach. 

“I’m no longer sharing my body heat with you” Chanyeol announces untangling their limbs. He throws the covers off of him and gets out of bed while ________ whines in displeasure. 

“Wait, that means you can be my lover and keep me!” she laughs. 

Chanyeol throws a random article of clothing at her before making his way out. 

seventeen - the struggles and triumphs of high school as told through showtunes

in - carrie: the musical // what i was born to do - bring it on: the musical // beautiful - heathers: the musical // portrait of a girl - bare: a pop opera // eight hours - the burnt part boys // state road 21 - the bridges of madison county // watch what happens - newsies // let me be a kid - runaways // montage, part 1: hello twelve, hello thirteen, hello love - a chorus line // montage, part 2: mother - a chorus line // montage, part 3: gimmie the ball - a chorus line // everything else - next to normal // growing up - fugitive songs // first date-last night - dogfight // do your own thing - bring it on: the musical // crazier than you - the addams family // one - bare: a pop opera // my junk - spring awakening // seventeen - heathers: the musical // there she goes/fame - fame //


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This isn't a request but a thought. What would yandere Tyrest and TFA Megatron would be like ?

The best kinds.  >:3

Tyrest:  You remember The Hunchback of Notre Dame, right?  Well, picture that, but like a billion times worse!  XD  Tyrest holds himself to a higher standard than most people.  He considers himself a beacon of moral purity.  For you to be so ingrained in his mind - for him to be so… infatuated with you, must truly be a sin.  And so he continues to mutilate himself, drilling more holes into his body in the hopes that the pain will somehow make these new feelings go away.  It doesn’t of course, and that disgusts him.  He disgusts himself!  How could he feel such desires for a mere human?  It’s unnatural.  It’s unholy!  And yet… with each passing day those inhibitions become fainter and fainter in his mind as thoughts of you slowly start to consume him.  You will be his, he decides.  If he has to tear apart the Lost Light with an army of legislators, then so be it.  One way or another, you will become his conjux endura.  You really don’t have a choice…

Megatron:  He is the leader of the Depicepticons.  All powerful and feared throughout the galaxy.  He inspires both loyalty and fear in equal measure.  There is no one in the known universe to rival his sheer brutality and strength.  And yet…  he finds himself becoming increasingly more fascinated with you.  You a human.  One of the many, pitifully insignificant creatures that inhabit this miserable planet!  Why should you of all people be the one to plague his dreams at night?  He begins to watch you more closely from afar, at first to try to dispel this newfound curiosity of his, and then simply for the pleasure of seeing you.  You are perfection given form.  Your grace, your beauty, charm, every insignificant movement and detail drives him further and further into obsession.  It isn’t long before you’re brought before his thrown, shaking and terrified as you’re held aloft towards him by another one of those monstrous machines.  He stalks towards you, red eyes glowing with a predator-like gaze.  Gently, almost lovingly, he reaches out and lifts your chin towards him with one finger.  He smiles as he meets your wide-eyed, watery gaze.  “Welcome home, little Decepticon…”

Art by Niuya

Cornerstone Playlist:

1. Megitsune by BABYMETAL 2. Fury of the Storm by DragonForce 3. Gimmie Chocolate!! by BABYMETAL 4. The End by The Doors 5. Dazed & Confused by Led Zeppelin 6. Nothingman by Pearl Jam 7. Cornerstone by The Arctic Monkeys 8. Wonderwall by Oasis 9. Half Moon by DEAN ft. Gaeko 10. Star by Heize 11. I Wanna Be Yours by The Arctic Monkeys 

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Can I get an aesthetic of either Lost or my ED fic? 3x3 layout & honestly im not gonna be upset with anything you do gimmie something good bby <3

YOU HAVE AN ED FIC???!??!? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS??? you need a masterlist bro