These two are without a doubt the best dancers on the crew (Or even the whole fleet) 

Now the two of them know of each others singing voices; they sing and dance together when they’re alone; this always lifts there spirits and happens usually after long missions and dangerously close disasters. 

seventeen - the struggles and triumphs of high school as told through showtunes

in - carrie: the musical // what i was born to do - bring it on: the musical // beautiful - heathers: the musical // portrait of a girl - bare: a pop opera // eight hours - the burnt part boys // state road 21 - the bridges of madison county // watch what happens - newsies // let me be a kid - runaways // montage, part 1: hello twelve, hello thirteen, hello love - a chorus line // montage, part 2: mother - a chorus line // montage, part 3: gimmie the ball - a chorus line // everything else - next to normal // growing up - fugitive songs // first date-last night - dogfight // do your own thing - bring it on: the musical // crazier than you - the addams family // one - bare: a pop opera // my junk - spring awakening // seventeen - heathers: the musical // there she goes/fame - fame //


Honestly been listening to Britney for like an hour, but not new Britney. Been listening to like Radar, Womanizer, Gimmie More, 3, If U Seek Amy…I have no idea why I’m either lol