All the contestants are in, so it’s time to begin!

For every challenge, there are points for those in the last three places. One for tird from last, two for second from last and three for last. After three challenges, the sims with the most points will have to compete in another challenge, and the loser will be eliminated.

Round one?

Getting to bed on time. They’ve got a busy day tomorrow.

xlovekstewx replied to your post: I’m too polite on FB to announce this but you guys…

Nothing is wrong with breaking tradition, eat your turkey when ever you please

True that, I’ve been busting traditions for the last four or five years. Haven’t had to bust this one before I guess it came as bitof a shock. 

 gimmieyourriskywoohoo replied to your postI’m too polite on FB to announce this but you guys…

you can have some of my turkey. And I’m still on my period, so I feel your pain!

I had a chicken but I really really really like turkey and I did have a turkey about a month ago. I keep reminding myself why I’m making sacrifices for comfort (College) But apparently I’m not feelin’ it tonight.