This little asshole keeps getting into a bird feeder, so we need to test how small is *too* small

3 inch opening: no problem

2.75 inch opening: Easy

2.5 inch opening: doing fine

2.25 inch opening: Bit of a struggle, but as Mr Meeseeks says: CAAAN DOO!

2 inch opening: Alright, lets try chewing the opening a bit, As long as we get the nuts into the mouth (huhuhu) we good I guess…

Uh-oh… Steve is getting greedy

:insert grunts of effort here:

Taking a break…

The guy who made the original video decided after a long struggle to help Steve out.

A New Challenger approaches!

1.75 inchs: Quote Mr Meseeks: “OOOHHH HE’S TRYING”


He ends up giving up.

Source: Chris Notap - Squirrel ● literally ● bites off more than he can chew !

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Sebastian and Ciel being married in an AU and when Sebastian gets back from work he finds Ciel in the kitchen trying, emphasize trying, to cook a meal for both of them while singing and swaying and Sebastian just stares at his back like, “Dat ass tho” while licking his lips because Ciel is just way too tempting. And that day Sebastian ended up eating something else other than the meal Ciel planned to make, if you know what I mean.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Okay then…..

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

“Ciel come on, smile!”

Ciel glared at his boyfriend, who was in a sitting position on a hospital bed, still giving him the silent treatment.

“Really? Are you really still mad at me?” Sebastian said desperately trying to get a reaction from Ciel, who currently knew… Only how to glare…

“Mad?! MAD?! Sebastian I’m FURIOUS!” Finally speaking up, Ciel continued with anger, worry obvious in his tone,“ I clearly told you not to join the motorcycle race, but did you LISTEN?! NOOOOOOOO, you obviously DIDN’T! Now, look what this has gotten you to! Sitting in a hospital bed! Do you like that Sebastian? Do you like me being mad?!”

Sebastian sighed as he ran his uninjured hand through his black locks,“Look, you’re right, I should’ve listened to you. I’m sorry I made you worry, would you forgive me?”

Ciel looked at his boyfriend with uncertainty. The moment he got a call that Sebastian had been in an accident, his heart dropped and fear overwhelmed him. The mere thought of living without Sebastian wrecked him. He couldn’t imagine a life without his dorky, nerdy love beside him, always next to him, helping him when needed, showering him with love, spoiling him with sweet words. Ciel bit his lower lip, trying to prevent the tears that threatened to fall and silently sniffed.

Sensing his younger lover’s discomfort, Sebastian started to panic, internally freaking out,“Come on Ciel, smile! I’m fine, look, I’m here with you, I’m alive, I’m not going anywhere!” When he received no reaction from him, his tries turned more desperate,“ How about a joke? What about a math joke? You love math, right? Well, why is 9 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate NINE! AHAHAHAH! Eh? Eh? Get it? Because seven, eight, nine… Eight as in ‘ate’… That’s funny, right? RIGHT?”

Ciel couldn’t help that small smile that graced his soft features, amused by his boyfriend’s attempt to cheer him up, “Stupid moron….”

Sebastian grinned at the response, obviously satisfied,“Come here!” He said as he opened his arms, bringing his Ciel close, “I love you,” he mumbled as he nuzzled his face in his younger lover’s neck, kissing it every now and then.

“S-Sebastian, stop!” Ciel giggled as Sebastian’s hair tickled his neck, “S-stop!” Giggles that erupted turned into hearty laughs as Sebastian’s good hand started to tickle his side,“ Se-Seba- Ahahaha!”

The older male chuckled, enjoying the sensation of his favorite music filling his ears. Ciel’s laughs are certainly the best of heavenly music.

To be more specific;

Ciel’s laughter is Sebastian’s best medicine.

Did you know VIXX endorsed a Swiss watch brand during Hyde era?

Orange - Hyuk, Blue - Ravi, Green - Hongbin, Pink - N, Yellow - Ken, White - Leo.

I personally feel all the colours suit the members. I LOVE PINK OMG GIMMEH!!!!!!! (Each of it cost 1,200,000won ok -_- and it’s not on sale anymore anyways )

Credits: owner of picture