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Last night dream. Allura and Coran discussing with Paladins how they should start keeping in mind of choosing potential substitute pilots of their lions and then..

Hunk: Like, we can choose anyone we think has potential?

Coran: Yes Hunk, like I sai-

Hunk: *slams hands on table* SHAY



Someone please throw me a damn pillow, need to sleep <<zzzzzzz>>

SURPRISE @anorha-nono *Throws confetti, balloons and stuff at the wrong direction*, I would love to say something more but my brain is dry


Warm Me Up ch. 24

Songs: The Reason- Hoobastank, Hero- Enrique Iglesias, and a few Spanish Nortenas. 

Also, yes, I am aware this is shorter than most sorry.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

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There was an evident path of flattened grass in front of the dorm hall where Will lived. But Nico wasn’t there for Will. He was there to get answers so he could let his mind rest. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear what would be said to him, and he wasn’t sure what he would do with the information if he didn’t like it.

But he had to know.

Bracing himself, he walked into the dorm and went to the floor under Will’s. He walked basing himself by the name on the doors until he saw Peter on one. Then, taking a deep breath, he knocked and waited.

A few seconds later a guy with wavy hair and hazel green eyes opened the door, raising his eyebrows when he saw Nico. “Hey. Good to see you’re okay.”

Nico shoved away the shame and embarrassment. “Thanks. Um. I was wondering if you could tell me what happened… that day?”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows and opened the door a little wider. “Sure. Come in.” Nico followed him in. He sat at the desk chair and Peter leaned against the wall, facing him. “What… what do you remember?”

He bit his lip and sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I remember… kissing you here. Then going to my dorm. And drinking. Then I woke up in a hospital.”

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Totally wild speculation time again. Since they’ve been reaching way, way back and plucking out threads from all throughout the series, how about we talk about this? 

Azazel possessed a reaper. Reapers are later retconned into angels. 

Therefore, a Prince of Hell is capable of possessing an angel.

In an upcoming episode, Cas is supposed to be ‘more powerful than he seems.’

Even though we just got Casifer last season, I am now rooting for Asmodeus inside of Cas. 

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Person: so, got any fantasies~? ;)

Me: The year is 2017…its sunny…my skin is clear and I’m in my own apartment that looks out into the city…in my room…an abundance of official Jasper merchandise I didn’t have to make myself…and playing on my television …Steven universe. Jasper has returned from the war is redeemed and no longer suffering… is good…I am…content…