gimme yo money :)

asking one last time before winter break: anyone interested in commissions?

i have one last weekend and one final push til the end of the quarter next week, then i have five or six weeks to relax and get some art done

i’m probably not going to have a normal job so if you’re interested, let me know. if enough people say something, i’ll make a commission post, and i may make one anyways, but i’m just trying to see if anyone actually wants one right now. i’d appreciate it if you’d either answer this post or message me to tell me. if you’ve already sent me something, don’t worry about messaging me again unless something’s changed and you want to tell me about it.

so please let me know if you’re interested?


Guys, this would totally happen to me if I were to start mugging people.

Trivia: I recorded and mixed sound on this sketch! Check out AreYouChoking on YouTube for more funny stuffs!