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New house update: Everything else in this place is a disaster, but at least I have this. A front porch slice of heaven, periwinkle crawling up my fences, and violets instead of grass. As Monet said, I will have flowers and flowers and flowers 🌺 🌷🌻🌹

You know, watching Tri reminds me of that one Tamers movie everyone wonders if it’s canon to the main plot or not.

There, a Digimon partner died to stop the damage done to Earth by his partner activating the V-Pet vaccination program. But the Digimon died protecting his partner from an attack, kinda like the hit Wizarmon took for Tailmon (and Hikari)

It makes me wonder if Meiko and Meicoomon will go through something similiar too and if it would happen at the end of the last movie or before. If before, I wonder how Meiko would develop, especially having no partner anymore (and whatever said partner could even return in such a situation?), personally, I hope like Ken but not quite the same, just a slight change of attitude for longer than five minutes or something.

(I want badass Meiko, especially if they somehow plan to get her and Taichi together, which I don’t think will happen but whatever. I can dream, I know Meiko can be cool and awesome and have a badass scene by the end of these movies…. I hope so, anyways? Like a “everyone helped me, now it’s my turn to protect you all” thing especially if she did it without her partner Digimon around and then Meicoomon comes back in an amazing manner and saves them all with an epic fight, but who knows who even the big bad is at this point… could be Yggdrasil or someone behind him, could be anything really since we have at least one more movie after Symbiosis, right? Can’t wait to see how it all plays out before making my ‘final’ decision on Tri and Meiko/Meicoomon’s characters)

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List of good french movies. Gimme. Now.

Those are French movies I personally watched and enjoyed. There are of course, a lot of more but that I have not seen yet

Bolded are my favorites

  1. Le Premier Jour Du Reste de Ta Vie (comedy/drama)
  2. Nos Jours Heureux (comedy - hilarious)
  3. Le Concert (drama af)
  4. Les Petit Mouchoirs (comedy/drama)
  5. Astérix et Obélix Mission Cléopâtre (fucking comedy)
  6. Amours et Turbulences (romance)
  7. OSS 117 (comedy)
  8. OSS 117 : Rio Ne Répond Plus (comedy)
  9. La Fabuleux Destin D’Amélie Poulain (????)
  10. Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles (drama)
  11. Dans La Maison (drama)
  12. Malabar Princess (drama)
  13. La Vie en Rose (drama)
  14. Gemma Bovery (romance)
  15. LOL (teen but it’s good)
  16. Beaumarchais, L’Insolent (about Beaumarchais so historical)
  17. La Rafle (drama)
  18. Faubourg 36 (historical? drama)
  19. Les Choristes (MUSIC and drama)
  20. Je Vais Bien Ne t’en Fais pas (drama)
  21. Hors De Prix (comedy/romance)
  22. Les Bronzés 1,2,3 (COMEDY- A CLASSIC!)
  23. Mince alors! (comedy)
  24. La Vie Est Un Long Fleuve Tranquille (comedy)
  25. Moi César 10 ans et demi, 1m39 (comedy for kids)
  26. La Tête Haute (drama)
  27. Qu’est-ce qu’on a Fait Au Bon Dieu (comedy af)
  28. La Famille Bélier (music/comedy/family)
  29. Les Garçons et Guillaume à Table (comedy)
  30. De Rouille et d’Os (drama)
  31. Mon Roi (drama/romance)
  32. Un Moment d’Égarement (comedy/family)
  33. Polisse (drama)
  34. Nos 18 ans (romcom)
  35. Intouchables (drama/com)
  36. La Haine (drama)
  37. 20 ans d'écart (romcom)
  38. Le Père Noël est une Ordure (comedy)
  39. Le Diner de Cons (comedy)
  40. Irréversible de Gaspard Noé (rape, drama)
  41. Love de Gapard Noé (pornography, romance?)
  42. Avis de Mistral (family, drama)
  44. Elle (rape, drama, mystery?)
  45. L’Arnacoeur (romcom)
  46. Kirikou and the Sorceress (amimation)
  47. Le Petit Prince (animation)
  48. Les Enfants de la pluie (animation)
  49. Divines (Drama)

Just saw the new Transformers movie and I can report that Josh Duhamel is as gorgeous as ever and he still looks positively delicious in black camo. And he was fantastic here, the way he faced Megatron without flinching even when Megatron threw a hissy fit. That was awesome!

Oh, Mark Wahlberg was there, too. And a very annoying kid. This girl sure wasn’t Logan’s Laura. This kid I wanted to strangle!

So yeah, loved Josh Duhamel and the visuals. Couldn’t care less about the rest. Now, gimme a movie about Duhamel’s Lennox and Santiago Cabrera’s Santos and I’ll be a happy clam!

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I don't suppose you have any thoughts or meta on where sterek might be headed this season, or if it might develop at all in s4? Thanks!


Thoughts?  I never have any thoughts …. okay, I do and then look what happens.  This is prolly going to be longer than what you even wanted or intended, in part cause I’ve never really been asked about Sterek, so I’m terribly sorry (not really.  It’s Sterek and shipping and I am a happy fangirl talking shipping).  

So here goes.

I am of two minds.  

Fandom shipper of over 15 years-mind who has been burned by far too many teased ships:  I totally want my OTP to hook up, but the (slash) shipper in me understands the actual plausibility of that happening based on history is about slim to Janto.  So if it happens great, but I’m not expecting it.  That way I am not disappointed by any number of reasons and I can continue on in fandom happily shipping away and having fun in fandom arts because that is what I enjoy. 

Shipper’s mind watching a show that demonstrates potential to push those traditional tv/movie relationship boundaries:  YES GIMME NOW IT’S TOTALLY BUILDING TO STEREK.

Ignoring the historical-based shipping mind, there are things that are playing out quite interestingly on the show, you just have to decide if you’re going to go with the ‘show is giving us subtle’ route or 'show is just a silly tv show about teenage werewolves.’  Based on what we’ve seen, there are way too many coincidences to believe that the more subtle things are ignorable.  And now you have Stiles determined to save Derek in Mexico, Derek showing that he might have shifted his anchor to Stiles at the end of s3b, Derek’s name being one of the keys (so far we don’t know what is tying the keys together, if it’s a dig at the survivors Scott, Lydia, then Derek matches up with Stiles) and Stiles’ face when he sees it, and Stiles figuring out Derek’s losing his mojo.  There are lots of things that are tying them together visually/in the narrative, and that’s what a shipper thrives on, tbh.  

We’ve also got very few characters we actually know the age of.  One of them is Stiles.  And we don’t know (canon) when his birthday is, so after s3b, at any point he could have his 18th birthday.  Which like Lydia/Parrish, negates the age protest. 

We’ve also got a storyline that’s developing for Stiles, where he has become far more grounded than we’ve seen him.  Stiles still has his moments of being a kid, but of the 'kids’ on the show, he’s demonstrating himself far more mature than any of them, understanding life isn’t black and white but grey, of living with consequences and trying to find balance.  

And here’s the other thing - I know there’s lots of talk about queerbaiting and Sterek.  There are different ways to view it - and this is what I think.  I think that in s1 and s2 they had fun with the 'relationship’ between Stiles and Derek - it was antagonistic and snarky and two people really not trusting each other.  s3a that had a visual and narrative shift.  s3b Derek chased Stiles, s4 is shaping up to be Stiles chasing Derek.   And … the way I see it, after realizing fandom and Sterek, the interaction has been cut back.   But I don’t think it’s for negative reasons.  Sure, they’ve been cut back - but if it had been maintained at the levels it had - all the teasing and touching with no intention of ever fulfilling that tease after they knew what Sterek was - then that would be queerbaiting.  So, not deliberate queerbaiting.  Next option - they could have put Stiles and Derek together with definite 'no homo’ or even killing Sterek with some brotherly development to just shut down the ship.  We haven’t gotten that either.  What we have received is the 2 character not interacting visually on screen together, but their storylines revolve around each other and depend on the other.  Think about it - this is actually the kind of perfect set up to build Sterek.  Right now - let’s say the age difference is keeping them 'apart’ and the producers/network/Davis is pushing off the relationship until Stiles is 'legal’ to avoid kerfluffle.  So rather than pissing people off with what appears to be queerbaiting while the show’s time passes, they split the two up, but like a freaking sun/moon/earth moving around each other, their stories are still interconnected.  

That’s a lot of babble.  Hopefully it made sense. 

Honestly, I think by the time s4 ends, we’re going to have (or rather, I hope to have) Stiles have a serious 'you’re not going to die’ conversation with Derek.  And if Derek does 'die’, there’s the potential for Stiles to clue in to any feelings/thoughts about Derek (kind of the kick he got with Caitlyn to consider men).  We have Malia - and from the story narrative and the interviews, I think it’s safe to assume that this relationship is not going to turn out well.  Or at least together.  And we’ll have Derek resolving his history with Kate, and potentially having a good time with Braeden.  Some relationships under their belt, hopefully healthy results, it’s a good set up for a legit potential long-term relationship that would last out s5 and the end of the show for Sterek.   

I wouldn’t doubt at all having a shot of Stiles and Derek at the end of the season again, this time something more, hand on the shoulder in support, something said, etc… to cliffhang us into s5 with a very deliberate Sterek.  It will prolly end on Scott (s4) but that’s because I think s5 is going to be a dark arc for Scott and the others trying to get him back.  .

Who knows, it might be nothing too, and Stiles is endgame with Ms Morrell and they have little emissary babies. 

Thanks for the ask, I hope I didn’t bore you much with the lack of cohesive thought random thoughts?  :)