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For the klance requests I was wondering if you'd be willing to draw injured Lance and worried Keith, if not that's totally cool too

the healing pods were undergoing maintenance due to their last battle, so Keith takes matters into his own hands ;^D 

Dance Studio AU

Jonathan was always in and out of the center of attention. He loved it when people kept their eyes on him when he’s busting out some sweet moves with his crew. Especially from their rival crew,anything to get that Asian eye candy’s gaze on him.. And sometimes he hated it when attention was placed on him. Even more so when he’s being a prissy bitch. But ever since he created his crew,things only got better. His crew consisted of 7 people.

Bryce,their resident gymnast who’s a sexy motherfucker. Jonathan wondered how he hasn’t gotten an offer as pole dancer.
Brock,the Mom™,also the one who can beat Miley in a twerk off. He’s thicc and ready to rumble.
Craig is usually the one who comes to rehearsals in crop tops and booty shorts. Beware though,this bespectacled beauty is feisty.
Lui loves to dance in baggy shirts and shorts but his moves are soft and quick. Usually he beats most students in their dance studio. Jonathan doesn’t like to brag but he’s better than most too.
Smii7y.. well. He choreographed ‘Drunk In Love’ and proceeded to hump the air in his boyfriend’s ripped jeans and flannel shirt.

All in all,Jonathan built their dance studio from scratch and made a name for themselves in the industry. Still,with that being said,they still had competition in the form of The Emperors. A rival crew that had Jonathan’s boyfriend,Evan Fong, as their leader. 

It was funny enough. 

Jonathan’s crew member’s significant others were also on Evan’s crew. Jonathan didn’t have the words to describe them so he doesn’t even bother. What he does bother with is the combined classes that they’ll do twice a week,a hectic time for both crews. 

Jonathan remembers doing the choreographed routine for ‘Needed’ with Evan and everyone’s eyes were on them. They just wanted to make a point that without each other,they wouldn’t be where they are now. 

Don’t even get him started on Craig’s dance with Tyler. The blue eyed male was pretty sure that 'Good Kisser’ was not suitable for their younger students. It was more like porn on ice. Don’t get him wrong,Jonathan loves Craig but he does not want to be hit with a law suite for inappropriate actions in public. 

With that being said,Smiity wasn’t any better. The young Canadian danced to ‘Rude Boy’ while he was wearing his boyfriend’s clothes. Jonathan facepalmed as he heard the hoots and catcalls directed towards the youngest of the group. Granted,he did allow Mini to do the choreograph for it but he didn’t expect it to be this bad. Brock and Brian didn’t even show some parental resistance! Traitors. They decided to throw caution into the wind and danced to ‘Bubblegum’ which wasn’t really sexual but they never did that kind of thing in the first place.

Jonathan thanked the heavens for Bryce and Lui. They,atleast,chose a less sexual dance. Bryce and Ryan chose the sickeningly sweet dance to teach their class. Jonathan could feel the affection that radiated from the pair when they finished their dance. Lui and Nogla has Jonathan’s full blessing after the two chose a very cute,very mildly sexy dance to do. 

With all honesty,Jonathan was grateful for the insults and the bullying that he went through. If it weren’t for them,he would never be where he is right now. On top of the industry with his partner to challenge him every step of the way. He’s content with how things are now. 

heeeeeres another AU :DD I had a little help from @immatureturd ! we determined the dance moves to go along with the ships so expect more to come! Really appreciate the reblogs and likes <3 

For Del’s crew,the dance moves are from 1Million Dance Studio while Evan’s are from TheKinjaz.

Brotzly Week Day #1: 'First'

Todd had no idea why it took him so long to notice it. But once he had noticed it, he couldn’t stop noticing it.

Dirk Gently never hugged anyone.

Which was… Weird. Well, sure, okay, some people just weren’t big into physical contact and that was fair enough- but Dirk? He had no concept of personal space! Since the day they met there’d been prodding, patting, grabbing- the guy had hands that moved a mile a minute and he wasn’t in the business of keeping them to himself.

So why no hugging?

He watched in bewilderment as Dirk bid Farah and Amanda goodbye for the day with a smile and a few awkward shoulder pats. He kind of figured at least Amanda might get a hug out of him, but no. Nada. He tactfully waited ‘til the girls were gone before he mentioned it.

“Hey, Dirk?” He said lightly, putting down his phone.

Dirk looked at him, tilting his head in curiosity. “Yes, Todd?”

Todd flapped his mouth a bit. Now that he thought about it, it seemed kinda pushy and weird to ask. But, well, he’d come this far. “Uh… Y'know, you don’t have to be shy. Around us.” Dirk looked confused and he was forced to elaborate. “I mean you don’t have to hold back, or whatever. I’m sure Amanda wouldn’t punch you if you wanted to give her a hug sometime.”

Oh,” said Dirk, shifting about awkwardly. “Oh. Um, right, yes. Hugs, absolutely. Yes, I am good at… Hugs.”

“Hey, look, if you don’t want to that’s-”

“No!” Dirk’s face flushed red with embarrassment at his outburst. “I mean- yes, I would like to… Hug. Someone. Maybe.”

“Dirk…” Todd said slowly, heart sinking. “When was the last time anyone hugged you?”


Oh, no. No, this was fucking bullshit. Todd stood up from his desk and walked round it. “Dirk,” he said, a little self-conscious and trying hard not to let it show. “D'you wanna…” He cleared his throat and opened his arms.

Dirk stared at him, wide-eyed. “Are you- are you sure you want me to…?”

Ouch. Todd nodded, taking another step closer. “Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that’s what friends do, right? Hugs and stuff.”

“Hugs and stuff,” Dirk agreed quietly, still staring at Todd as if he could disappear at any given moment.



“These… These things usually work best if you do it too.”

“Oh! Right, yes, let me just…”

Dirk eyed Todd’s outstretched arms warily, and stiffly imitated him. When he finally stepped into his embrace he did so with trepidation and not a little awkward arm repositioning as he shuffled about in search of the optimum arrangement. It was one of the weirdest, stiffest hugs Todd had ever been a part of.

And then Dirk finally managed to get his arms comfortably around Todd’s shoulders, chin propped carefully against the top of his head, and something just sort of… Clicked. Despite his uncertainty, Todd found himself melting into the embrace a little, face tucked up against Dirk’s chest, arms wound tightly round his waist, and it just felt right in some deep-seated way that he couldn’t quite define.

“Oh,” Dirk said softly, arms squeezing Todd a little tighter. “This… This is nice.”

“Yeah,” Todd agreed, voice a little choked. “Yeah, yeah this- this is good.”

They both fell quiet, nothing to hear besides their own slow, even breaths as the noise of the street below faded to an indistinct background hum.



“Why on earth haven’t we done this before?”

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Totally wild speculation time again. Since they’ve been reaching way, way back and plucking out threads from all throughout the series, how about we talk about this? 

Azazel possessed a reaper. Reapers are later retconned into angels. 

Therefore, a Prince of Hell is capable of possessing an angel.

In an upcoming episode, Cas is supposed to be ‘more powerful than he seems.’

Even though we just got Casifer last season, I am now rooting for Asmodeus inside of Cas. 

ok i couldn’t resist i added some colour to farmer!brotzly (still chickened out of the background though)


I’m irrepressible - a creature of the night!
These rags don’t tell the whole story-
I live for the glory of turning your heads.

Raúl Esparza, as Philip Salon from Taboo.

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I'm in love with sad oats and I'm going to unabashedly ask for a teaser for the next chapter because I am TRASH for azlena 😍😩💦

Oh heyyyyyyy there. I’m so glad you like it friend, thanks for the support! Heres a snippet ;) (subject to editing):


“Why didn’t you tell me we were mates?”

Lena froze, her index finger resting at the corner of Azriel’s lips. Slowly, he opened his eyes, looking down at where she lay sprawled out on his bare chest.

He didn’t seem angry, or upset. Only curious. Lena swallowed thickly all the same.

“You said it snapped for you on your twentieth birthday,” he continued, taking her hand in his own and pressing his lips to it before lowering it to rest over his heart, which thumped steadily while hers raced like a hummingbird’s wings. “That was two years that you didn’t tell me, that you felt it all on your own. You had to know I loved you. So why?”