gimme these boots!


New house update: Everything else in this place is a disaster, but at least I have this. A front porch slice of heaven, periwinkle crawling up my fences, and violets instead of grass. As Monet said, I will have flowers and flowers and flowers 🌺 🌷🌻🌹

prismaticprince  asked:

oh my god, lemme just chime in with the zero manners thing because it's basically canon. for example my absolute favorite interaction in the game is when you talk to the sand boots guy around gerudo town and link is literally just like "gimme the boots." best

YO. I totally forgot about this, you’re right! I loved that part, it was hilarious.

To be fair though, the guy was pretty creepy.

New Konoha Outfit? Oooooh have to do it with Kuroha |DDD All the new Outfits…some of them are cool some of them are…meh, but I think Konoha’s is my favourite of them with Mary. I love his new hairstyle~ ♡  The only thing I don’t really like that much are the sandals…but maybe it’s because I don’t like sandals at all and yeah don’t know…I think Kuro isn’t the sandal type too?

I guess he would be like: Come on! Gimme some nice boots so I can crush their heads…..or something like that lol. Ok never mind. Bye!

Anyway favorite parts of episode 56, for my own reference as much as anything else:

  • The twins fighting over the boots of haste. Just the mental picture of Vax bringing to bear all his experience as a rogue and as a paladin of the actual goddess of death in order to sneak into his sister’s room at night, splash water in her face, throw flour in her face, yell “Gimme my boots gimme my boots you gimme my damn boots!” and promptly get bodyslammed by ten spiritual guards.
  • The cannonball-into-the-hot-tub contest. I love that all five of them improvised a way to cheat that was completely true to character: Keyleth turning into an earth elemental, Pike using her gauntlets, Scanlan casting thunder wave, Vex bringing out Trinket… and Percy fashioning an extremely dangerous bomb with raw sodium. Because Percy. I love how he went from “no, I can’t see the edge without my glasses, this contest would be really unsafe” to “I will wiN THIS EVEN IF I DIE TRYING”.
  • Grog. Mayonnaise.
  • The Vax-Pike conversation was so overdue and so well done. Typically when Vax gets into an emotional situation he’ll walk away. If he’s cornered, he’ll really struggle to get words out and he’ll speak really slowly and deliberately. But this conversation had so much relief to it and he was talking so quickly through the entire scene that his words were tripping over each other, because holy crap he’s had this bottled up for a while. And Pike is So Good and knew exactly what to say to anchor him in the middle of all that flailing panic, and in the midst of all that light and goodness and grace there was a toughness and just a hint of cheerful violence. That’s who she is.
  • Keyleth and Percy talking home-as-people versus home-as-place, and how the latter is much easier to swallow when you have a short lifespan and want to leave a lasting legacy. Good stuff good stuff good stuff.
  • The Vex-Keyleth talk was So Good and we need more talks like it. Vex is something of a pragmatic optimist, in the sense that she’s seen the alternative and doesn’t much care for it and that’s the end of that. “I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a hero.” “You already are.”
  • Scanlan giving the ring to Kaylee is everything I hoped for in this arc, oh man.
  • Vax braiding his sister’s hair. The last time he did that was right before they stepped into the sunken tomb. “Elaina would be proud of you… I’m proud of you.” “That means more.”
  • Vex’s moment of stillness, staring out into the night. The little kid drawing stick-figures with chalk. The dragon’s title was “The Hope Devourer”. They slayed the dragon. Hope returns.