gimme the wood

timely tagging @common-gore, quadruple wisdom tooth removal means I need distraction! music tags make me happy though also anxious because I’m an obsessive collector & there are always at least 1000 responses to every prompt – that being said, here is today’s attempt:

1) A song that makes you want to fall in love

brenton wood, gimme little sign

2) Your favourite pump up song

tv on the radio, wolf like me

3) Your favourite song to rock out to

i think my rocking out is fairly indiscriminate but if we’re being straightforward about genre terms pj harvey’s man-size and black tongue by the yeah yeah yeahs have good memories attached

4) A song that reminds you of summer

(warm salty sunny summer) pixies, here comes your man

(hazy lazy jaded summer) marcy playground, sex and candy / brazilian girls, pussy

(driving down empty streets on a warm summer night) glass animals, gooey (gilligan moss remix)

5) Your favourite cover of a song

daniel rossen, too little too late (jojo)

6) A song you sing in the shower

julos beaucarne, green (“voici des fruits, des fleurs …” poem by verlaine)

7) A song that reminds you of someone

the velvet underground’s sweet jane (reminds me of my best friend from college)

8) What you want your wedding song to be


9) Your favourite 90′s/2000′s song

two decades & infinite genres cannot be condensed to a song & i have at least four secret playlists devoted specifically to exploring this topic, but i’m still in love with you by sean paul and sasha is probably on all of them / i regret nothing

10) A song to heal a broken heart

amy winehouse - tears dry on their own

11) A song that makes you feel relaxed

a tua presença morena by caetano veloso is thoroughly hypnotic

12) A song you know all the lyrics to

all of em

13) Your favourite oldies rock song

“oldies rock” is the most vague and spans several decades at this point but bang a gong (get it on) by t.rex is a good song

14) A song by your favourite artist


15) A song that you like to fall asleep to

the books, the lemon of pink I

16) A song that makes you feel invincible

idk about invincible but cachondea by fruko y sus tesos turns my hips into a furious whirlwind and makes me start shoving men away on the dancefloor

17) Favourite song from a musical  

catherine zeta-jones makes me weak in the knees so let’s go with all that jazz or cell block tango – though I wouldn’t want to listen to either one too frequently

18) A song that makes you cry

paloma negra by chavela vargas is my ultimate drunk weeping song // jacques brel doing ne me quitte pas is all-hours tear fodder

19) A song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to

banda/norteño music is not my jam but this ripoff of young folks cracks me up every single time

20) A song that reminds you of yourself

angel olsen, drunk and with dreams

the jive bombers - bad boy

sharon van etten, every time the sun comes up

- - -

no idea who has done this/who will want to but I’m tagging: @uncleanwithjoy, @ahundredjarsofsky@whentherewerebicycles, @honeyfleshed, @duskyriver, anyone