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/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

mmmmm guess who accidentally stayed up til 6am drawing the two Best Boys

its a screenshot redraw (so nothing too exciting really) and that’s something i’ve always wanted to do, but never done for some reason!

obvs its still a work in progress but im very happy with how its going so far!!

and now… i sleep…


Saw crispystar theory which reminded me of something I drew awhile back.

So I Unexpectedly Ended Up Hanging Out w/ the Old ENFP the Other Day And

ENFP: INTP!!!!!!!!

INTP: (Oh, awesome.)

ENFP: You missed my party! The aunt that was really into MBTI I always told you about was there!

INTP: Oh, that’s too bad.

ENFP: *Dirty joke*


ENFP: *Another dirty joke*




ENFP: Did you miss me? 

INTP: Well, I wouldn’t say I… missed you, but–

ENFP: Yeah.

ENFP: You missed me.

ENFP: Sooooooo?

INTP: What?

ENFP: How was your DATE?!

INTP: How the fuck do you know?!

ENFP: You’re just lucky I’m not giving you my Icy Stare.

INTP: You don’t have an Icy Stare.

ENFP: Yes, I do!!

INTP: Okay, fine. Show it to me.

ENFP: Well, I can’t just do it.

INTP: If you really had a handle on it, you’d be able to do it on command.

ENFP: Okay, well I’ve got to work up to it!!

INTP: For someone who claims to give Icy Stares, you’re getting pretty heated about this.

ENFP: Maybe I have a Heated Stare instead.

INTP: What does that even mean?

ENFP: Sexual.




ENFP: I had this dream that I rode up to somewhere on this motorcycle.

INTP: Uh-huh.

ENFP: And I, like, got off of it, took my helmet off,

INTP: Yeah.

ENFP: And shook my hair out.

INTP: And what do you think that means?

ENFP: Well, I think maybe it might have something to do with…

ENFP: Wanting to try new things?

INTP: Do you want to try new things?

ENFP: Yes!

INTP: What about ride a motorcycle and shake your hair out of a helmet.

ENFP: Sure!

ENFP: What about you?

ENFP: What was your last dream?

INTP: The other night I had a dream I was chasing a really fast turtle.

ENFP: Hahaha, what??

INTP: And it had a really long neck.

ENFP: And what do you think that means?

INTP: Well, I thought a lot about turtles that day, so it was probably just a continuation of those thoughts.

ENFP: ⋋ō_ō`

INTP: Pretty sure it jumped over, like, a ten foot barbed wire fence, too.

ENFP: Oh my god!

INTP: It was a pretty badass turtle.

Separatist Clones AU

What if the clones hadn’t been given to the Republic? What if, by this-or-that happenstance, it was the Republic that got the droids and the Separatists got the clones?

We’d eat this stuff up and here’s a few reasons why.

Anakin would totally pimp out his droid battalion. He’d treat them all like people, make friends with them, give them nicknames and better armor and blasters and all that fine stuff. He’d be in his element. He’d treat them just like he does his clone troopers.

Obi-Wan would be forced to learn droidspeak. He’d have to. He’d grumble and grouse, but he’d still be calling Anakin up to ask “Does beep-boop mean this?”

Imagine the Jedi having to kill actual, living, breathing people, though. Imagine the toll that would take. Droids are one thing – sentients, even if they were mass-bred in a laboratory? That’s a whole different ballpark. I’d feel the worst for the kids. Don’t even get me started on Ahsoka.

God, and the clones themselves.

Working under people like Grievous and Dooku wouldn’t be fun. I mean, we all saw how Grievous treated his droids? Substitute that with clone troopers and YOWCH.

I bet they wouldn’t even be allowed to have names. Just number designations, and whispered nicknames between themselves from their Kamino training days.

Sure, there’d be those in the Separatist Parliament - much like those in the Republic Senate - that would want them treated as people. Those that would be kind, probably even help the occasional deserter, but it wouldn’t be often.

Now. Imagine this in a Rexobi context. You know you want to. Enemy Clone meets Jedi General Kenobi. Obi-Wan decides ‘I won’t kill you.’ Enemy Clone starts to see that the Jedi aren’t as bad as he was led to believe. He even tells them his nickname, something he’s never told anyone besides his brothers: Rex.

Cue obvious moment where Dooku or someone uses Rex to capture Obi-Wan, and Rex has to decide between the life he’s always known and the life he’s just discovering. With Obi-Wan’s life on the line.

Obviously, he chooses Obi-Wan. I mean, c'mon. It’s Rex. He has his whole hard-on for duty in TCW, but he’s a moralistic dude. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself. He’d rescue Obi-Wan, probs have Dooku go rah rah zappy zap DEFECTIVE, maybe some of his clone Bros would help him out because BROTHERLY LOVE, BOYYYYYYS and he’d be like 'I’m with you now, sir.’

Would the chips still be a thing? Probably. I wonder if Dooku could make them remotely explode in this scenario? I’m assuming yes.

Sal Da Vinci

“Your stupid smile is creeping me out. The hell are you doing! I’m sure you’re checking Sara’s instagram for her bikini’s pictures! If it’s so I kill you!”
*Emil pulls away the headphones*
“…I didn’t know that you could sing so well, Mickey!”
“…The hell are you talking about.”
“You’re right, I was checking Instagram for updates, and then I suddenly saw a pictures of you and Sara with very elegant clothes! So I ask her about it,  and Sara suddenly sended to me this video here - it was done at your cousin Salvatore’s wedding party, right?”
*shows the screen*
“…Sara did WHAT!?
“Is this a traditional romance song? So you’re a romantic person, after all!”
“Let’s go to the karaoke sometimes, Mickey! Let me hear more of your voice!”
“What? No waaay, this cute video is now mine!”

anonymous asked:

I just thought of something so stupid. What if J and Bruce were just neighbors who lived across the street from each other and one day during a rainstorm J climbs onto the top of his house with a kite and Bruce is all concerned like "what is that idiot doing" and he runs outside and yells up at him and asks what he's doing and J is just like "GONNA GET STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. I HEAR ITS AN OTHERWORLDLY EXPERIENCE."

A Batjokes suburban neighbours AU? Are you fucking kidding me?! I never knew this could be a thing and now I want it! Gimme!

Bruce the straight-laced (but defo not straight) average guy with a happy quiet life and then ALL OF A SUDDEN this crazy asshole moves in across the street and Bruce fucking hates him! He’s noisy, breaks shit and just…who the hell has hair like that? WHO? It isn’t even possible for that much hair to be that floofy and defy the laws of gravity. And his face isn’t allowed to be that pretty. Just no. NO.

And then some sort of nonsense - holy shit that could be its title! - happens that makes them spend some time together and they start to find that actually, they don’t hate each other THAT much (but they absolutely do not like each other at all still. At. Allll!) (they totally do cos they’re both fulla shit)

And Lawd help me.


An explaination

Hey guys, so I just wanna tell you all real quick that,,
none of the original characters are gone.

Yes, even Sock is still here. So is Shiny, and Skyler, and Dinx and Rhey.

Why don’t I draw them though? 
Well first of all I’ve only uploaded 4 new drawings since the soft reboot, gimme some time pls ;o; And I have drawn Shiny!

NOW, The thing is I’m working on a small project… I don’t know how well it’ll go, but I hope to get it done by a week or so.
I don’t wanna say too much, but what I can say is you will see ALL of the characters again soon!

I hope this explains it somewhat ^^’

Japonism Arena Show Setlist

└ Japonism Setlist (Source: Twitter reports)

Jun finally approved 三日月!  New 2016 songs! Arashi~~~ *whispers* for dream~

Edited & reblogging: for errors to sakumoto solos (thanks to @vegapunkd for the correction)

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Shattered glass for the fic title game?

dark!rose fic, lost in her own journey to find the Doctor, crosses so many parallel universes that she doesn’t even know what’s real and what’s not. She begins to see time, and becomes a legend. She saves worlds and destroys others. When she finds her Doctor, will he even recognize her anymore?