gimme that jacket


starter outfits

[edit: forgot this important piece of lore lol^]

ed obtains johnnys shirt and wears it as a bandanna

ed is now wearing johnnys shirt over his own and johnny has obtained ed’s jacket and RJ’s hat, as well as RJ on his back [hmmmmmmmm why didnt ed just give him the shirt back if he was gonna give him the jacket hmmmmmm] [tbh i could see johnny bein at ed like “gimme ur jacket i gotta cover up” “oh hey do u want your shirt back then-” “NO…. u earned it… U DEFEATED ME IN COMBAT… but i want ur jacket so”]

hat gets lost here

and is still gone when ed runs away from his new pals

but then i guess ed found it on the ground or somethin and picked it up so now he’s wearing johnny’s shirt and rj’s hat :^)

Free to Be You and Me - Part 1

Word Count: 3411

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Typical Violence 

A/N: Sorry this took forever. I hope to get back into it more regularly soon. I can’t really make any promises. 

Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated

Series Rewrite Masterlist

The vibrating of your phone on the bedside table pulled you from a deep sleep and you gently detangled Dean’s limbs from around you to reach it. Squinting against the light from the screen, you saw it was Sam and slipped out of bed, going outside to answer. “Sam? It’s late, are you ok?”

“Hey, yeah. I’m sorry. You were asleep.” Sam chuckled. “I forgot we might not be in the same time zone.”

“I was awake, Sam. It’s fine.”

“You weren’t. I can tell. You got that…sleep voice of yours going on.”

“Sleep voice?” You giggled. “What does that even mean, Samuel?”

“It’s kinda gravely, like you’ve been chain smoking for about 60 years.” He joked.

“Shut up.” You snapped. “Yes. I was asleep, alright? We’re hunting vamps. And I’ve been having lots and lots of sex with your brother so I’m exhausted. What’s up? Why are you calling so late?”

“TMI, Y/N/N. Way TMI.” Sam groaned. “Anyway, I called because…have you…are you having weird dreams again?”

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based on this post: once a boy let me borrow his jacket and after i gave it back i heard him gushing to his friends bc it smelled like me

The windows to the lounge room are open and Lance is cold but too lazy to get up from his comfortable position in the papasan chair to close the windows. Instead, he uses his energy in other forms.

“Pidge, come on,” Lance repeats playfully as he melts further down in his seat, staring up at the ceiling. “Gimme your jacket.”

Now at the entrance of the room, Pidge continues to make her way out as she waves her hand in dismissal without looking back, refusing to further indulge in Lance’s boredom.

Lance drops his right arm over the chair, fingers running through the shag rug. When he hears the doors sliding close, he sighs dramatically. “What if I catch a cold?! I can feel it, right now, here in my throat!” His left hand reaches for his throat as he lets out a fake cough followed by a fake groan. “See! It’s happening!”

A force knocks lightly but unexpectedly into his solar plexus, causing Lance to groan for real. “Dude!” he reflexively calls out, struggling sit up.

Keith stands in front of him, cheeks tinting up pink. “Just–take it,” he offers.

Lance does not reply, he just openly gapes, now fully aware and up in his seat. He watches Keith closely, scrutinizing every aspect of his face—not that he needs to, he has Keith’s face memorized from the shape of his face to the dark hues of his eyes, but that’s not what Lance looks at. What he looks at are the little twitches and curves of Keith’s facial features.

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hey, young blood. [s76/genji]

(soldier: 76 x genji / explicit / approx. 2,300 words / genji decides to steal 76′s jacket. a heated chase ensues. then, even hotter sex ensues. nice and simple.)

a/n: inspired by that incredible fanart of genji wearing jack’s jacket, and because i am a weak person who gets attached to ships no one else likes. also, genji has a robo pussy in this, because that is the only canon i will accept. consume at your own discretion, take it as trans genji if that is your jam.

“Hey, punk– gimme back my jacket.”

“Maybe this will teach you not to leave such tempting things laying around in plain sight,” Genji stated, in as matter-of-fact a tone as one could manage with an ear-to-ear grin on one’s face. “I wanted to try it on. What’s the harm in that?” 

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All of this seems like it was a dream.

City of Harmony (Lúcio Correia dos Santos Imagine)

(A/N: Lucio fluff requested - sorry I switched it up a little since I just published a bath scenario. Hope it’s okay!)

Numbani had to be the most amazing place you’d ever had the pleasure of visiting in your entire life. Gigantic buildings climbed high up into the clouds and reflected the sun beautifully, all the while the city buzzed with life. Omnics and humans lived together in peace here and you were thrilled when you were invited alongside Lena and Hana by Lúcio, the four of you were inseparable in battle and out.

“I’m so excited, I can’t believe Lúcio is performing here in Numbani! This place is perfect for him to release a new message.” Lena hooked her arms between Hana’s and yours, smiling widely as the three of you navigated through the city.

In your right hand you held an old, paper-made map of the city, squinting at the confusing scribbles. “I have no idea how to read this.”

Snorting as she raised her cellphone, Hana tapped away at the screen with her thumb and handed it to you, “Here. I don’t know why you’d even carry that old thing around. You know it’s made from trees right?”

You snatched the little pink device from her and she stuck her tongue out at you playfully, “You’re such a child, Hana.”

“At least I don’t use scrappy old things like whatever that is.” She motioned towards your map and you blushed, scrolling it up and shoving it into Lena’s backpack before raising the phone to your face.

“So we have to catch a tram onto the outskirts of the city to the beach, but how do we do that? I’ve never been here before.” Raising a hand to the sun, you blocked it’s harsh rays from your eyes and squinted at your companions.

“It’ll only take a tic, love. C’mon, let’s go! I wanna see what kind of shells there are!” Tracer dragged the two of you through the busy crowds, big eyes darting between people - both metal and flesh, to search for a passage route out.

A lot of pushing, shoving, prodding and apologies later you were standing among yourself, clinging to the metal pole above your head for dear life as the tram began moving at a speed you didn’t expect. Hana carelessly toyed with her phone with one hand, the other shoved into her pocket, the rocking of the tram didn’t seem to even faze her at all.

You however, swayed and rocked as the moving contraption did, “I think I’m gonna be sick,” you warned and Lena’s hand found your back, “No need, we’re here, look.”

Raising your green face, you sighed as the tram slowed and stopped at a small station where other omnics and humans waited patiently, you could see the beautiful blue off in the distance and didn’t hesitate to throw yourself off of the tram.

“Is that it? Is that the beach?” You giddily asked, and both girls laughed at you, walking side-by-side. “Pretty, innit?” Tracer commented, and Hana hummed in agreement.

“When is Lúcio going to join us? Doesn’t he have to set up for tonight’s show?” Hana grabbed Lena’s hand and Lena grabbed yours, the three of you taking off into an excited run.

“Lúcio has a whole bunch of staff doing that stuff for him, he got a lot of credits for those underground shows he did, remember?” Blinking to keep the sun at bay, you neared the beach, the pavement sidewalk turning into soft sand along the way.

“Lemme get our passes out.” Tracer stopped, swinging her backpack off of her shoulders and digging through it before pulling out three ID tags attached to red ribbons. She looped hers around herself before turning to you and dumping yours playfully on your head, the string hanging onto your nose.

“I’m nervous.” You confessed as you adjusted the neckband. “Don’t worry about it, Y/N. This is like our own little beach party. Not many people are gonna even be here.” Hana assured and your heart fluttered, “I hope not.”

“It’s our beach tonight, just ours and our pals’!”

Unzipping your jacket and folding it in your arms, you approached the beach, feet digging into the sand unsteadily. Around the beach were several large men in black suits and sunglasses surrounding the people behind the red rope that separated the party from the rest of the beach.

Your eyes scanned the crowd for Lúcio and when you saw the sway of those familiar dreadlocks you smiled, moving forward to greet him when a hand raised, blocking your path.

“Got ID?” He asked, looming over you with an intimidating stare. You stuttered nervously before tapping the laminated ID tag around your neck and with a quick inspection, the man unhooked the red rope and allowed you in, Lena and Hana following closely behind.

Despite the large expanse of beach available, the crowd seemed to really stay close together as they danced in the sun, a band on a small platform playing live keeping the fun up and the party jumping.

“Gimme your jacket, love,” Tracer offered, shoving the material into her backpack and kicking off her flip-flops. “How deep is that thing?” Hana laughed as she, too, shoved her jeans into the bag. The two girls stood in matching bikini sets and you snorted, “That is so lame.”

You kicked off your pants and shoes and folded them, compressing them into the bulging backpack and crossing your arms over yourself, you felt very exposed.

“It’s a beach, Y/N. Take your shirt off.” Shaking your head, you turned away, “I don’t want to get sunburn, or whatever.” A comforting hand on your shoulder had you slumping and as you turned, Lena smiled at you, “We’re gonna be in the water most of the day anyway, so no one is really gonna see you, love.”

A moment passed and with the bite of your lip and a timid nod, you removed your shirt and sighed at the feeling of the sun on your bare skin. “God, you could use some fresh air, Y/N.” Hana teased as she rushed off into the crowd of dancers to find Lúcio.

Tracer took your hand in hers as she dumped her bag carelessly in the sand and pulled you closer to the water, noticing just how anxious you were. You’d never been to a beach before, and this was an entirely new experience for you.

“It’s cold at first, but just give it a tic and it’ll feel great. I promise.” The Brit assured and you hesitantly dipped a toe into the waves. They beckoned you closer and step after step, the beautiful ocean waters swallowed you up to your waist.

You let out an excited shriek as a particularly large wave bashed against your body, taking your footing. Lena had her arms raised and she sighed, closing her eyes. “I love the beach.”

Nodding in response, the two of you ventured out further into the water until it was at shoulder-depth. You tipped your head up and wet your hair, enjoying the feeling. You felt so light, like you didn’t weigh a thing at all, and that was wonderful.

“I could almost take a nap.” You mused, and from behind you came a low-pitched laugh. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Y/N. At least let me get you some floaties.” Lúcio’s head bobbed closer to the two of you, Hana no where to be seen. “Do you have any?”

Your spirits lifted with Lúcio there but you suddenly realized just how intimate this was, the four of you were closely-knit but there was always something that held you back from truly connecting with Lúcio on a level of your own like you had with Lena and Hana.

Whenever he flashed that gorgeous smile at you, whenever his dark brown eyes found yours or whenever he called your name with a friendly wave, your heart fluttered uncontrollably. No one else had such an intense emotional effect on you, not like Lúcio.

“Let’s go out further, guys.” Lena suggested and you frowned, toes curling into the sand below, “I don’t know, it’s getting pretty deep. I can’t swim.”

Lúcio flashed that toothy smile at you and you melted, “Get on my back, Y/N.”

Eyes wide and face burning red, you shook your head furiously, “I’m too heavy!” The two gave you a half-lidded stare as if to say really. Without another word, the DJ wrapped your legs around his torso and cupped your upper thighs, oblivious to your embarrassment.

Turning your head to Lena you mouthed a ‘help me’ but the Brit smirked, swimming carelessly by your side as you wrapped your arms around Lúcio’s neck hesitantly. “I’m glad you guys could make it, tonight’s gonna be great.”

Lena nodded enthusiastically, “I’m excited, I haven’t seen you live in ages. How many people do you think will turn up?” The dreaded man grinned as the three of you deepened the waters, “A lot. A lot will turn up.”

“Someone sounds sure of himself.” You teased, relaxing against his smooth back. “People from all around are coming to celebrate this year’s festival, it’s gonna be awesome.”

Nodding, your gaze turned from ahead to all around, watching the shapes and shadows of the tiny ocean creatures pass. It was soothing until you saw something dark with long, sharp fins swimming towards you at an uncomfortably fast pace.

Lúcio must have felt your legs tense around him because his head fell back, eyes finding yours. “Hangin’ in there, Y/N?” You pointed a finger at the mysterious creature, eye unblinking in fear if they did, you’d lose sight of it. “What kind of fish is that?”

“What fi - ” hands squeezed against your flesh in fright as Lúcio’s gaze followed yours, turning to face it. “Oh, that fish.” Turning to warn your oblivious British pal of the possible dangers, you panicked to find her missing. “Lena, where’s Lena?”

The two of you scanned the ocean beyond and turned back to see the speedster who was playing volley ball at shore. Neither you nor Lucio had even noticed she’d been replaced by a vague, scaly third party. “Lucio, let’s go, let’s go back.” You pleaded and Lúcio nodded, “You don’t gotta tell me twice.”

Holding you tightly, he backed up slowly. Every step he took, the fish inched closer and the faster the DJ moved, the faster it reacted.

“I’m scared. What is it?” Lúcio rubbed your thigh comfortingly and the sensation made you shiver. Somehow the feeling was intensified underwater. “Don’t be scared. I’ve got you.”

You felt relaxed by his assurance before a huge, grey fin emerged from the surface and you screamed. You screamed so loud Lucio thought he’d go deaf, he tossed you as closely as he could to the shore, “Run, Y/N! Shark!”

The declaration had everyone scrambling in a panic out of the water and onto the shore and you felt yourself getting pushed and shoved between waves.

“Lúcio? Lúcio!” You cried, pressing past people and deeper into the water, searching for your friend. When you couldn’t see him, your heart sank and tears began forming in your eyes. Cries turned into screams as you searched the waters with your eyes, praying you wouldn’t find him in a dark pool of crimson.

The thought had you frenzied and as you opened your mouth to scream again, you felt arms wrap around you, pulling you in. “I’ve got you,” his soothing voice said, “I’ve got you, Y/N.” You turned and threw your arms around him, crying profusely. “I thought you got hurt. I was so worried!”

Lúcio held you in his arms for a while, whispering soothing words to you to calm you down. “It’s okay.” He promised, “Hey, look at me.” Tilting your head to look at him, Lúcio’s soft eyes were enough to calm the intense anxiety welling inside. “You’re okay. We’re okay.”

You watched his face. His skin was dark and warm looking, his eyes were inviting - a window to his soul and his lips were always alluring, especially when he spoke your name. Without another word, you closed the gap between the two of you, heart hammering in your ears.

The only thing you could hear was the uneven rhythm of your heart and the only thing you could feel was Lúcio’s lips firm against yours. You didn’t know this, but his hands were hovering over your back in shock, fearful that if he touched you he’d scare you off. The last thing he wanted was for this kiss to end.

Finally pulling away, you were scared to open your eyes expecting to find Lúcio’s disgusted scowl. That isn’t what you found - a dark blush blanketed his entire face, extending to the shell of his ears and neck. Lúcio was about to open his mouth to speak, arms still trapping you, when the most obnoxious laugh cut into the moment. There, in her little blue bikini and snorkel mask was Hana, flailing in the shores as she howled violently. “You should’ve seen your faces!”

Your eyes narrowed as you spotted the dark, grey fin strapped to her back.

Date night with Sam would include:

- Holding hands while walking everywhere

- Sam cuddling you from behind while you wait in lines

- “I’m cold, gimme your jacket”

- Going to bookstores for hours

- Getting kicked out of the cinema for laughing at the bad horror movies

- “I’m all for the whole healthy eating thing, but can we order dessert?”

- Trying on clothes, and trying to convince Sam that there are other items of clothing other than jeans and plaid

- “We should do normal couple stuff like this more often”

- Going on hikes and nature walks

“Okay, ready? Blonde guy on your left.” You whispered across the table to Sam.

“Er, artist. 22 years old. Has issues with commitment. Moved here from Australia. Living in his mom’s basement.” Sam remarked, smiling goofily at you trying to hide your giggles.

You and Sam tend to enjoy play a sort of game when waiting for your food to arrive. Basically, it was invented as an excuse to use your imagination, but also judge strangers while they are completely oblivious.

“Good one.” You grinned at Sam.

He nodded in response and scanned the café. “Ooh okay, I have one for you.” He said, eyes back to you. “Old lady in the corner” He murmured and waited for your cheeky response. “Um, her name’s Matilda, believes in witchcraft, grandchildren are scared of her, owns two cats with rabies.” You decided. Sam chuckled and took a sip of his water. “Okay, last one” He smiled, crossing his arms on the table. “The beautiful Y/H/C woman sitting opposite me right now. She’s smart, funny, kind hearted, understanding, brave, and loyal. She lives with her loving boyfriend and his obnoxious brother. Right now she’s blushing very hard and I’m getting the idea she wants me to shut up.” Sam broke off his sentence with a booming laugh and reached across the table for your hands.

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