gimme teaser now

order of the teasers theory

okay. apparently since suho’s teaser decided to drop three hours ago, i should’ve gone to bed but i ended up getting consumed in this pathcode stuff

so i think i figured out the order of the teasers (but if im wrong ill just delete this post and forget it ever happened lol). anyways, since the beginning of the teasers, i kept a circle with the 10 members on the side. similar to the one below but without luhan and kris

reason is bc of the teasers things seeming to come out in pairs of some kind relating to how during mama era, they had an opposite regarding the circle above. thus, this got me wary about how it might have something to do with this new era. now with suho’s teaser finally out, it was enough to get me thinking about the order and what not… but… this is what i discovered when i decided to play around with the pairs

i don’t know if you see it, but there is a reflection from both sides. i labelled each member a number from the order they came out in (the green ink is for those who already came out, and the red ink is for my guess of who’s next). if you turn it, you will see the reflection clearly

okay, so everything isn’t perfect, but thats bc i drew it… so… yeah, anyways, to see if it was exactly a reflection, i marked down the order

the “path” is the line’s path in the circle, while the “code” is how many dots or member’s that is skipped on the closest side. (the green ink, again, represents the green lines, while the red represent the red ones. the black in the middle is the line that connects sehun’s dot with suho’s dot.)

so yeah, i noticed how it was evenly reflected, which got me thinking about how suho’s power is water + the mirror in his teaser are objects of reflection… which got me thinking baekhyun might be the next release, which carved a path for my drawing above. bc when i learned about color and electromagnetic waves and whatnot in physics, i learned that a reflection is “light that is not absorbed bounces off boundaries (no longer in a straight line)

i noticed that in the mama mvs as well that the mirror seems to be important for k and m. suho spalshes his water at the mirror, xiumin wipes it, baekhyun shoots his light into it, and lay is able to see baek in the mirror. (that obvs showed who was each others opposite. with the pathcode teasers was it sehun + the window or doorknob reflection, while for suho it was the actual mirror? :|

anyways it leaves the order to be:

1. kai
2. tao
3. chanyeol
4. xiumin
5. sehun
6. suho
9. d.o
10. lay

which then makes the pairs:

- kai/tao: teleportation/time control, folding space and time. a form of change?
- chanyeol/xiumin: fire/ice, known opposites; passion and hate
- sehun/suho: wind/water, feng shui? (lol) “’invisible forces’ that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together“ :| WHICH MAKES SENSE IF YOU READ this THEORY (not sure whos it is bc source says telekineticwind, but…ooxehuns) bc she said that sehun was the one they had to save bc he was messing up time or smthn, while this time, suho is the one that seems to bind exo-k and exo-m bc the line above that i drew that connected sehun’s and suho’s dots also connect the reflection, making it even. /coughs/ meanwhile wind and water are symbolically forms of freedom/peace.
- baekhyun/chen: light/electricity, forms of energy (electromagnetic waves lol)
- d.o/lay: strength/healing, active and passive. one can harm, the other can heal. (on the tip of my tongue but i cant seem to get the right words for it) maybe it has to do with “fight or flight.” i learned in psychology that this is a response for stress. so relating to health, fight = strength?, flight = healing? (totally wild guess lol)

so yeah, i came up with the order, but i have no idea where the next place will be. if it’s baekhyun, then it will be a “city of light” place most likely, and if it’s going with the call me = exo-k theory and the baby = exo m theory, then that leaves C and L. However, Lisbon, Portugal is considered the city of light. it also said ??:01, if it’s baekhyun, maybe it’s 4:01 bc 4 is his jersey number. then again they used two ??, so possibly 4:01 pm aka 16:01…?? His birthday is also on the 6th, so 6:01 (am) or 18:01 (for pm)… idk rly

ALSOOOO if its baekhyun, “light” really fits well with those three quote hints