gimme some music


Gimme Some More Of That - Plus (plus, 1972)

“Y/N says you cannot dance.” Misha said. “You on the other hand swear that you can. So my question is which one of you is right?” 

“She is SO wrong!” Jensen shot up from his chair. “I am a damn good dancer. I can prove it. Gimme some music.” The crowd went nuts while Misha facepalmed, wondering what the fuck he’d gotten himself into. Once the music started Jensen started moving his hips and you snuck out from behind the curtain, sneaking up behind Jensen and moving your hips against his. 

“Misha you feel shorter.” Jensen wiggled his eyebrows and Misha busted out laughing from his chair while you raised a mic to your mouth. 

“I’m not Misha.” You whispered. “And you still can’t dance.” 

“Still turns you on though, doesn’t it?” He questioned. Two could play at this game. 

“Oh yeah but obviously not as much as it does you…” You glanced down to the obvious bulge in his jeans and winked. “See you in the greenroom.”


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Turn Up the Radio

Author: afreckledangel

Word Count: 1,336

Summary: I combined two requests for this (I hope that’s okay). The reader recently discovered they’re the Winchesters’ half-sibling, and feels as though they aren’t necessarily welcome in the family. They wake up one morning to find themselves alone in the bunker.

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