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Dear mono, stop making me want to write selfcest fanfics I'm supposed to update an actual story damnit. (Okay but if I write a fanfic for Fell and Dove, do you want a link?)

Dear anon, did you mean the mun or–

(Whoopsie, too late!)

And yes, if you ever write anything that includes any of my characters or like, just something you’re proud of in general, PLEASE send me a link! I’d love to read it!!
(I’m shipping trash and support all the ships, but I’m too chicken to upload all my shipping stuff.)


WOWOwowow we’ve reached over 600 followers, and it still hasn’t even been a full week!! That’s kind of insane (My art never gets this much attention??) so I figured I’d do like an art raffle or something! As much as I’d like to draw all of you guys something, I don’t have the time. But some of you guys are gonna get art!!

To enter you just gotta be following this blog, (Maybe follow my art blog too? You don’t have to but you can it’s @gimme-some-art-scott ) and reblog this post! Only one reblog per person will count!

I’ll draw OCs, you, your friend, a character you like, gore, and suggestive things. The only things I won’t draw are Furries/Animals Robots/Mechas (I just can’t draw them well) and nsfw (I’m 15;; too tiny for sin)

I’l be drawing for winners on Jun 15th, and I’ll pm the winners to let them know.


More fan-art for @thorinsmut and @asparklethatisblue for their collaboration “Orchids and Bells” which you should definetly read ->

(I borrowed bluesparkle’s design on Nori, I hope that’s ok?)

mmmmm guess who accidentally stayed up til 6am drawing the two Best Boys

its a screenshot redraw (so nothing too exciting really) and that’s something i’ve always wanted to do, but never done for some reason!

obvs its still a work in progress but im very happy with how its going so far!!

and now… i sleep…

lowat-golden-tower  asked:

One damn beautiful art and now I wanna write about the artsy-fartsy ego and his mysterious fear/obsession with the "red man." Damn it. Please gimme some hc's on art boy and the red man!!!

(Glad you liked him!)

-He loves pastels and contrasting palettes
-his favorite things to paint are animals in nature and cityscapes
-unlike Mark, can do an amazing French accent
-is haunted by the red man who infiltrates his dreams
-paining inspired by the red man tend to use only red, black, and white though they’re not always paintings of the red man and are sometimes abstract
-likes to keep to himself, but occasionally does the covers for the Host’s books
-also does the album artwork for Bop
-loves Mob Psycho’s ed for the oil on glass artwork
-wants to learn how to do oil on glass
-sees the red man out of corner of his eye and can’t tell if he’s real or not