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Wayside Inn

                 CHAPTER 1: A BUMP IN THE ROAD

You’re on the way to Stanford where Sam will be attending law school when there’s car trouble, leading you and the brothers to a rundown Inn out in the middle of nowhere. It was only after you settled in for the night that you wondered where the whispers were coming from. With no staff in sight….who was it that turned off the lights? 

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Things that made me happy today:

Remembering Captain Swan is actually going to be actually married with rings and stuff in a few short weeks

Imagining the musical episode

Hearing Colin’s interview about injuring himself with the chair

Imagining Killian Jones, The Most Terrifying Pirate Captain To Ever Set Sail™ singing his heart out as he dances a choreographed number

I’ve been rewatching ep12 a lot since it came out (cuz I’m trash obviously) but can I just say how much I LOVE Yoko Hikasa’s “Akko” voice. Cuz like…. she’s gotta sound like AKKO while using Diana’s voice, and she did an amazing job with it.