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the most important pieces of information I learned these past few days were:

•Victuri rings have a snowflake engraved on them

•Yuuri is Victor’s gold medal

•Victor smells soft and flowery

I feel like Star Trek™ is losing a lot of money on merchandise by not creating a eyeshadow palette of patented shades featuring Mr Spock’s Fascination- also including Sulu’s Essential, Enterprise Glow, Proud Andorian, Vulcan Blush, Warp Shimmer and other such enticing wonders for the final frontier explorer, because I would buy that ish at the speed of light

Coming soon, my next SanSan fic: A Novel Romance

So now that The Ghost and Lady Hardyng is over, I’m on to my next fanfic: A Novel Romance. 

Premise: Sandor and Sansa are authors at a convention who have a moment in an elevator before getting separated, and then shenanigans ensue as they try to find each other again. There’ll be a tinge of Brienne/Jaime as well. Oh, and sex. Lots of sex. You know me: I can’t write a story without someone knocking those boots. #sorrynotsorry

Below is a snippet of the first chapter, showing both of their POVs about the moment they meet. Let me know what you think!

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Yall know malecs my shit but let magnus have relationships with other characters outside of alec

anonymous asked:

Why don't you log the fuck off & stop trying? No one wants to rp with a loser like you. There are mUch better rpers out there.

You come into my safe place and pollute it with your numerous messages. I am on mobile rn but bring it anon. If you would rather bother me than one of my friends then so be it. I will willingly sacrifice my sanity. Just so you know- You only dampened my mood slightly. So I guess you failed.

Today's National French Fry Day 🍟🍟🍟

And I need like a truck-full, because when I’m feeling crappy I crave unhealthy food. Anyone else?

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