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Just Lads Holiday Things™ we were deprived of

  • ot4 doing a livestream while they’re there. it’s really crappy quality that keeps glitching and freezing but it lasts for like 15 minutes and it’s them just talking over each other and laughing (bonus points for larry sassing liam bc they are both so savage and liam loves it lowkey)
  • niall saying something really fast and all the boys looking at him like ??? because niall’s been in ireland for months and his accents like really thick and he’s like “wot’r you lookin like that fort" bc he’s oblivious jksdfgjkg my son
  • niall snapchatting photos from his hotel room; keeping up with his OOTD vibe because he Loves Blessing Us
  • niall posting a 30 second video of just them but in the background you can hear harry whispering “i thought you packed it..” or something Domestic and Obvious and louis’s indescernible voice in the background saying something back probably defending his forgetfulness and niall doin that thing he does when he’s like “uh oh this shouldn’t have happened” so he just turns of the video and makes it more obvious djfjkggj
  • + alternatively if the above scenario was liam and not niall and he does that thing where he looks off camera and is like “aha :) nothing to see here :) SING IT :) *panics* i love liam omg
  • liam taking more bed selfies plz
  • a video of louis and niall kickin the football around (muted bc harry is louis’s cheerleader and wouldn’t shut up tbh)
  • OT4 SELFIE (thanks niall for hypothetically givin the ppl what they want)(preferably if it’s a cuddle selfie with like louis liam niall harry and liam’s head is on niall’s chest and then harry’s/louis’s arm is in the shot but their hands are out of the picture bc they were (still are) holdin hands and then niall was like “hey lads let’s take a picture!” bless him i love him
  • +additionally a picture of 3 of them (which three doesn’t matter) like laying in bed, on the floor, or lounging on the sofa songwriting, and you can tell it’s like a pretty intense/deep session bc of all the paper and instruments strewn about (just a few guitars or w/e) but they’re all laughing at something or maybe liam is abt to attack louis with a pillow and it’s Pure
  • some fake deep aesthetic photo from harry a week or two later when they’re all back that’s probably subtly romantic. somehow people will still connect it to him + some girl but we Know

🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏


Im crying RN, sorry for the language

Voltron Adopts an Alien Baby

I’ve been thinkin about this for a while and could u imagine if the Voltron gang found themselves stuck with a Galran baby?? I know similar hcs already exist but still

It starts when the team returns from a mission on a planet that was taken over by the Galra. It was a success, and they get back to the castle to celebrate when they hear crying coming from the black lion. after a brief investigation, and some screaming from Lance, the gang finds themselves standing over a purple mass of fluff. (it’s probably like two years old).

They tried to give her to a non-Galran family but, well, no one wanted to take care of her for obvious reasons.

So Team Voltron unexpectedly became parents of a Galran baby that’s cool.

Allura vows to protect the child at all costs. Just because she’s Galran doesn’t mean she’s the enemy. She hasn’t learned to operate under the tyranny of Zarkon—she’s innocent. To drive this point home Allura affectionately dubs her the honorary newest member of the team, the Purple Paladin. Allura’s not the most..patient..person, so when the baby doesn’t listen to her or does the exact opposite of what she asks, it takes all of her energy not to scream into the sky. Instead she hands the baby off to someone else and aggressively studies how they handle the baby. But the moments that they do get along, Allura wears the fondest smile and she’s filled with all the compassionate love in the universe because as someone who’s lost her entire family and more, she’ll happily cherish the new addition to her family.

Coran is the best uncle ever. He feeds her with the Altean equivalent of “here comes the airplane,” and he does the Dad™ thing where she stands on his feet and walks with him. I mean did you see Coran when they met the Arusians? He was coddling them like children the whole time. Coran even lets her play with his glorious stache now and then. I mean how could he say no to cute baby puppy eyes. Coran is also in charge of watching her whenever the Paladins are out on missions and Allura is busy supervising the Paladins. In this time, Coran shows her a map of the galaxy and promptly puts her to sleep with his stories of old.

Shiro is hesitant. He doesn’t trust himself around her because she’s Galran and his mind races with insistent what ifs. But as soon as he sees her nuzzling against Allura as she cradles the beansprout in her arms, and then the baby reaches out to Shiro and wraps her little fingers around Shiro’s pinky, he’s a goner. Shiro becomes an absolute sucker for the tiny girl and proudly assumes his role as Space Dad. He beams at her every tiny accomplishment and hangs her doodles on the would-be fridge. He even lets her ride on his shoulders because she likes to feel big n tall. Shiro becomes very protective of her and would lay down his life to shield her from the corruptive force of Zarkon’s empire. This little girl has the chance to be free from Zarkon’s grasp—something he didn’t have—and he would protect that at all costs.

Lance is freaked out at first because GALRAN BABY ON OUR SHIP?? But the boy grew up with a bunch of younger siblings so how could he not take to her as if she were his own flesh and blood little sis. Lance is the best at making her laugh and he does it so much that whenever the little babs sees Lance she erupts into a fit of giggles and baby clapping because she knows Lance is about to break out his comedy act. She also brings out Lance’s surprisingly tender side that none of the other Paladins got to see before. Lance insists on tucking her into bed and reading a bedtime story with silly voices—and even gets Keith to reluctantly play along. Lance also has a way with soothing a child’s cries and he can rock a baby to sleep like nobody’s business.

On the other hand, Keith is almost the opposite. At first anyway. He had no siblings growing up and never got along with other kids like ever. And now with this small…puff around the ship, he has no idea what to do and felt more comfortable leaving her to the rest of the crew. But to his dismay the alien baby took a strong liking to Keith hmm I wonder why a Galran baby would feel attached to Keith and had the uncanny ability to find Keith when he hid to avoid her. (just think of that scene from Monsters Inc. when Sully was just minding his own business and this strange little monster would appear out of nowhere clinging to his backside). Gradually, Keith learned how to interact with her. He felt awkward looking down at her all the time so whenever she tried to speak with him he’d crouch down to eye-level and have a serious conversation about this cool rock she found. Keith begrudgingly helps Lance tell her bedtime stories, but one time she wanted a lullaby—no not from you Lance—and when Keith sang she was out in under a minute. Keith liked singing her lullabies more than he cared to admit (and the same was true for Lance, who was peeved Keith was better at this than him but also mesmerized by Keith’s singing voice like wow).

Hunk is the Galra baby’s main source of hugs and body warmth. She likes to crawl all over him and when she’s sleepy she’ll conk out in his arms—and hunk is completely unfazed by it. He’ll automatically shift to a whisper voice and continue doing whatever it is he was doing before because Hunk’s chill like that. But he also is the worst offender with the baby voice. His baby voice is so mushy and high pitched it’s awful to everyone except the baby who loves it. Hunk also likes to chastise the others for coddling her too much—you can’t give her everything she wants or she’ll be spoiled—but when it comes to himself he cannot resist those puppy watery eyes oh my god.

Pidge teaches her how to do the perfect puppy dog eyes. She also tinkers around with old Altean devices to make some neat-o toys for the kid, and definitely does not use that as an excuse to play with toys. Pidge is grateful to have someone smaller than herself on the team. The baby has some real grabby hands though so she has to yell for Hunk or Lance to grab the baby when she’s trying to tinker with her gadgets. She and the baby might get into petty spats for attention sometimes, but Pidge is impressed by how smart the teeny thing is and at the end of the day it’s nice to have another girl on the team and if that’s not reason enough to fiercely protect her then she doesn’t know what is.


Sense like gravity? A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist… if there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… this pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.

my sister looked over at this and she just said “Well, I’m glad you like drawing”.

I’m looking for the answer that
Disappears when dawn breaks
This close road that blocks my way
This starlight that becomes my guide
Hey, I want you to tell me
The place where I should go
Even though it’s so far away that
It seems like this small me will be crushed
I’m waiting for god’s will
This is destiny
So to speak, this small me is powerless against
The raging waves that give their loud roars, but
The sea will surely part
And make a path for me
One day,
We can be divine