gimme a hand with hair


Bucky was staring down at his MP3 player and frowning, ‘cos somehow his running playlist had segued into some weird indie shit and totally thrown him off his groove. So he only caught the movement from the corner of his eye, couldn’t catch himself in time to prevent himself tripping over the leash. He lost his balance entirely, braced for impact, but it was sooner and warmer than he’d anticipated.

“…rry,” the guy was saying when he yanked the earbuds out of his ears, “my dog is a half blind asshole.” His hands were big and calloused against the skin of Bucky’s shoulders, and his mouth flooded with saliva at the sight of the guy’s fuckin’ obscene arms.

“Hey,” he said, “us disabled fuckwits have to stand together.”

The guy snorted out a laugh, his nose wrinkling adorably, and maybe Bucky was seeing that from closer than he should 'cos he hadn’t pushed away from the guy’s chest yet, was kinda revelling in being saved like a damsel in distress, but that was between him and the logo on the guy’s shirt that had cracked with the stretching, jesus.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much why I stole him,” he said, turning his head so Bucky could see the purple aids behind his ears.

“You have a habit of taking things that aren’t yours?” He said.

“Dunno,” the guy said, and gave a sheepish smile, running his hand through his straw blond hair. “Gimme your number and find out?”

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"...Well, that's new."

▹ ☆ Vanitas ☆ ◃

            ✣ ヴェン ❦❧ ─ “W-What is new?!” Grumbling unhappily,  winding and roping up his ridiculously long, long hair coiling around like long golden ropes. Only to trip over the absurd amount of hair on his feet. “AJShrueneoe9as[jofwejs! Vanitas! At… at least gimme a hand! P-Please…?!” First that stupidly frilly and lacy dress… now matching hair?! Just end him already… and he gotta last this until Friday…. How was he going to fight Heartless like this?! Freaking use his Hair like that princess and whip them with his Hair and stun them with his frilly dress?! Not a Chance!

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headcanon that the only thing steve finds annoying about bucky is that he almost never lets him finish what he's saying because bucky would much rather kiss him. so he does because how could anyone resist those beautiful lips? the way they move when steve talks is just so hypnotizing bucky can't help himself (and if steve is being honest he doesn't really mind that much after all)

“Would you–would you quit it!” Steve snaps, but it doesn’t come out as intimidating as he wants because he’s half-laughing as he says it, twisting away from Bucky’s mouth.

Bucky snickers against his ear and licks at his neck. “Don’t pretend you don’t like it, gorgeous,” he murmurs, holding Steve down with his body weight against Steve’s narrow shoulders.

Steve grumbles, shoving at him, but when it doesn’t do much, he hooks a leg around Bucky’s and flips them, Bucky landing on the floor on his back, Steve knocking the wind out of him as he follows him down.

Laughing breathlessly, Bucky cops a feel as he gets his arms around Steve. “C’mon, gimme some sugar,” he mutters, sneaking a hand into Steve’s hair and pulling him down.

Steve chuckles, but lets it happen.

Failure (pt. 1)

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Part 2

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rating: well i curse all the time so yah that’s really it

A/N: PROBS GONNA MAKE THIS A MINI SERIES SO LEMME KNOW IF U WANT MORE CUZ I HAVE IDEAS literally I wrote this a day before a science test so I was getting my studying done & when I mention football, I mean American cause I know nothing about soccer

     Home Ec. 10:30 am

Third period home ec. was your favorite class, your best friend Y/BFF/N was in it, you loved the teacher, the only catch was Calum Hood. He was a catch in more ways than one, he was the only bad side of your class but he also happened to be extremely attractive. Calum was your typical fuckboy, tall, athletic, football player, and a hottie. Normally he wouldn’t bother you but last week your seats changed and you were sat next to Calum. It was bad enough he was always getting up and walking around class, talking to his friends but on the rare occasion he was sitting down, he always asked you what to do being that he never payed attention. Today was no exception as he had forgotten how to spell something, he didn’t hear the question the teacher asked, bothered you for a pencil, broke the pencil and then stole your pen, and it was only 15 minutes into class. Just then you heard something snap open, you looked at Calum, he had a tube of hair gel in his hands and was fixing his hair which had one curl that was sticking out.

“My respect for you just dropped 38 levels.” You said, glaring harshly at him and then returning your focus to the teacher.

You had respect for me?”

“No. We’re in the negatives now.” Calum chuckled.

“Why do you even have hair gel?”

“I dunno, because I do?” You looked back at him and his hair, he still hadn’t fixed the one stray curl.

“Fix your hair.”

“I can’t do it, it’s not working.” You rolled your eyes,

“Gimme it.” He raised his eyebrows,

“The hair gel dummy.” He handed it to you and you squirted a tiny bit onto your finger. You leaned across the table and ran your finger over that one damn curl, fighting to get it in place.



“No problem.” You sighed satisfied that his hair was finally in order.

                      Math 1:20pm

“Y/N.” Calum whispered to you. You were taking an online test in math class, and Calum was doing what he did best: annoy the fuck out of you.

“What?” You snapped.

“I forgot the log in.” He admitted sheepishly. You always got a kick out of making Calum turned on, as he was horny 90% of the time, it didn’t take much to make him hard. Today was picture day so you were wearing a tight, black, v-neck and a push up bra. You looked good and you knew it so you used it to your advantage. Standing up from your chair, you leaned down, your chest right next to Calums face. Pointing your pen at the screen you spoke,

“Okay so the username is: CHood25.” You watched his fingers fly across the keyboard and you sound yourself admiring his hands, what was wrong with you? You were distracted by how fantastic he smelt, a mix of Calvin Klein cologne and lavender soap. And you had to admit his arms looked good in that blue and white checked button down.

“Y/N? The password?”

“Oh right sorry, it’s CH0125.” You blushed, “Thanks.” He smiled at you, something rare. You sat back in your seat and resumed taking the test, firming yourself insanely distracted, you were so close to Calum you could hear his breath. Twenty minutes later you had completed the test and started working on your Science homework.


“What do you want.” You looked up at him from under your eyelashes.

“What’s the answer for number 3 on the Diamond homework?” He asked referring to the science you were working on presently.

“Figure it out yourself.” You went back to your own work, Y/H/C falling around your face.

“You could at least help me.” You could hear Calums eye roll.

“You owe me Hood.” You sighed and got in, walking to his side of the table again and standing in the same position as before.

“Okay so question three is asking about land biomes.”


“Read the question idiot.” You flicked his head. He flinched and glared up at you.

“ ‘What are the two types of tropical forests? How do they differ?’ ” he read.

“So break it down, what are the two tropical forests?” You sat down in the seat next to Calum and took the textbook from him so he couldn’t look for the answer.

“Dry forest and Rain forest.” He answered almost automatically.

“How are they different?”

“A dry forest has a dry season and a rain season where as a rain forest receives heavy amounts of rainfall year round?” Calum had the correct answer except he was unsure of himself.

“That’s probably wrong, whatever forget I asked. I’ll just fail the homework.” He shook his head as if he was shaking the thought out and pulled his phone out of his jeans pocket.

“No. You will finish this homework Hood.” He looked at you, an eyebrow raised,

“Excuse me?” His voice dripped with sass.

“You heard me, Calum you can’t just fail and then rely on football. It’s not gonna get you far.”

“Fuck you Y/N.” He looked you up and down, you had stood up now. Your eyebrows raised, a hand on the back of his chair, leaning forward ever so slightly.

    “Miss Y/L/N? Mr. Hood? Do we have an issue?” Schmidt, your math teacher called out from his desk.

“Nope, it’s all good Mr.S!” You turned to Calum,

“Watch it Hood. I’m only helping you Cal, that’s it.”

“Why?” You snorted, how douchey was he?

“I’m a nice person, that’s why. And for the record you had the answer correct.” You said just as the bell rang and you bolted out of class.

                   After School 3:30

“Looking good varsity!” Luke Hemmings, running back for the football team called out as he walked by the field hockey field. You were all doing stretches which yes, included squats, your current excercise. Luke and his crew, Michael Clifford (linebacker), Ashton Irwin (wide receiver) and lastly Calum, the quarterback were checking y’all out like many of the boys did when the walked passed the field. Your co-captain ran over to Luke who was her boyfriend and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him. The team all rolled their eyes at her inability to stay on task.

“Alright! Focus on the game! Get your gear on and grab a ball, rapid fire!” You and the team (minus your co-captain) geared up and stood on the 15 yard half circle.

“Y/L/N!” Calums voice yelled.

“What?” You turned around, one hand on your hip, the other leaning on your stick, digging into the grass field. Calum had to admit, you looked hot, your shorts were rolled up and tight, you were sweaty which only made him thinks hour how you’d look post-sex. The way you turned around, slow, biting your lip and glaring at him.

“Can you give me a ride home after my game is over at 9?”

“You expect me to stay at school till 9 just because I live down the street from you?” “Pretty much?”

“I’ll think about it.” You rolled your eyes and got back to work, directing the girls around so that they all were doing their drives properly. Your co-captain and Luke had both disappeared, you figured you knew why.

                  Football Game 6:00

You never thought you’d find yourself leaning on the fence of a varsity football game. Let alone you never thought you would have left your school clothes in your gym locker, the girls locker rooms were now locked. Needless to say a mesh pinnie and work out shorts, we’re not proper attire for a football game at night, in October. It was halftime and the cheerleaders were doing their things when Calum happened to look over at you. He took one look at your visibly shivering body and workout clothes and left the team huddle, grabbed his team sweatshirt and jogged over to you.

“Y/N! You’re going to freeze to death, where at your clothes.” He asked, handing you the sweatshirt with his last name and football number, over the fence.

“They locked the locker rooms.” You pulled the sweatshirt on over your head, fully aware the whole school was watching this interaction.

“You could have said something.”

“Calum you were on the field, playing football.” You said slowly, like you were explaining something to a child.

“Shut up.” He punched your upper arm,

    “You look good in my sweatshirt.” He blushed as he said it, almost like he was embarrassed.

“Thank you for loaning it to me.” You smiled, finding yourself blushing as well.

“You can keep it.” He rushed out.

“No Cal! It’s yours, it is warm though.”

“I know it’s my favorite. Now it’s gonna smell like you so I’m not gonna want to wash it.” He went beet red,

“Shit, I said that out loud didn’t I?” You laughed,

“It’s fine, I’m glad you think I smell good.” You were confused as to why he was suddenly being so nice to you. It was making you feel some sort of way if that was maybe a crush or just platonic feelings, you didn’t know.

“I never said that.” He smirked at you and then there was an awkward silence. In that moment you never loved the varsity coach more,

“HOOD! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!” Coach Streany yelled from the benches.

“COMING COACH!” Calum pulled his helmet back on and slid his mouth guard in,

“Good luck superstar.” You shoved him and he bursts into a sprint, running straight to his position. After that moment you watched the game intensely. Almost so focused you didn’t hear someone saying your name,

“Y/N!” You turned to the left and saw your best friend there.

“Oh hey, sup?” You asked her, your eyes back on the game.

“Why are you even here?”

“Why else, I’m watching the game?”

    “In Hoods sweatshirt? You know it’s usually the girlfriends that wear the players sweatshirt. Not someone they are in a mutual hate relationship with.”

“Well he saw I was cold and he gave it to me. Leave it alone Y/BFF/N.”

    “Okay, okay.”

    “PARAMEDIC, PARAMEDIC NUMBER 25 DOWN! CALL AN AMBULANCE.” Coach Streany yelled out. That was Calums number. You looked at your best friend, worry plaguing your emotions and facial expressions.

    “Y/N Y/L/N! ON THE FIELD NOW.” Streany yelled again. Your eyes went wide,

“Why me?”

“Go, Y/N, go.” She pushed you toward the opening in the fence. You sprinted toward it and then toward the growing crowd center field.

“What happened? Why do you need me?”

“You’re his neighbor right?”

“Yeah, how’s that relevant?”

“Where are his parents?”

“In New Zealand, visiting his extended family and his sister is at college in London.” You saw coaches point,

“Your family is an emergency contact, we’ve called your parents, they’re meeting us at the hospital. You get to ride in the ambulance.”

“What happened to him?!” You asked for the second time.

“Other teams players cleat dug into his leg, after his entire body had landed on it.” You pushed to the front of the crowd and saw Calum lying on the grass, a blood soaked sock adorning his left calf. Crouching down next to his face you brushed piece of grass off his face,

 “Hey Y/N.”

“Hi Calum, you’re gonna be okay.”

“My leg really fucking hurts.”

“It looks like it does.” A paramedic cut in,

 “Alright let’s get him on the stretcher and to the hospital, we can’t risk anymore blood loss.”

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Imagine Bucky not sleeping a whole lot when he first comes back. Somehow Steve convinces him to sleep together and he has trouble waking Bucky up the next day.

Steve knows that Bucky isn’t sleeping by the shadows under his eyes. Every morning Steve watches Bucky pour himself a cup of coffee, and sees the tired eyes of someone who hasn’t been sleeping. For a while he says nothing and lets Bucky come to him if he wants to. But watching Bucky suffer is agonizing to Steve. Even if he knows he can’t do much, he can’t just sit there and watch Bucky run himself ragged.

And so he speaks up. “Hey Bucky. I know you aren’t sleeping well and I was thinking… Maybe if you were in the same room with me it would help. You know like the sound of another person breathing and whatnot.”

Bucky doesn’t say anything.

“Okay. Well if you wanna take me up on that offer you know where I sleep. Goodnight Buck.”

Steve quietly walks into his room and lays down, staring at the ceiling.

A few moments later, the door opens. Bucky shuts the door behind him and crawls into bed next to Steve, a pillow clutched to his chest.

“Sleep well, Steve.” He says softly, turning to face the wall.

During the night they gravitate to each other and Steve wakes with Bucky’s head on his chest and their fingers laced together.

He smiles to himself and presses a kiss to the top of Bucky’s head, rubbing his back with his free hand. He’s content to lay there for a while, but eventually Steve has to move. He manages to free himself without waking Bucky.

At around 10:30 in the morning, Steve pokes his head back in to check on Bucky and finds that he’s still sound asleep. Chuckling, Steve walks over to shake Bucky’s shoulder.

“Rise and Shine, Buck. We gotta go into SHIELD sometime today.”

Bucky cracks a bleary eye open. “Mhhp.” He grunts, nuzzling back into the pillows.

“Buuuucky,” Steve groans - even though he’s pleased that Bucky got some sleep.

“Five more minutes.” He grumbles.

“You said that all through school Buck. Five minutes turns into ten then into thirty and then into an hour.”


Steve laughs and pulls the covers off of Bucky. “Come on. Up.”

“Fine. Mom.” Bucky says, sitting up and running a hand through his hair.  “Gimme a minute to wake up completely.”