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The second chapter of Deerperfalls and lucilequiquempois amazing art for it! Again a big thanks to her and pixelperyton for their great beta job! 

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Chapter 2: Normal?

He wasn’t sure when he had fallen asleep or how he had got into his bed in the first place, but what Dipper Pines was fully aware of was the high-pitched scream that disturbed the fog his dreamless mind, and made him jump out from his warm nest of blankets and pillows.
He would recognize that voice anywhere.

“Mabel!” the young boy called out, fear rushing into his system while his skinny legs fumbled tangled in the blanket. Before the cervitaur was able to free himself, his ears picked up the sound of padding feet on the floor and before he knew it his sister stood beside him in the sunlight flooded attic, panting while a wide grin was spread across her face, her braces sparkling in the light.
“Mabel’s back, baby!” she laughed with a manic grin on her face.
Her body was sodden, her feet leaving puddles on the floor with every step she took. It was no wonder, really, when you wake up in a bathtub filled to the brink. Around her waist was a pink towel that matched the top she was wearing. For a moment she observed her wiggling toes in delight, entranced, until she looked back at Dipper and caught sight of her brother’s perked ears and curious expression.
“Why didn’t you change back too?” she asked.

The question itself was enough to make his fur stand on end, the memory of Bill Cipher’s broad grin flashing in his mind, reminding him the deal he made and the consequences he had to bear. The deertaur swallowed hard, pulled the blanket away to reveal his lower deer half. Mabels grin faded at the sight of Dipper’s condition but her brother just shrugged, looking up at her again.
“Who knows… maybe only you changed back?”
Mabels brows knitted together, looking skeptical, sending shivers down his spine.

Had she already discovered his lie? Mabel was his twin after all, it would be natural for her to see right through him, wouldn’t it?  

But the tight feeling in Dipper’s chest vanished again, as Mabel seemed to prove him wrong.
The serious face she made up, slowly fading into a smile again.
“I guess that could be true. Or… maybe I turned it off?”
Dipper blinked, startled.
“Turned off what?”
“My mermaid powers, of course!” A wide grin followed her words. She raised one arm into the air while her other hand rested on her hip, putting one foot on the bed frame in a dynamic pose.
“Mermaid powers, activate!” she yelled with enthusiasm.

A few seconds passed, Mabel still in her ‘mermaid powers’ pose, gave Dipper a look while she whispered, “Am I a mermaid again?”
The deertaur just raised an eyebrow, rolling his eyes with a small smile on his lips.
“Nope,” Mabel just huffed, folding her arms over her chest, thoughtfully.
“Maybe water triggers it?”
Dipper sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“You’re soaked Mabel!” he announced with a look up to his wet sister. A firm voice from downstairs didn’t leave Mabel a choice to answer.

“Kids!?” Stan´s call resonated through the attic, making Dipper’s sensitive ears flick in discomfort, while Mabel shouted back  just as loud, leaving a ringing tone in his head.
“Coming!” She looked back to him, waiting. Her brother just smiled, gesturing her to go.

“Just go ahead Mabel, I´ll come down in a second.” To prove his point he unfolded his legs putting his hooves on the wooden floor where they created a soft clack noise. He placed his hat back on his head until Mabel´s words caught his attention.

“But I can’t.“ One of his ears pricked up in confusion,  Mabel stayed put for the moment. He couldn’t help but laugh at her.
“Of course you can. Human. Legs. Remember?”
“Legs?” She looked down again and slowly wobbled back and forward on her heels until beamed at him.  “Of course! Oh,how I missed you two!”
Dipper watched his sister hug her legs, rolling on the attic floor giggling.
“On it Grunkle Stan!” She picked herself up from the floor, looking back to Dipper again who gave her a thumb up before she made her way down the stairs.
Dipper let out a sigh while he looked around the suddenly empty room. Warm sunlight flooded through the attic window, bathing the wooden floor in a soft light that stroked his fur with a invisible warm hand that sent shivers down his spine.
´Fur, right…`

The little deertaur swallowed, putting on a new T-shirt and his vest before he approached the small mirror on Mabel’s side of the room.  His furry ears greeted him under his hat in his reflection, one of them flicking in annoyance.
‘Still a cervitaur.´
The lump in his throat grew, before he could gather the strength to put the fear in his heart aside, remembering Mabel’s cheesy smile. He could hear her and Stan laughing downstairs, he began to smile too.
`Yep, definitely worth it.”
The deertaur turned to leave the room, following his sister. Had Dipper looked back, maybe he would have spotted the small stripe of soft brown fur creeping up his neck only to vanish beneath his hairlines.
But he didn’t, and everything was going to be okay.

Or so he thought.

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