Tattoo artist!Luke had no shame. He didn’t try to keep his flirting quiet whenever a hot girl came into his shop and requested him to do the tattoo they wanted and he wasn’t too shy to offer to do a girls nipple or hood piercings. He also had no care when the other artists made suggestive comments about the girls he’d fucked; usually he just laughed along and shrugged, not even blinking when the same girl he’d had in his backseat was hanging all over Calum.

You started off the same way. You only wanted a simple, innocent piercing and yet Luke still volunteered, his sights already set on you. He’d managed to get your number by the end of it (he’d taken his sweet time setting up and explaining the aftercare process to you) and the two of you were texting instantly. It all felt so natural that he didn’t even realize the amount of effort he was making, inviting you to parties and checking up to make sure you were taking care of your piercing. It all went so easily that it took absolutely no energy to keep the conversation going and there were no alarms going off in his head when the two of you wandered to a little cafe to have brunch after the first night you slept together.

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i’m going to take a month of my life to change myself, i’m not sure what’s wrong yet, but something is wrong and i’m going to change. I’m going to change my perspective, my thoughts, i’ll find my balance (intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually) and learn to be kinder. I’m going to deprive myself of everything starting from people and carbs, it’s going to be painful but i’m halfway to 19 and i can’t afford to be lost anymore