Getting a little carried away with a controller?

Gonna give the 21 day fix another go tomorrow. Maybe not go so hard on the workout this time because thats what fucked me up. I was SO SORE from working out last monday that i still had trouble walking up and down stairs on friday. And thats ridiculous when i think about how i used to run 3 or 4 times a week. I know it sounds like a gimicky fad kind of ‘trend diet’ and maybe it is ut idk im excited. Ive felt like actual shit for too long.


Anthony Robbins “PowerTalk” - Vol. 20

       Despite the easy ability to mock this tape, and its Volume of 27 others in the series - I dig like listening to what Anthony Robbins had to say. This was the first time I heard him - and have heard much else.

        In this, I was introduced to the idea that your lungs work to motivate your entire lymph system - and that a strong breathing cycle and daily breath exercises will assist to keep your white blood cells moving and activated. 

       Power words, getting gimicky quickly, and creating worldwide impact is easy to make fun of…yet funny how sometimes thinking in this manner can positively impact your life.

      Other times, it feels like I am being sold a crappy watch that release empty sentiments every 14 minutes to make me believe in grand ideas like ‘HOPE’.

Do you know who I'd like as a DLC Kombatant

S1L or even Eve from the Species Series, like have her be in full blown Alien form, maybe some sindel-esque tentacle hair whips and neck breaking x rays, a tongue skull puncture fatality, plus she’s mostly Cg during serious movement so the design could be near identical, plus it feels a little less gimicky then Predator..