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haha lets be real people calling Nyle doing the blindfold "gimicky" wouldn't be saying that if it was their fav pro/team. (Like I for one try to look at both ways like how would I feel about it if it was my favorite vs least favorite couple and it helps me be unbiased but obv not everyone thinks like that haha)

yeah i’ve seen that on pure from the people who are starting to get anxious that their fave isn’t gonna make it so they’ve started attacking the people that they think will make it.

I just noticed something funny about Nintendo. Their constant need to make things gimicky as hell and constant reinvention kind of mirrors how Sega has treated the Sonic series. 

I don’t think that’s good.

#movieofthenight #kingdomofthecrystalskull Ok, I know this isn’t the best #IndianaJones movie but I don’t hate it. It’s gimicky and silly and the story is not really interesting I know, I know. The whole reason I don’t fully hate it and I’ll keep watching it is bc #marionravenwood is back and she’s my ultimate #hbic. #harrisonford #karenallen #shialabeouf #cateblanchett #stevenspielberg

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Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Semi-Final #2 Recap

Thursday night was the 2nd semi-final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. 18 more singers fighting for 10 more Grand Final places.

The night began with the hosts singing some corny showtune called “That’s Eurovision” with a bunch of backup dancers. Looked like something straight out of A Chorus Line, complete with high kicks and pyrotechnics. That was weird. Now, onto the songs.

LATVIA: Justs-“Heartbeat”. Very good-looking guy, even though his hair felt a bit gimicky to me. He has a good voice, but I would have liked a lot less growling. It felt like he was just overdoing it or something, but it ended up just sounding like crap. The song was okay, but maybe by a better singer I would have enjoyed it more.

POLAND: Michal Szpak-“Color of Your Life”. Holy pitch problems, Batman!! He was sharp for a good chunk of the first verse, but it did resolve as he got into the song. I didn’t like this song much, and I’m not sure if I want to know what color my life is after this performance.

SWITZERLAND: Rykka-“The Last of Our Kind”. Now this girl is originally from Canada, so maybe North America is making an entrance. When she came out, she was steaming!! Literally, there was a cloud of steam around her. Were they having sound problems or something, there were a lot of intonation issues too. I wasn’t crazy about this song, it sounded like a corny American Idol coronation song more than something I would willingly spend money on. There was also part where I couldn’t understand what she was singing, but she grew up speaking English so I can’t forgive that. I didn’t like it.

ISRAEL: Hovi Star-“Made of Stars”. He was on a singing competition in Israel, which he didn’t win. Even in Israel, polarising people don’t win talent shows. He did sing the song very well, but the song seemed really corny to me. Still, it was one of the better performances of the night which really isn’t saying much.

BELARUS: IVAN-“Help You Fly”. I had heard that he was going to do his performance naked with 2 wolves, but he didn’t. There was a green screen image of him naked singing with a wolf, but I guess some rules aren’t made to be broken. I thought this song was terrible, singing wasn’t anything special, is this really the best they could get to represent Belarus? If that is true, then Belarus has a problem.

SERBIA: Sanja Vučić ZAA-“Goodbye (Shelter)”. I think Sanja has a great voice, and she sang with passion. The production behind her was a bit much, but it was a solid performance. The song was okay too, but I would have liked the staging to be less…weird. I don’t know, but I think we all knew she would be in the final after this performance.

IRELAND: Nicky Byrne-“Sunlight”. I went into every other entry of this contest with a fresh set of ears, but I heard Nicky sing this song on The Voice of Ireland final a few weeks ago. I don’t really remember it though, so maybe these are fresh ears. This song was rather uplifting, with the whole sun theme and the dance like you mean it, sing like you feel it. I’m not sure the winningest country in Eurovision has another victory just yet though, but it was okay.

F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: Kaliopi-“Dona”. This girl is no stranger to Eurovision, she was here in 2012 and made it to the Grand Final. This song was in Macedonian, so I couldn’t understand a word of it and thus couldn’t get into it like I wanted to. I thought it was okay, the song was a little corny and then she tried to hit this whistle note at the end and it sounded just a mess. The whole song kinda like her voice was falling apart

LITHUANIA: Donny Montell-“I’ve Been Waiting for this Night”. Another gorgeous guy, all the makings of a manufactured pop star. I thought this was an okay performance, the song didn’t jump out at me but the dance and light show was quite impressive. He even jumped off a platform and did a flip at one point. I’m just not sure that was going to flip any votes for him.

AUSTRALIA: Dami Im-“Sound of Silence”. I’m semi-familiar with Dami, she won The X Factor in 2013 and Dannii Minogue (her mentor) has been gushing about her constantly on social media. I thought she looked and sounded fantastic, this is without a doubt the best ballad we’ve heard in the competition. Dami is a world class singer, no wonder people think she can win the whole thing!!

SLOVENIA: ManuElla-“Blue and Red”. This song sounded like a knockoff of country songs I’ve heard, so that probably didn’t win her any points. It sounded like she took “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood and a Taylor Swift song and put them in a blender. I wasn’t crazy about it, but it really wasn’t terrible.

BULGARIA: Poli Genova-“If Love Was a Crime”. Another young lady who has done Eurovision before, she even hosted Junior Eurovision last year. She worked the stage very well, and the song was pretty fun. There was a repeated line in Bulgarian, but it wasn’t the whole song so it didn’t prevent me from completely getting into the song. It was pretty good.

DENMARK: Lighthouse X-“Soldiers of Love”. First group of the night, but I wasn’t crazy about this one either. Their singing was mediocre, they looked pretty awkward, I barely even paid attention to this performance so I clearly didn’t like it.

UKRAINE: Jamala-“1944″. Now I had heard this was a good song as well, but I couldn’t tell because half of it was sang in Crimean Tatar. This song was written speaking of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars from the Soviet Union in WWII, but I’m not sure if I got that message. At least she wrote and composed her own song, but I really couldn’t get into this performance much. I also didn’t like the way she moved onstage, it seemed like too much for me.

NORWAY: Agnete-“Icebreaker”. Now this girl has done just about everything in her young life. This song was okay, but the halftime feel of the chorus made it feel like they should be 2 different songs. She even said that it is something that people will either really like or dislike, and sadly I kinda disliked it.

GEORGIA: Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz-“Midnight Gold”. Just from reading the lyrics of this song, I knew it was gonna be terrible. The cameras were doing all sorts of weird things too, I felt like I was watching this through a kaleidoscope. It was just weird, so yeah I didn’t like this performance at all.

ALBANIA: Eneda Tarifa-“Fairytale”. This was a decent song, I loved the gold dress too. The color was pretty on her, although the way the skirt was designed made it look like she only has one leg. She sounded good too, but I didn’t love the song. It was okay though.

BELGIUM: Laura Tesoro-“What’s the Pressure”. How many songs rip off Uptown Funk these days, my gosh!! This was a really fun way to close off the show, she sounded good and the song was fun. Maybe it sounded a bit too old-school for my taste, but on a lackluster night, it was enough.

The interval act was entitled “Man vs. Machine”, and featured robots and dancers. It was pretty nifty I guess, I couldn’t help but giggle a couple times because those robots were just so stinkin’ adorable. Kinda like the Pixar lamp.

Now finally, onto the results. The 10 acts advancing to the grand final are…

  • Latvia
  • Georgia (DAFUQ?)
  • Bulgaria
  • Australia (!!!!!!)
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
  • Poland
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium

I would have switched out Georgia for Ireland, but whatever. I don’t think they have a shot anyway.

That’s it for the semi-finals. Saturday is the Grand Final, and there are 26 acts performing for the honor of Eurovision champion. Justin Timberlake will also be performing, so someone from America is there.