Getting a little carried away with a controller?

Cultural appreciation or appropriation?

Now I know this topic can get a little heated on here. but I just need to hear some thoughts while also remaining mindful and respectful. So, as most of you know on this weeks dance moms episode, they did a group dance to Bollywood Dreams. This isn’t the first time they have done a “bollywood” number… But I guess what is different about this time around is that they brought in a choreographer who seemed to be knowledgeable about the dance genre (i cant remember his name and I’m not sure if he is of Indian descent though). He took the time to delicately teach the girls actual bollywood steps, and reminded them that they are doing a dance that is significant to another culture, so they need to take it seriously, and I appreciated that. I thought that the dance was tastefully done; it didn’t seem gimicky or cartoonish, and I think more thought was put into the choreography, compared to the other times they have done this genre. However, I have no knowledge of bollywood; therefore my input doesnt mean much. For all I know, that dance could have been completely done backwards… But what are your thoughts?