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plus omfg i'll totally pay for your appications, you Know that, just let me do it if your pareants or grandparents won't help. don't stress your self worrying about setting up comissiions and biting your nails about it and stresssing, at least not at this point. maybe you can still do it anyway, and it can just be a way of suplementing our incomes or a way to pay me back if you really insist about it (even tho its already both of our money lol) or just something u can spend on hwat gilttery junk

omg its gonna end up being probably like fuckin 300 dollars or something thATS Too much and we dont know if ill even get Accepted lol. im still gonna do commissions cuz we’ll need whatever we can get anyways and yEs i knOw its our money but im still gonna pay us back lol. ill spend it on hot glittery junk later :b books too