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Seven years old and Effie is preparing for a tea party with her best friends. She’s been given a strawberry cake from the kitchen and sets it on a platter, then pours tea into tiny gilt-edged cups. She sets out places around her little table, carefully folding napkins into triangles for each of the friends she is inviting.

“One, two, three, four, five,” she sings to herself. “And one for me.”

There is something still missing. She gets to her feet, skirts rustling around her as she slips down the staircase, brown leather shoes clacking on the stone. Out the atrium through the open French doors and into the courtyard, heady scents of wisteria and jasmine filling her head. There are fat, fuzzy bumblebees humming around the lavender that edges the gardens; she chirps hello to them as she flits past.

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Cover of The May Queen and other poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Rubricated and illuminated.
Colophon: “This manuscript, selected poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson, The May Queen, The sea fairies,The beggar maid, Hero to Leander, and Dora was designed, written out, and illuminated by Alberto Sangorski for Messrs. R. Rivière & Son bookbinders & booksellers to H.M. King George V. London. This manuscript will not be duplicated. This manuscript was executed by me [signed] Alberto Sangorski London A.D. 1912.”– P. [63]
“The miniature illustrating the poem of The beggar maid was taken from the painting done by Sir Edward Burne-Jones in the Tate Gallery London. The miniature illustrating the poem of Hero to Leanderwas taken from the painting done by Lord Leighton, P.R.A. The miniature in the title page of Lord Tennyson was taken from the painting by Sir Hubert Herkomer, R.A. (and is copyright)”– P. [65]
Miniature of Tennyson, three miniatures of the May Queen, miniature of the Beggar Maid, miniature of Hero, two miniatures of Dora are initial-signed by Sangorski, and some are dated 1912.
Full blue morocco, inlaid and gilt in an over-all design with semi-precious stones and seed pearls, mounted on upper cover. Beige morocco doublures, inlaid with red, white and green morocco and gilt. Silk protective guards interleaved between some pages. All edges gilt. Stamp-signed on upper doublure: “Bound by Riviere & Son”. In silk-lined green morocco folding case.

  • Courtesy of Rare Book Collection, Detroit Public Library

Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen
Illustrated by Charles E Brock with an introduction by Austin Dobson
London Macmillan and Co Limited 1895 / 1901
452 pages + ads, all page edges gilt, measures 187mm x 130mm

An attractive copy of a classic illustrated edition in the publishers salmon coloured cloth with swirling art nouveau design covers


William Shakespeare - The Sonner’s and a lover’s complaint 

Folio Society 1989 - Fine bespoke design binding, full morocco leather gilt with an inlaid tooled leather panel to the front board and the same pattern blind embossed to the rear. hand made paste patterned end papers - all page edges gilt - Bound by Ann Thornton for Binder Vision in 1993

Pull of the Moon (2)

Word Count: 2494

Warnings: None

AN: Feedback is appreciate

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The Lakeview Community Library was as still and silent as ever. From her position behind the circulation desk, Isabella could see a few patrons scattered throughout the floor, some sitting at the long tables reading and others behind study carrels taking notes. From her vantage point, no one seemed to move or even breathe. Beside Isabella was a pile of recently returned books ready to be placed back on their shelves, but on this particular Tuesday afternoon, Isabella had no drive to do such a simple task. She felt on edge. Restless. Even reckless. She had the sudden urge to shout and break the heavy silence just to see what might happen. Of course, she wouldn’t; she cared too much about the loyal library patrons, most of whom she knew by name. And she had respect for the books that surrounded her, too. Creating a disturbance among them would seem almost sacrilegious.

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1960s Ideal Petite Princess furniture

From a 1964 product brochure:
“Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture is hand crafted of satins, brocades, porcelain, brass, glass mirrors, and other fine materials. You will find soft, plush chairs and sofas, gilt-edged mirrors, dressers and cabinets with drawers and doors that really open and close. Everything you can dream of. Perfectly made, so you can play with it, collect it, and be the perfect Petite Princess.“
The Dark Horizon: Epilogue

summary:  AU. The Caribbean, 1715: Royal Navy Lieutenant Killian Jones and his brother, Captain Liam Jones, have just arrived to help pacify the notorious “pirates’ republic” of New Providence. But they have dangerous allies, deadly enemies, and no idea what they’re getting into when they agree to hunt the pirate ship Blackbird and the mysterious Captain Swan. OUAT/Black Sails.
rating: M
status: COMPLETE
available: and AO3
previous: chapter XLI

Savannah, Province of Georgia

August 1724

The small shop was crammed to the gills, people jostling in as the overworked printer and his pockmarked apprentice could scarcely pull copies off the shelves fast enough. Coins clinked, the smell of fresh paper and ink filled the sunlit air, and as Emma moved closer, she could see the book was handsomely bound in red buckram, pages edged in gilt and the title stamped across the front. A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates, by one so-called Captain Charles Johnson, and otherwise known as the General History of the Pyrates. It had first been printed at Rivington’s in London, and experienced such demand that its distribution had quickly been expanded to the Colonies. The civilized world was quite mad for stories of the pirates, for romance and swashbuckling adventure and the safety of their legend, now that that was what they were. “Charles Johnson’s” identity was not clear, though it could have been the novelist Defoe, who had published his Robinson Crusoe five years ago. Either way, however, he was clearly doing well for himself.

Emma snorted and put down her shilling on the counter, taking her copy as the apprentice passed it to her. “Quite a crowd,” she remarked lightly. “I hope you have more in the back?”

“Aye, mistress, we’ve got more. Not sure how long they’ll last, though, they’re going like hotcakes.” The apprentice mopped his brow. “What with the real live pirate they’re hanging today, said to be the worst of them all. Captain Flint.”

Emma gave him a closed-mouth, considerably colder smile, thrust the book into her pocket, and turned to go. She battled her way through the eager book-buying hordes, and emerged into the cobbled alley, hit by the thick blast of summer heat. She adjusted her hat and her sleeves – the fine lawn dress of a respectable gentlewoman, nothing at all to indicate that once she had been the cohort and consort of these scandalous sorts immortalized on the page – and set off.

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I guess I was wrong...

It’s not really the end.

A second edition of The Red Magician Tarot (aka the RM Tarot) is in the works with a Kickstarter campaign coming in 2018.

The deck will include a new back design, (hopefully) silver gilt edges, a two-piece rigid box with new artwork, and a small instruction sheet. I’m also planning to touch up some of the art on the cards as well.


Northanger Abbey & Persuasion
by Jane Austen
Illustrated by Hugh Thomson with an introduction by Austin Dobson
London Macmillan and Co Limited 1897 / 1900 [First Reprint]
444 pages + ads, all page edges gilt measures 187mm x 130mm

An attractive copy of a classic illustrated edition in the publishers salmon coloured cloth with swirling art nouveau design covers

Seduced (Chris Evans x O/C)

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Prompt: Chris deals with the aftermath of Victoria’s attack, while she carefully plans out the next stage of her relationship with him. 

A/N: AKA Part 6 in the ‘Sugar’ fic. Yes, my darlings, there will be smut in the next chapter. Beautiful, filthy smut. I can’t wait. I hope that you enjoy this particular chapter- the anticipation is always better than the deed, don’t you think? Also welcome to all the new readers I’ve suddenly gained! I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to be added to my tag list, send me a message. 

Also: shout out to @writingruna for advising on evil women and the psychological side of this. You are the absolute best, you star. 

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Birthday Sweets

A fic for Suzuya Juuzou’s birthday! 

Dedicated to suzuyajesus with love <3

Summary: Pretty much just a cute fic with Juuzou and Shinohara celebrating Juuzou’s birthday for the first time. It’s set in the Problem Child verse, but it’s very gen, so if you’re not into the ship I think you can still read it without being squicked. 

Word Count: 1209

Rating: G

Happy birthday, baby boy!

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Sixty First Dates - 16

16. Bucky/Darcy, 15, for @barisitrash

Characters are on a blind date, but surprisingly having a lot of fun.

Darcy would never have pegged Steve Rogers for a matchmaker. And certainly not a good matchmaker, considering how hopeless the guy was with his own love life.  She’d only agreed to go on a blind date with his recently un-brainwashed old buddy because, well, she did kind of owe Steve her life after that alien goo incident last time Jane almost, but not quite, built a Bifrost.

So when he’d given her a pitiful look from those baby blues and said “Darce, you’re the most normal person I know, and Bucky needs that, he needs to do normal things. Go out on a date with him? For me? Please?” she really hadn’t been able to say no.

After all, being the most normal person in a world of superheroes was kind of a compliment.

“Fine,” she made finger guns at Steve. “But you’re payin’, and by paying I mean somewhere really nice. I haven’t had a really nice meal out in longer than I can remember. Champagne, too.”

Steve grinned. “Deal.”

Which was how Darcy found herself sitting opposite absolutely the most handsome man she’d ever seen, with the best steak she’d ever tasted now sitting comfortably in her stomach. Bucky was hilarious and charming; she had the feeling he was nervous, anxious to please, but really, Darcy couldn’t remember the last time she’d had this much fun on a date. Had she ever had this much fun on a date? She doubted it, and she’d only had a couple of glasses of the champagne.

Bucky couldn’t believe his luck. When Steve had sold him on the idea of going out on a blind date with “this really nice, normal girl I know” Bucky had envisaged someone boring, even if she wasn’t too hard on the eyes. But Darcy was not only pretty, she was delightful; sweet and sassy, just the kind of girl he’d always had a weakness for.

He’d felt awkward at first in the fancy restaurant, but Darcy had instantly put him at ease, telling him a hilarious anecdote about her day that had him grinning, and then pulling out her phone and showing him a funny cat video she’d seen. Bucky found himself chortling with glee, relaxing and thoroughly enjoying himself within minutes of being in her company.

Neither of them wanted the date to end. It wasn’t until they were the last people in the restaurant, with a couple of annoyed-looking staff members ostentatiously cleaning up around them, that Bucky sighed.

“We should go. Darcy, thank you so much for agreeing to this. I know Steve railroaded you into it, but I can’t tell you how much it means to me, I’ve had such a wonderful time. I hope I haven’t been too dull a  companion.”

Darcy smiled at him, shaking her head. “Not dull at all, I’ve had a great time too, Bucky. Steve might actually have a career as a matchmaker, if the superheroing ever gets to be too much for him.”

That made Bucky laugh again. As they left the restaurant together and Darcy looked up and down the street, hoping for a cab, he shoved his hands in his pockets a bit awkwardly. “Perhaps, um, perhaps you’d consider comin’ out with me again sometime?”

Startled that he would even think that she might not say yes, Darcy stared up at him curiously. “But of course?” she said blankly. “I would absolutely love to!”

Bucky smiled broadly with relief. Darcy smiled at him.

“You really thought I might say no?”

He shrugged in an aw-shucks kind of way, and she couldn’t resist stepping closer and reaching up, pressing a kiss on his cheek. Then a second, closer to the corner of his mouth. Pausing, she arched an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to get with the program.

Bucky couldn’t believe his luck, but he was also not about to turn down a gilt-edged invitation like Darcy had just offered. Tentatively, he put his arms around her and lowered his face to hers. She let her eyes drift shut and leaned closer, soft lips parting.

Lips met, clung. The kiss deepened, softened again. Bucky finally lifted his head, slowly, to find Darcy smiling up him.

“Does that answer your question of whether I’d like a second date?”