Gilt : Street Etiquette was founded in 2008 by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs to chronicle the intersection of their world and its realities (i.e., “Street”) and their passion for traditional, gentlemanly style (which is where “Etiquette” comes in). What started out as a blog is now a brand — half moodboard of Josh and Travis’s ever-evolving, inimitable aesthetic, half incubator for groundbreaking projects like the photo shoot “The Black Ivy” (which itself evolved into a collection). Their latest major project, “Slumflower,” is an editorial shoot-cum-short film (not yet released) that further explores the duality at the core of Street Etiquette and introduces a new level of artistic edge to their work.

We’re thrilled to be teaming up with these guys on two amazing sales: On Gilt Man, the duo has curated the keys to the “Slumflower” look, from suits and ties to shoes, bracelets, and more, while over on Gilt Home they’ve picked the pieces that define their take on interior design. Both sales include prints from the shoot, and both go live Wednesday Jan. 22 at 9pm ET. Check out the video below for more on the duo, the shoot, and the partnership.

Stilettos by State: a Gilt Infographic

While working on our headlines-making preemptive shipping initiative, Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert got a bit curious about whether certain fashion preferences might be regional or universal (or not). He and Gilt Data Analyst Debbie Chung had some hunches about how favorite styles, colors, etc. might differ around the U.S. and Puerto Rico and, like any good data sleuths, started exploring.

First, they looked at dress colors to see which ones were most popular in which U.S. regions, and found out that black is, um, still the “new black” in every corner of the country. Then they explored how high-heel heights varied among U.S. states, and noticed that the range was pretty substantial. The results of their findings are here in this infographic, created by Rhianon Cha-os.

While doing this research, Igor had to learn more about women’s shoes than he’d otherwise like to admit–addressing the heel-height aspect of “ballet flats,” “booties,” “boots,” etc. and figuring out their differences. But Debbie and Igor’s hard work (and Igor’s slight discomfort) paid off: Now we have a look at how tastes in high heels differ across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico!

Women: In the market for some new shoes? Visit Gilt’s Shoe Guide Shop!


“My appreciation for fashion has grown a lot over the years. [Fashion] is reflective of society—where we’ve been, where we’re going—and it is a great means of personal expression. Not to mention immensely informative and helpful as an actor in creating a role.”  - Matt Bomer [x]

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 3 | 11.14.14

‘vodka in a teacup’ mismatched vintage set by yvonneellen

treat yo self to a unique and cheeky vintage set of a mismatched teacup and saucer emblazoned with one of my FAVORITE words ('vodka’) and a little bee design. both pieces are hand-gilt with gold accents in london.


Roman Gilt Bronze Crossbow Fibula, 3rd-4th Century AD

This is a spectacular example of the so-called ‘crossbow’ fibula, an item used for fastening the heavy woolen cloaks of Roman soldiers. The design was introduced around 200 AD, intended purely for the military cloak, but it quickly became the official insignia of military and administrative rank. The intricately gilded scene on the present example indicates that it belonged to no ordinary Roman legionary, who would have had to make do with a plain bronze fitting, but to a senior officer. Such precious fibulae, along with coins, phalerae, pendants and bracelets were presented to high ranking officers as military rewards or official gifts. For more than three hundred years, this fibula design was therefore synonymous with leading contemporary figures and the history of the late Roman world.

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