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Hi there! It's my first time requesting something like this. Uhmm... Would it be possible to write something with GilRay? Those two are my current love and it would make me so happy to see a fanfic with them :) With number 14. I'm so sorry if it's difficult >_< I know they didn't appear a lot in the manga...I apologize if I bothered you!

GilRay {14: Things You Said After You Kissed Me}

@hikaru-sora it’s no bother at all ^-^ don’t worry about it

Ray found Gil skipping stones over a pond but it was more accurate to say that he was chucking the stones into the water. Even from a distance, he could see how angry and frustrated Gil was but Ray understood his feelings. Wrath, their Servamp, left willingly with the C3 and told them to let themselves be captured if a sorcerer approached them.

“Gil.” Ray called out to him and walked closer to him. Gil didn’t need to hear Ray’s voice or see his reflection in the water to know that it was him. Only the two of them knew of the pond near the apple farm and it was their special haven because the water reminded them of their hometown.

“Aren’t you angry too, Ray? ‘Just go peacefully,’ she said like we can trust those bastards. We can’t trust them! We should fight. We should tear that fucking place apart and break her out! If we work together, it’ll be easy. I’m right, aren’t I, Ray?” Gil turned to him for his support. They have known each other for centuries and they have yet to disagree on anything.

But now, Ray was silent.

“C’mon, Ray! I know you and you hate just sitting here doing nothing while the woman we owe everything to is being experimented on.” Gil reached up and pushed Ray’s hat up until he could see his eyes. Like he expected, they were just as frustrated as his were. So, why was he hesitating? “You want to fight too, right?”

“Of course, I do.” Ray bit his lip. “But if something happens to you—”

“We’ll get through it together like we’ve always done.” Gil cut him off. He grinned confidently at him and that smile made Ray feel like he could face the world if he was with Gil. He took his hands in his. “If you’re really worried, how about I give you my good luck charm?’

Gil pulled his hat down and forced him to lean down enough for him to kiss him softly. It was only a brief kiss it held so much meaning for both of them. Even with his hat covering most of his face, he knew that Ray was blushing. “So, what do you say partner? Shall we go and fight them together.”


I wished we got more of these two because I was kinda having trouble writing for these two but this was the best I could do. Sorry, it’s a little short.

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Omg, yes!!! Ahhhh that sounds adorable xD (Mother loves her adorkable sons)♥ Oh and also they also to sing each other♥♥♥ Gil is mostly good when it comes to energetic songs like pop-rock, while Ray, I imagine him having the voice of angel, he has been singing since he was little, something he did because he was lonely but after he formed his relationship with Gil, that’s when his songs became so passionate, all the love songs he knew became much more meaningful. Just listen to this song  (such nostalgia and oh how I cried when I though of it being so perfect for them!) I now consider this their lullaby, so just imagine one of them or both starting to sing it in the most gentle way and it always helped to make them fall asleep, feeling safe and loved.

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So, Gilray, what happened to your brother? Is he all right?

Gilray: Ludvierg just got himself a mechanical leg! He’s still getting used to it. Still a bit paralyzed from lying down for too long. Hah, wuss. But, hey at least he’s getting better.


Mathyrox: We caught him stealing our medicines. Alren thought it was an opportunity to get closer with their people so he allowed him take his brother here for medical treatment. In exchange, Gilray agreed to convince his boss and their men to join in with us. He hasn’t even done that yet.

This guy’s a huge nuisance and he’s extremely arrogant. He’s always making a fuss around the city. I have no idea why my brother likes hanging out with him.


Mathryox: He’s fine. All he needs now is some rest. Gilray said that his brother’s leg got bit by an infected so they were forced to cut it off. Their men lacked medical equipment, that’s why his brother wanted to bring him here. Good thing we patched him up just in time.