gilmore's space

Hey! So despite the fact that I’ve had this blog for like a year I haven’t really started using it properly until now, so here’s some stuff about me:

I’m studying Psychology, English, Sociology & Politics in university, I’m in my first year

I’m from a rural part of Ireland, lots of cows and sheep

I love dogs and want to own as many as possible when I ‘grow up’

I want to be a writer (fiction) and possible a psychoanalyst/therapist 

I love Gilmore Girls (Rory is my icon atm) with a fiery passion

I’m an INFP and Hufflepuff (and proud)

I procrastinate a lot and am not very good at the whole studyblr thing but here we are anyway

Here are some of my favourite studyblrs:

@studyehn @meddiestudies @urbanestudies @ittybittystudyblr @studybiologyis @architstudy @memoirs-of-a-future-lawyer @emmastudies @charliewantstostudy @estudier @thestudynotes @moanastudies @getshitdonetbh @productivebuddy @legallychic @castlestudies @fiercelittlestudyblr @studybuzz @studybum 

If anybody has/wants any advice about studying or just wants to chat (please my ask box is dead) you know where to find me!

 - Aideen xx


Sun Ra (1914 - 1993) … pointing towards the celestial majesty that was to come.

space feeling / cosmic equation / time travel absurdism / Space Is The Place

Afrofuturism: Mixing contemporary black culture with the ancient world and looking at it through a cosmic kaleidoscope. Sun Ra created it. All roads lead to Saturn.

Despite the retromaniacal culture we now inhabit, Sun Ra imagined the future, offered a utopia, feared not death, lived fantastically.