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Jared Gilmore, Jaime Murray and Robert Carlyle on set in Steveston, March 21, 2017, for episode 6x21.

These shots were taken before they started doing any shooting, during rehearsals, etc. As has already been spoiled, in the scene they shoot, Henry is on a stretcher being wheeled into an ambulance (pretty sure he’s just fine though).

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Name: Kate
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Aloha!, I’m a fun and bubbly person.I love photography,art,journaling,reading and plants.I’m a loving plant mum of two beautiful plants ( Paul and Gina). I’m weird, I know. I love Oh Wonder and Billie Eilish. I’m obsessed with Gilmore Girls (Team Jess). I really want to create beautiful gifts and letters for my pen pal.

Preferences: Pen pals between 15-18 I prefer a girl


Jared Gilmore and Raphael Sbarge on set in Steveston, March 21, 2017, for episode 6X21.

While marching down the street with the storybook, Henry sees Archie, shouts his name and runs over to him. They talk for a bit. Came across as very season one - aside from Henry’s height, that is ;-) .