gilmore girls: season 7

Can pro-choice people please start normalizing abortion as an option in non-dire circumstances?

I know that it can be hard when so much of the conversation around this issue centers on whether or not abortion constitutes baby murder, so people always wind up arguing pro-choice with the most extreme examples, circumstances where you can argue that a person would have to be a monster to insist the woman had to carry out the pregnancy.

And I acknowledge that there are also a lot of people who are only pro-choice in the event of those dire circumstances, who only see it as an acceptable option when the situation is extreme. 

But for the people who believe that a person should ALWAYS have the right to dictate what happens to their body, that circumstances are subjective and legally irrelevant, and that a clump of rapidly dividing cells is not more important than the life and livelihood of the fully-formed human being it is growing inside of… 

Can we please start normalizing the idea that teenagers and rape victims are not the only ones who have legitimate reasons to get an abortion?

Alternative, equally legitimate reasons include:

  • they can’t afford to support a(nother) child
  • they can’t provide a safe, stable environment
  • they might want children, but good gods not right now!
  • having a baby would mean derailing their life
  • they just don’t want children (and/or think that bringing a child into a world where they are unwanted would be cruel)
  • pregnancy and childbirth would be psychologically damaging (such as for trans men experiencing body dysphoria)
  • they rely on medication which can’t be taken while pregnant

There are LOTS of reasons why a person might choose to get an abortion (or even just consider it), and from a pro-choice perspective, all of them should be equally valid.


You didn’t think I’d let this day end without a GIF set, did you?

Happy 17 years of Gilmore Girls! The show that holds a special place in my heart. The show that picks me up when I’m down. The show that got me through the toughest year of my life (so far). The show that inspired me to start making GIFs. The show that gave me the ultimate OTP. And it all began on October 5, 2000.

First vs. Last

oh no, i am rewatching “hay bale maze”

LORELAI: Okay. I think 401k’s are important. I think responsibility and paying your bills and dealing with reality is important.
LOGAN: Ah well, I’m beginning to learn about reality. I grew up with a lot of privilege.
LORELAI: Right you had that whole silver-spoon-in-the-mouth thing, and that’s not how I raised Rory.
LOGAN: I know that.
LORELAI: This was not a silver-spoon household. This was Spork city all the way.
LOGAN: I get that, and I respect that because I just spat out a whole place setting of sterling silver royal Danish. I left my dad’s company, I left that world because I have my own values.
LORELAI: I understand that.
LOGAN: I thought you would because that’s what you did. You left the world of privilege to do things your way.
LORELAI: I guess I never thought of it that way.
LOGAN: And you did it when you were younger and had a baby to take care of. It was really impressive.
LORELAI: I don’t need you to be impressed by me. I just need you to know it wasn’t easy.
LOGAN: I know that.
LORELAI: I didn’t get anything like “boom,” you know? I worked hard for everything I got.
LOGAN: I want to work. I’m ready to work. And I want to work hard.
LORELAI: All right, then.
LOGAN: All right, then.

brb, crying over logan’s revival fate anew


Rory not being selected for the internship at the New York Times was the most real move in the show. Rory always got everything she wanted. She’s a great student, but she also had incredible luck between getting into three Ivy League colleges, having grandparents and a father with money who paid for her high school and college tuitions, and being in a relationship with a trust fund baby ( & living with him in nice af apartments for free ) and whose father was the best connection possible in her future career. 

& then the New York Times doesn’t select her as an intern even though she had been talking about it for years as her dream job. As cruel as it is, I’m just so happy she didn’t get it because she finally got a taste of what the real world feels like without her security blanket ( i.e. family, friends, boyfriends, the town, etc.).