gilmore girls: season 1

Rory’s response, which succinctly outlines why it’s perfectly logical to be afraid in that situation, really helped me shut down similar taunts in my own life.

LOUISE: Oh come on.
RORY: What do you mean ‘Oh come on’. We have to meet my mother after the concert. The band may not miss us but Lorelai sure will.
MADELINE: These guys are so cute.
RORY: Oh that’s great but we’re not going anywhere.
LOUISE: What are you afraid?
RORY: Of going out into a strange city with two guys I don’t know? Yeah.
MADELINE: Rory please!
LOUISE: Well we’re going.
RORY: No you’re not.
LOUISE: Paris, join please?
PARIS: No, thanks.
LOUISE: Fine, come on Madeline.
RORY: And just what am I supposed to tell my mother?
LOUISE: That you’re a very good little girl.