gilmore girls: season 1


When I was five, I had a really bad ear infection and I had been home in bed for a week and I was very sad. So I wished really hard that something wonderful would happen to me, and I woke up the next morning and it had snowed. And I was sure that some fairy godmother had done it just for me. It was my little present.


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i didn’t mean to freak you out. i’m sorry, i’m sure you’ll do it. you will. i promise. i’ll help you practice, okay? tomorrow, you’ll stand in the middle of the street, and i will drive straight at you, screaming in a foreign language.


gilmore girls | 1.02 the lorelai’s first day at chilton

lorelai gilmore. nice stripper name. formerly of stars hollow high school. where’s that? drive west, make a left at the haystacks and follow the cows.

[10] favorite male characters: Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

What kind of house doesn’t have salt? Low sodium freaks!

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: it’s 2015. why hasn’t a gilmore girls movie been made yet? season 7 was a clusterfuck of shitty writing and i weep for the lost opportunities and will forever be bitter about it. at this point i think i’m fated to go to my grave without the answers i so desperately need. do luke and lorelai ever get married? how did everyone deal with richard’s death? emily demanded to go first! where the fuck did rory go after the campaign was over? DID SHE AND JESS REUNITE? HAS PARIS FINALLY TAKEN OVER THE WORLD? IS LANE STILL IN STARS HOLLOW? VERONICA MARS FANS GOT A MOVIE AFTER THEIR CRAP ENDING, SO WHY CAN’T WE? GOD DAMN IT, WHAT ARE THE FINAL FOUR WORDS, AMY?