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TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”


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i didn’t mean to freak you out. i’m sorry, i’m sure you’ll do it. you will. i promise. i’ll help you practice, okay? tomorrow, you’ll stand in the middle of the street, and i will drive straight at you, screaming in a foreign language.

i wish u would all stop arguing over who better man is about because taylor clearly wrote it about rory gilmore and jess mariano after watching the entirety of season 3 of gilmore girls in one sitting and to think anything else is unrealistic and frankly INSULTING

So if y’all want to listen to a podcast that talks about Gilmore Girls you should definitely check out Hypable Hype’s Gilmore Girls specials. They put out one episode per season (they’ve finished all 7 seasons and are going to go through each episode of the revival as well), and it’s hosted by three women, two that watched it before and one that was watching one season at a time. They all looooove Jess so there’s a lot of interesting talk and analysis about him (and they also all really care about Rory and consider her character and stories thoughtfully, which is nice) .

Also they just dropped their initial revival thoughts episode and it’s very cathartic to listen to, imo (seriously, I think they opened my brain and just put words to everything I’ve been thinking). They make some really articulate points about what they did and didn’t like, and don’t mince words!