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I can't stop thinking about Ushijima developing a crush on Tendou first. Can you imagine Ushi going to the other third years for help? Or even better imagine him calling Oikawa and asking for dating advice. (someone pls help this child)

!!!!!!! good shit!! he just doesn’t understand what he’s feeling, but every time he looks at Tendou he feels all warm, he catches himself staring a lot, and he’s just… very confused…  poor Ushi. I’m just imagining him going to Reon about it bc Reon is probably the best at advice. but you know as soon as Tendou finds out, he’d be so happy bc let’s be real, Tendou’s got a massive crush on Ushi (actually Tendou’s probably got a massive crush on his entire team, they’re all just Perfect lmao)

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Domestic Ushiten! Ushijima loves cooking and loves cooking for Tendou, he thinks Tendou is super cute when he eats, even though he's king of messy, and Ushi loves taking pictures of him. (Tendou likes watching Ushi eat too, he looks like a squirrel) I LOVE USHITEN!

*slams fists on table* DOMESTIC USHITEN IS MY FAVORITE !!!!

and omg yES, i personally hc that both of them are pretty good cooks. tendou likes experimenting in the kitchen, though, so what he makes either turns out REALLY good or just…. a complete disaster lmao. and ushi is really good at cooking healthy stuff and making it rEALLY tasty since tendou is usually like “healthy….. but why….” fhdskhfkdjs

aND ABSOLUTELY like…. ushi just loves watching tendou do anything. i love the thought of him watching tendou eating and just bluntly saying “you’re cute, satori” and tendou loSES HIS MIND and almost chokes bc omg wakatoshi is so precious and pure wtf,,,,


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Imagine Tendou with glasses tho, but also imagine little Tender with a a bowl cut, braces, and over sized glasses.(Ushi thinks it's adorable so he will purposefully hide his contacts)

ghdjsk Tendou with glasses is my JAM,,, (one of the very first fanarts i did of him was him with glasses but that was… like a year ago and its cringy AF so i’ll have to redraw that sometime lmao)

BUT YES !!!! i have a request on my art blog for kid tendou with braces and i nEED to do that but i haven’t gotten to it yet ;;; hONESTLY that image is just so cute tho….. a true blessing…..

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I like the thought of Ushijima having a crush on Tendou and going to the others for advice. He takes their advice but it never goes well so he eventually asks Oikawa for help and ends up getting laughed at for a solid 10 minutes. (Jokes on Oikawa tho, cus' now Ushi and Tendou start dating before Oikawa and Iwa-chan)

fhdkghs cUTE,,,, i like to think he goes to Reon for advice about a lot of stuff because Reon is just so…. helpful and good and wonderful and a huge blessing, tbh. the world doesn’t deserve actual angel Oohira Reon. it would be hilarious if he asked oikawa for help, though yeah…. i dont see that going very well lmAO. 

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Do you ever just think about how wonderful Tendou and Ushijima's relationship is? like seriously they're so pure and cute. Sometimes I just think about how Tendou was probably Ushi's first friend and it just makes me feel so warm inside. They're so precious. Ushiten is my life blood (ps. I love your blog almost as much as I love Tendou.)

allllll the time!!! they’re so Good, I have so many feelings about Ushiten and both of them separately and just.. dfhsjkgf. I LOVE the concept of Tendou being Ushi’s first friend (in fact I’ve written that recently for my Ushiten fic, its not done yet tho!) it’s so important to me…. and aaa same, Ushiten is the blood in my veins! ;u; (and omg you’re so sweet, thank you, I’m very honored!!!!!)

thank you for sending me this, hope you have a good day! <33