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Daily Gillovny Reminder: Gillian and David making fun of each other. 😜

  • Welp…there’s the anteroom business, the red “down there”, the “frizzy haired bitch”…actually this whole thing was a giant tease/banter/RST phenomenon

  • And, there’s the whole double-chin remark (37:14) zing!
  • Pretty much any time Gillian doesn’t remember ANYTHING (but c'mon boo we done know you do)
  • This:
  • This:

I mean…I could probably go all day with their teasing and bantering but I think this was a good start to Gillovnycon Weekend, don’t you?

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you don't want to face reality. plain and simple

Okay. This is the last time I’ll address to this “issue”. I chose to use this ask to rant because it doesn’t bring attention to 3rd parties plus, believe it or not, it’s the most polite one in my inbox. 

Anon, at this point, I don’t give a single fuck about what “reality” is. A lot of us here have no reliable evidence and most of us believe “someone that saw someone who told another one…”. Yes there are certain narratives and story lines, but in this internet era, it is easy to manipulate information. So each one believe whatever they want to believe and whatever they think is “obvious” according to what they chose as a “source”. 

What I want to point out here is this. We Gillovnies have been around since season 1, shipping two actors with amazing and undeniable chemistry. They have both been in relationships before and it never stopped us from talking about them. Watching their interviews, looking at photoshoots and pointing out how amazing they are and how their friendship is unique. We used to discuss GILLOVNY. David and Gillian. Sure we all knew he had a girlfriend, then a wife. She had husbands and boyfriends along the way too. We knew that, but their significant others never played a part in this fandom. What I am saying is that we happily ignored their existence. Yeah, we talked about them and some were less respectful. But a great majority just focused on THEM, Gillian and David.

So why NOW, in 2018, during season 11 - the LAST ONE - most of this fandom chose to focus and post stuff about 2 people who have absolutely NOTHING to do to The X-Files and GILLOVNY? Do you get my point? Go check most active Gillovny blogs and see how many posts and asks are about an attention seeker immature young adult and about a total uncharismatic British writer. Myself included, anon. Because that’s what our fandom has become. It is toxic, it is divided and people lost the focus completely. 

I chose to stay away, wishing someday we all just STOP talking about unimportant stuff to this fandom. We have been here before (hello “dark ages”) and we all just ignored and moved on, because David and Gillian will NEVER lose their chemistry and the fascination they bring to all of us. It is an universal truth: they love each other and their relationship is unique in whatever shape or form. People forgot you don’t need to believe they are together to celebrate what they have. 

So that’s what I wanted to say and I am so sorry our “fandom” became so schizophrenic. I am here for David, Gillian and The X-Files.

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You believe they’re in a relationship but don’t make it a fact. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we have no proof that they’re in a relationship

I’m really sorry but every word you chose for this ask are cringeworthy to me. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, it was said and repeated so many times in this fandom that someone should take it as a url! There might be a million opinions but there’s only one truth.

Now you can say there’s no proof, but my opinion on that that I’m entitled too is that you *choose* to ignore the proof. They live together (but that doesn’t count because he also lives in NY and she’s probably just sitting his dog full time), she’s always, always, around him (but she probably just works for him although nobody knows what she does except taking picture of his dog), she calls him “my love” (but she’s just seeking for attention), they never touch (except that time in a hotel lobby when he was holding her, but that doesn’t count), she introduces herself as his girlfriend (but these fans are lying and maybe they’re even paid by David to tell lies and cover Gillovny), I could go on and on.

So I’m sorry, I know this post will not please most of the Gillovny fandom, but hey, that’s my opinion after all.

I’ve been there, I chose to ignore the proof of Gillian and PM’s relationship, until I couldn’t anymore. And when the truth hit you full force with semi-naked pool pictures, it hurts way more than when you actually start to open your mind and face the music before the one irrefutable proof slaps you in the face. And the irrefutable proof will come, it always does. You’re just trying to gain some time at this point.

Know it. Been there. Learnt from my mistakes.


“To have worked so long together at that intensity, to have gone through so many huge changes in our personal, professional and public lives, means that we have a very deep bond. We have never had a friendship of like minds, but we are soulmates in some senses.”David Duchovny, UK Times, 2003

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so it means you quit?

I didn’t quit, anon. I’m checking my dash from time to time and I do talk in private to a few mutuals. As I said before, I am avoiding the drama. 

Wanna bet things will get pretty ugly this next weekend? Instead of people celebrating Gillovny being in the same room again, most of them will pick any sign of discomfort to fit a narrative. That DD hate will arise full force because we know a certain someone will make an appearance as usual (as if it isn’t obvious the MO and what that accomplishes). 

Anyway. I hope I am wrong, but we all know what I just described is exactly the way this fandom’s been acting lately. 

I choose to observe from afar, hoping people will come to their senses and start enjoying what brought us all to this blue hell site in the first place.