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Shriek Wrecked
Lagoona Blue
Rochelle Goyle
Clawdeen Wolf
Catrine Demew
Gil Webber
Dayna Treasura Jones

Surf-To-Turf Scooter with Lagoona Blue

Ghoul-La-La Locker with Clawdeen Wolf

Ghoul’s Beast Pet
Lagoona Blue with Turtle

Cleo De Nile Doll with Kitten

Day-To-Night Fashions

Frankie Stein

Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein Fashion 2 Pack

Welcome to Monster High
Monstrous Rivals Draculaura & Moanica D'kay
Clawdeen Wolf
Cleo de Nile
Lagoona Blue
Frankie Stein
Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington
Moanica D'kay
Playset, with Draculaura

Popstar Ari Hauntington

Fangtastic Draculaura


Third of Monster High character’s dolls list is here, plus there’s some to go. In order of dolls quantity:

-Meowlody (5 dolls)

-Gil (5 dolls)

-Scarah (5 dolls)

-Skelita (5 dolls)

-Twyla (5 dolls)

-Jackson (4 dolls)

-Purrsephone (4 dolls)

-Elissabat (4 dolls)

-Nefera  (3 dolls)

-Honey (3 dolls)

  • Toralei: I think we have a pretty nice group here.
  • Toralei: We have the queer; *points at Twyla*
  • Toralei: The social outcast; *points at Howleen*
  • Toralei: The possible Mormon; *points at Gil*
  • Toralei: -Various noises-; *points at Heath*
  • Toralei: The girl who is full of love; *points at Draculaura*
  • Toralei: And the girl who will never find it; *points at Clawdeen*
New EAH and MH dolls

Ever After High

Candy Coated
Madeline Hatter
Cedar Wood
Holly O'Hair 

Sugar Coated Kitchen with Ginger Breadhouse Doll Playset

Enchanted Picnic
Raven Queen
Cerise Hood
Blondie Lockes

School Spirit Apple White and Raven Queen Doll (2-Pack) 

Monster High

Boo York, Boo York (Frightseers?)
Clawdeen Wolf

Lagoona Blue and Gil Weber Doll (2-Pack)