gillies at his best

                    DANIEL GILLIES GIF HUNT [PART ONE] 

↳ Under the cut you will find +310 HQ small / medium gifs of Daniel Gillies best known for his roles in The Originals, Saving Hope and The Vampire Diaries. All of these gifs are mine and have been made by me. These gifs were created for the purposes of roleplaying, and roleplaying only. If you wish to add them to your own gif hunts / crackships, contact me first! Do not redistribute these gifs without my permission. Please like / reblog this if you found it useful — Some of these gifs contain blood, violence and are NSFW.  

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Daniel Gillies - Gif Hunt Part 2

Under the cut there are #579 Gifs of Daniel Gillies. He is best known for his work in The Vampire Diaries, Saving Hope and the Originals. None of the following gifs are mine (unless stated differently), full credit goes to their makers. I just hoard them. Please reblog and/or like this post if you use any, they take a looong time to put together! Sorry for any repeats!!

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