gillianderson  asked:

is this still going on? jesus christ. why can't people get that you do not have to be constantly proving/justifying/explaining yourself to them? that is so ridiculous. also, favorite tag: #my blog used to be all calzona sex PERFECT

I saw it coming when I published that one ask. human beings. sigh

and it’s the truth.. the amount of calzona sex in my blog, ugh and imagine after they break up,  and they bumped into each other in the supply closet and they have a lots of feels for each other, and Callie’s still angry at Arizona but she still loves her and she’s gonna push Arizona against the wall then angry sex! omg my blog is gonna be full of that.( what am I even saying omg)

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If I’ve forgotten anyone I’m sorry!

gillianderson  asked:

umm, what the hell? I get that you're defending AZ because she's your favorite character, but that doesn't mean that people get to come to your ask box and verbally assault you. That's ridiculous. You're posting your opinions on your own damn blog. They should be doing that, not coming to you and using your blog to do it. It's so rude, fuck. I'm really sorry that you are actually having to put up with these crazy bloggers. I love you, Dani. You're better than them.