“I’ve made it my personal mission that Britta is trying to do the Troy and Abed handshake because I sit next to Danny at the table, but Britta is messing it up. That’s not scripted, and Dan may have cut every single instance of it, but that is my attempt because I have decided personally that Britta is trying to replace Troy in some ways, emotionally, for Abed. I don’t know if it will be perceptible to the human eye, but that was my secret actor intention.”
-Gillian Jacobs [x]

When I see footage of women programming in the 1940s I get chills. There were many female programmers in the 1940s and ’50s, and they made major contributions to the field. Programming was originally seen as a ‘female profession.’ I want people to know names like Betty Holberton, Jean Bartik, Katherine Johnson, and Annie Easley, in addition to Grace Hopper.

I think informing women and girls about their past and exciting them for the future go hand in hand.

Gillian Jacobs on her documentary short The Queen of Code available to watch HERE.