Gillian Anderson: Her Dark Places
All the ‘X-Files’ star wants is universal enlightenment — and a decent paycheck!
By David Lipsky

*Interview from the set of The X-files, in 1996*

Anderson, finishing up some hugs of her own, is more sincere. “I really love this crew,” she tells me, sounding a less skeptical note than the character she plays on TV. “They are all incredibly wonderful, human, selfless people. And they’re all a family.” I follow her back to her trailer, where she changes into street clothes —– fuzzy V-neck, jeans, glasses, baseball cap –— and looks less like a celebrity than a study partner. Which is part of her appeal. 

I ask if she has special plans for the holiday break, and she tells me that she’s off to spend two days at an ashram. A few minutes later she adds, “I think that we are all connected by a universal rhythmic energy,” and I understand that after nearly 100 X-Files episodes, the danger has never been of her turning into Scully; the danger is that she’ll turn into Duchovny’s character, Mulder.


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Hannibal: Will texted me “your adorable,” and I replied “no YOU’RE ADORABLE.”

Bedelia: And?

Hannibal: And now we’re dating. We’ve been on six dates. All I did was point out a typo but I like him so I’m not gonna say anything.