gillian's life

no but imagine gillian anderson writing a memoir in her 60s telling us with details her affair with david just like carrie did with harrison i mean…….. everybody would fucking flip but she would say “I’m surprised at the reaction. I don’t think it is that surprising” exactly like carrie did oh my god can this please happen otherwise i’m still alive for nothing

If I was a refugee forced to flee my home, the most important thing that I would take with me would be my brother’s Buddhist prayer beads. He passed away a year and half ago of a brain tumor. In all the craziness and distorted perspectives inherent in my business, my brother’s presence in the world always reminded me that real life - the one that the majority of the earth’s population lived - was a far cry from my gilded experience. This mala reminds me to stay grounded, outward-looking and grateful. But above all, even in the darkest days before he died, he never once complained. His faith and practice kept him in a state of grace until the end. May I never complain.
—  Gillian Anderson, UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)