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Woman in the bakery.

Word Count – 636

Characters – Thomas, Alfie and Reader

You opened the door which lead to Alfie’s office where he was meeting with a new ‘client’ that will be buying stuff.
‘Y/N not now.’ Alfie said as he saw you enter. Tommy looked up and watched as you walked in ignoring him.
‘Alfie, I agreed that you could work back here cause you would pay for the building and supplies.’ The young children of the workers past you, running to hide behind flour and sugar bags, playing hide and seek. You walked in and checked the bags, bumping into a few kids but only smiled when they giggled and apologized. She checked the bags and checked the supplies filling in the forms as you came across what she needed.
You heard Alfie and Thomas, you had learnt his name, were talking and Alfie was becoming fed up of his talking. When you turned back around you saw Alfie holding a gun to his head. You shook your head knowing Alfie was doing it to get a reaction from the man across from him but the man just simply stared at him. You walked over.
‘Alfie, enough of the guns, will you?’ You sighed.
‘There are young kids running around and you will shoot one.’ You said, treating him like a kid.
‘Plus my business needs your attention.’ You commanded him.
‘And it can’t wait.’ You said as you handed the paper towards him.
You watched as Alfie lowered the gun and signed the sheet. You turned and watched the kids running and causing the adults mayhem. You whistled and they stopped to look at you, you motioned for them to leave, they groaned but listened. You turned back to the grown men, who were watching you.
‘Guns.’ You said with your hand out, placing the form in the opposite hand.
‘What?’ They both turned to you fast.
‘Give me your guns.’ You told them, you were taking them so no one would get injured.
‘Now.’ They both handed them to you and you looked to the blue-eyed man.
‘You can get you’re on the way out.’ You told him, he nodded before blowing his cigarette smoke out.
‘Can I get my gun back?’ You heard a voice from behind you. You stood up from the oven and wiped your hands on your apron.
‘It depends whether you have manners.’ You stated to him. Placing the breads and small cakes in the counters, so the customers could see the variety that she down.
‘May I get my gun back, please.’ He said, watching your every move.
‘Of course.’ You said as you moved to the back of the shop and dug it out from the bread tin at the bottom self. You walked back through directing a couple kids away from the treats in the back.
‘There you go Mr.’ You said as you placed it in his hand and he returned it back to his holster.
‘Mr. Shelby.’ He told you, you nodded and smiled.
‘Aww so you’re the mighty Thomas Shelby everyone was talking about.’ You said as you noticed the customers coming in for their bread and maybe a treat. Thomas watched as you moved over ignoring him, as if he wasn’t here and talking to the customers.
‘Mr Shelby but if you’re aren’t going to buy anything I must ask you to leave.’ You told him as you noticed the everyday customers waiting as they seen the strange man standing in the shop they had never seen.
‘The queue is becoming rather large outside.’ You said as you nodded behind him.
‘And please the next time you come here, don’t bring a gun.’ You said as he walked away, wondering why he was so entranced by the way you paid no attention to him as if he was just a normal man.

ps. can we talk about how hot he is in this gif????

Some men

Word Count – 384

Characters – Thomas x Reader

‘An who says were taking orders from you?’ A man spoke up, talking to your man below, he talked to partners that couldn’t take you serious cause you were a woman. You watched from your place in the shadows. Having allowed Thomas Shelby into your ‘bakery’ could be dangerous be he ensured you himself that everything would be fine. You agreed under circumstances and to your surprise he agreed willing. Most the men behaved and listened but you could tell there would be trouble makers.
‘Oh you aren’t taking orders from ‘im.’ Thomas said.
‘And who we taking them from them?’ the rugged looking man asked.
‘Me.’ You said as you walked from the shadows carrying a stick. It didn’t help you in anyway but to always have a weapon on you.
‘So we’re taking orders from a woman.’ He grunted.
‘Aye ye are.’ You said letting your accent come fully out.
‘You got a problem?’ You asked as you stood looking over the men, who refused to look you in the eyes, feeling your power.
‘Aye I do.’ He said and you walked closer, you could smell the alcohol coming from his breath.
‘Like you cou-‘ he started saying but was cut off when you lifted the stick and whacked him across the face with it. He fell to his knees and you used the end to lift his head up to look at you, and you smiled when one side was covered with blood and he refused to look you in the eyes. You bent down and leaned into his ear.
‘You be glad I let you live and that you have this job.’ You said before you dropped his head and turned to the other.
‘Any yin else have a problem?’ You said loudly. They shook their heads.
‘Good.’ You said and walked away with a stick dripping blood until you meet Thomas for a cigarette.
‘Some men you’ve got Tommy.’ You said. He smiled.
‘Only the best.’ He said and you smiled blowing the smoke out your mouth and inhaling it through your nose.

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[The X-Files: 4x20 - Small Potatoes]

Anyone ever notice Scully isn’t wearing any pants in this scene 👀?
(Check out her BARE knee when she jumps up).

Rumor has it, Gillian lost a bet, and as a result agreed to film this couch scene without pants.

  • Literally Anyone: the x-f
  • Me: first of all, Diana Fowley never stood a chance. Scully was Mulder's constant, his touchstone. SECOND OF ALL, KAREN
  • Them: my name isn't Karen
  • Me: anyways SUSAN, Mark Snow is the greatest composer on the face of this planet. I don't know if you've seen Per Manum 65 times like I have but if you haven't you should just to appreciate Mark Snow. ALSO, David Duchovny directed The Unnatural beautifully and hips before hands is one of the greatest sex scenes in the history of television. AND C), Gillian Anderson literally created Women in STEM so you're welcome, science. FOURTHLY, Darin Morgan 10000% deserved the 1996 Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the classic "Clyde Bruckman's Final Response" and I will fight anyone who tells me otherwise.
  • Them: no one is figh
  • Me: well don't or you'll end up like those twins in Fight Club (season 7, episode 20). speaking of twins, I've spent my whole life studying gravitational time dilation and Einstein's Twin Paradox. anways, if you must know, JANET, Joy to the World is my favorite song and William is my favorite name. you were saying?
  • Them: I was gonna ask if you saw The X-Factor last night

Small Potatoes - Episode 93. This poster was inspired by the circus poster featuring Eddie’s father from the episode. I liked the idea of Eddie wearing people’s personas like they’re masquerade masks so I ran with it. Here he’s holding a mask for Mulder, who he impersonates throughout the second half of the episode, and another for one of his favorite alter egos, Luke Skywalker.

🌙~Sally and Gillian Owens~🌙

•Sally and Gillian Owens were both raised by their aunts Jet and Frances, after their mother, Regina, who died of a broken heart after losing her husband to the Owens’ curse. Sally stayed in her small hometown and had two beautiful daughters, Kylie and Antonia, While her high-spirited sister, Gillian, left the small town and found love many times along the way. Soon the curse hits again at Sally’s husband, Michael, making Gillian come back home to see her sister. Gillian talks about how she found love with a Bulgarian named Jimmy Angelov, Gillian soon returns to Jimmy who has become abusive and kidnaps the sister and is ultimately killed by them twice. They hid the body underground and the next day a detective comes looking for him, but Sally soon realizes that he’s the man that she created when she was little. Gillian becomes possessed by Jimmy’s spirit and the aunts, Sally, and the phone tree girls, help Gillian get rid of the spirit inside of her. While doing that Sally and Gillian’s love worked on more than just the spirit, it broke the curse that their ancestor, Marie, had created due to her lover never coming, making her heart broken. But in the end love concurs all.

Apparently an XL red speedo is still too small for Gillian’s boo. Today has been crazy and surreal and amazing and I will post the speedo stories and everything once I’m home in the UK Tuesday and not on mobile so I can use all my pics. To those of you I met - you were all fabulous. Please message me so I can be sure to follow you and special shout out to Megan and Lisa for saving my drunken ass last night and adopting me today. X-Files fans… you rock!