gillian frey

“I’m not so sure about this latest addition, though. He’s more of a… reformed jerk. What do you think?”


You know who I’m talkin’ about.”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t, actually.”

“That Elysar brat.”

“Wha-” Colin’s cheeks and ears grew warm at the accusation. “Gil, it’s not like that with him-”

“Maybe not to you.” Gil smirked suggestively. “Not sure if you noticed or not, but he kinda’ lit up when he saw you the other day.”

“I…” Colin faltered, at a loss for words. No. He’d be damned if he’d entertain even the notion of such a thing again so soon. “That’s not it, Gil.”

“You don’t know that for sure.”

“And neither do you.” He sighed, rolling his eyes gently. “So please… I’d rather you not insinuate such things.”

“At any rate, what I’m trying to say is that he seems to genuinely enjoy your company, and that’s something you could use more of in your life. And heaven knows he could use some of your good influence.”