gillian frey


“Saryn booked a trip back to Concoraadia, and-”

Eww. You actually want to go back to that huge, empty dust bucket?”

“That huge, empty dust bucket is where we grew up. Besides, we’re going to visit his mother.”

“Ohhh, I see.”

“Anyway, we’re going to be gone for about a week, and I was wondering if, perhaps, you could keep an eye on the house while we’re away-”

“That’s all fine and good, but… what about Theta?”

“Actually, she requested we take her along.”

“Oh, how cool! She’s all about this learning thing, isn’t she?”

“She really is.”


“Glad to have you, Gil! It’s been a while. Come on in, have a seat!”

“Don’t mind if I do, haha.”

“So, how has Theta been serving your sister and her mentor?”

Willow couldn’t help but to overhear. Gil’s sister must have been the lady that lived with that grouchy purple guy nextdoor.

“Very well.” Gil said. “Seems she’s grown into quite the curious bot. Are you sure you guys didn’t install a limitless learning chip?”

“Not that I’m aware of, but you could ask Adrian to be certain.”


“What is it we’re doing, miss Gillian?”

“We’re going to help my sister choose a dress to wear to the formal. She’s about to try on the few we chose for her.”

“Oh, how exciting!”

“For you two maybe.” Sulia huffed quietly. “How… how do I look?”

“… like you’ve got a stick up your bum.”

“No, the dress.” Sulia hissed, obviously not comfortable.

Gillian rubbed her chin in contemplation. “It doesn’t look bad, but it just doesn’t grab my attention.”

“I don’t want to grab anyone’s attention.”

I beg to differ.” Gillian teased, amused as her sister’s cheeks began to burn bright.“


“That’s good. But what happened after that?”

Sulia began to stammer. “Wh… what do you mean, after that?”

“Surely that’s not it? Why are you so embarrassed so suddenly?”

“I-I’m not!” Sulia huffed.

“Then please, continue.” Gillian smirked. She could see through her elder sister’s thin guise with ease.

“Well, we… we came back here and… we enjoyed the rest of the evening in peace; just he and I.”

“And then?”

Gillian wasn’t sure it was possible, but the tint in Sulia’s cheeks only intensified.

“What do you mean, and then?”

“I think you know very well what I mean.”


“Joke or not, Gillian, that was cruel.”

The look on Sulia’s face spoke volumes, and Gillian began to feel a guilty sensation gnawing at her insides. “Oh, Su, I didn’t mean it.”

But her pout was unrelenting.

“Hug?” Though Sulia didn’t respond, Gillian stepped in and wrapped her arms around the woman lovingly. “I’m sorry, sis. Forgive me?”

“… alright.”

“And honestly, I’m really happy for you.”

“I know. Thank you.”

“Yer welcome! ♥ But I gotta’ ask… how was it?”


I kid!”


When her elder sister came out in the fourth dress, Gillian gasped in surprise and rose from her seat. “THIS IS THE ONE!”

“Are… are you sure?” Sulia stammered. “It’s… kind of revealing compared to what I typically wear.”

“It’s perfect. Come look!”

Sulia was, admittedly, surprised; it did look nice. Perhaps Gillian was right. She usually was, though, wasn’t she?

“Oh, this is perfect, Su. Once they tailor yours and dye it; you can choose just about any color under the sun, too. Oh, I’m so excited! Can I do your hair and makeup too?”’

“O-of course.”

“Oh, I can’t get over how perfect this dress is on you! You’re gonna’ turn some heads, girly.” ♥


Sulia could see the laughter rising in her sister’s chest. “… you mated with him, didn’t you?”

The words hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt terrible; dirty, even, as a swell of emotions rose in her chest. “Ah- ! Look, I know we probably shouldn’t have, but-”

“Bahaha! Su, CHILL. You know I just like riling you up a little!”

Sulia, however, wasn’t amused in the slightest as she tried to settle her rattled nerves.

“Do you honestly believe I’d pass judgement on you for that?” As the younger of the two settled down and wiped the water from her eyes, she heaved a sigh of contentment.“Besides, I’d say that kettle’s been close to boiling over for a while now.”


“So I finally get to meet the infamous Mr. Andarys, hm?”

“Um…” Saryn stammered on his words.

“Your reputation precedes you. Have you been taking good care of my sister?”

“I try.” He answered.

“He does a good job, Gil, but you already know that.” Sulia interjected.

“Hehe, you know I have to put him in the hot seat for a minute.” :P

“Making your guest uncomfortable is no way to be a host.”

“Yes, mom. Anywhoosit, pleased to meet you.”